Bnetengi.Top Review – Is ‘Bnetengi Top’ Scam or Legit T-fal Vendor?

By | November 19, 2019

What Is Bnetengi.Top – Is ‘Bnetengi’ a Trustworthy Vendor or T-fal Products?

Those that need a Bnetengi.Top Review have found it. Is ‘Bnetengi Top a Scam or is ‘Bnetengi’ Legit and Safe? This review of is going to ask those questions. At this moment I can not see how ‘Bnetengi’ is a legit site. We see no proven affiliation to T-fal and we doubt T-fal even knows they exist. Those that gave payment data to that site are advised to contact your payment adviser.

People that may have been scammed by ‘Bnetengi’ are welcome to report them below int he comments. You may also report them to our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. Anyone scammed by a work from home scam, are welcome to report that here in our Online Work From Home Scam Sites List 2019, 2020. Those seeking valid self employment online are welcome to read our Ways to Earn Online From Home – Free Sign Up!



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Bnetengi.Top Revealed as a Scam- Here’s Why.

We have spotted many sites that are using the same layout, template for their site, as so many other fake online stores. They may vary the products they pretend to sell but this one at Bnetengi.Top is all too familiar to me. So please do beware of,, UgoBoots.Club, MartinBoot.Club, and so forth. They are all similar or run too similarly not ot draw some suspicion between them.

  • We need now to know when their site was registered online. We go to WHOIS and we can see that they registered online on the 2019/03/07 and just a year in business they have done this for.
  • So this does not make a whole lot of sense right now. We see legit businesses registering online for many years to come. 5 years or over I believe is about the right time people will register their new online biz’a for. 
  • So do beware of e-stores that go into biz for just 12 months, or even just 24 months, as that is the required time to build up your business for the long term. Big scam sign already. It could be that there is a work from home entrepreneur that is making commissions from sales. In this even they should prove who they say they are.
  • We know however that ‘Bnetengi’ is a scam as we have found too many that are far too familiar whose online rep’s are dirt, or will, when the online world wakes up to their scams.
  • So we are the first review of ‘Bnetengi’ and we hope it reaches you before you give over any payment information. Do let us know if this short article stops you from being defrauded.
  • There is not a founders name, no business addresses – not even a fake one or their hosting providers address give at sites registration, no forms of contact.
  • Now we see on their site things are not much better. Can you imagine T-Fall having no contact information? If the person who owns that site was really selling T-Fal products to potential customers, I guarantee you, the brand name T-Fal would ensure they would have their customer service numbers / emails and a contact name as standard on that site.
  • We do not see this. We see an unknown individual or individuals that want us to blindly trust the on what they are presenting to us. No! That is not how to do online business. 
  • We now have no way of knowing of the owner just wants to phish everyone and take their hard earned cash for shoddy goods, no goods, inferior products, knock-offs, damaged or stolen items. This is how they operate to make their earnings. 
  • The prices are typically too good to be true with fake sites. Just do a product price comparison to see if there is anything suspicious going on there.
  • We can see in their Shipping and Returns Page they are somewhat rude in their statements. They promise to have your order our to you in 7 to 12 working days.
  • However, they have preemptively blamed the delivery company in advance if your order is late. Worse still, you are “not allowed to use late delivery as an excuse to cancel your order“. I mean seriously, nothing on their site makes any sense.
  • Up to 12 hours to prepare the shipment. Fair enough. How fast did they take payment from you? So when we see sites taking payment immediately for products not even ready to be shipped is typically a scam sign.
  • They advise to check your email for information about your order. This implies they are giving you a receipt – did you receive one? Save everything and take screen shots of all communications from this company. Actually, do this for all online e-stores that are new.
  • We are not obliged to say a site is trustworthy when they are new. We should be cautious until we know more about such sites.
  • 70% OFF! Did T-Fal win the lottery of something?!! That is typically too high and enough to put a supplier of goods out of business. Sure! There are times when sales do happen, but to see such sales from a new site, then that is not real.
  • It takes time to even make one sale when you are a new website. It can take about 3 or even 4 months before you savor your first sale. In time, if you stick with it, you can make many sales a day.







Final Thoughts.

I fear that Bnetengi.Top is a scam and so we deem them as such. You may leave your reports below to help alert others. Be sure to contact your payment adviser for a refund and to cancel your card, before they may try to empty it. Watch your account for any random companies charging you what they like. Do let us know about such companies as they could be the same people under a different name. Or they could of sold your personal information for a profit for another scammer to defraud you.




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