BlueTick.Online – ‘BlueTick Online’ Scam or Legit / Answer Revealed Here!

By | May 23, 2019

What Is BlueTick.Online – Can You Really Get a ‘Blue Tick’ On Your Instagram Account From Them?

BlueTick.Online seems to offer the service of allowing Instagram Users to get a Blue Tick on your accounts. However, we are asking Is impersonating Instagram by offering a bogus ‘bluetick’ service? Is there real Verified Badges? Our little research shows us that they have renewed their new site for only 1 year and now we are wondering why this service, if they really are working on behalf of Instagram, has not been set up years ago and for many years to come?

Those that have used this website are asked to leave your own reviews below describing it to others. Did it work? Would you recommend the service they are offering? Perhaps you believe it is a scam site and so you are welcome to detail what you think, your experience etc, below in the comments. 







BlueTick.Online Review – Scam or Legit Instgram’s ‘BlueTick’ Badge Verification Service?

  • We are going to do some little research to see if we can find the owners name, business location, contact information, site registration date and any verifiable means to see their connection to Instagram’s  Platform. When we all see that verified ‘Blue Tick’ on someones Instagram Account it somehow imbues them with more importance. So, Is BlueTick.Online Real
  • Well, we have found something that may service they are offering a false service. More on that later. For now, we are searching for the founders name of that site. We go to WHOIS and we see that their site was set up in 2019/05/07. Second look shows up they up dated (renewed their sites registration) on the same date. But also, only a year is all they have done so for.
  • The question this begs us to ask:- if the are working on behalf of Instagram, and with Instagram’s permission, why renew for only one year? Why not set up this high in-demand service for much longer? That is concerning. But does it mean they are scammers? Are they trying to make us do something else under the pretense of being ‘verified’ on Instagram?
  • There is no name for the founder for that site. The address they have submitted is ‘PANAMA‘. Where is the complete address? So these are more bad signs that we see with scammers who are expertly hiding their identity online. However, one ‘attribute’ of a scam does not make a site dishonest.


  • I do not believe these guys are offering anything other than a waste of your time. Per You-Tuber Antonio James, he believes the site in question is a scam. Watching his video we see some steps undertaken. Then we see the ERROR, HUMAN VERIFICATION REQUIRED. I have seen this on other sites.
  • This is where they ask you to download some apps, it seems, and you will end up never getting verified. This is what I suspect. 
  • Going to Instagram’s website we see the real criteria. In a nutshell you have to be a public figure, brand name or a celebrity to get verified. Even at that, not all brand names, celebrities and public figures are allowed to be verified.
  • Seems like Instagram only allows this ‘Blue Tick’ Badge on such peoples profiles if their profile has a high chance of being copied by others. So we see to get verified on Instagram is next to impossible for most people, famous or not.






Final Thoughts.

Given the You-Tube Video, Instagram’s Guidelines, we can now say that BlueTick.Online maybe a scam site. What are your views? Is it a fake site that only wants you to download apps so they may earn some commissions? Thank you for visiting and looking forward to hearing from you all. They are going into our websites Hall of Shame List of Internet Scammers. If we are mistaken then we will correct this action and our verdict.



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