What Is ‘BlueStarStores’ – Is BlueStarStores.com Scam or Legimate Online Store?

By | June 25, 2020



Where Is ‘BlueStarStores Located – Our BlueStarStores.com Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Thinking about purchasing from ‘BlueStarStores? So please wait on that until you read our quick BlueStarStores.com Review. We suspect them to be a scam site but we must complete our research before coming to that conclusion. Those that may have encountered other suspicious-looking e-stores are welcome to report them to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2000+ 2020 / 2021 Section for a possible reviewing.

All customer reviews are most welcome in our comments section if you have a story about ‘Blue Star Stores’. Customer reviews are paramount against the fight of online scams as such reviews help others get refunds faster. So do not delay as some cardholders only have sixty days to put in a refund from point of sale.

Time to detail our suspicions about ‘Blue Star Store’ and see the comments for real customer reviews. If there are no reviews currently then as mentioned you are invited to share what you may know about them to help better inform others.



www.bluestarstores.com was registered 2020-04-09 and has already garnered thousands worth of visitors and interest in their site. One of two years online for any kind of business is deemed to be suspicious as most companies will register far longer.

They are using a Privacy Service from their hosting provider. We know this as we see this info at WHOIS.com. There is no founder name and yet we see a name on their site of ‘Shawn Mclean’.

If that name was really attached to that site as the owner why then is it missing from their own site’s registration submission details for the online world? We see no evidence on their site that name is real either. Not good.

Time to see if their address is even real. Their address per their site is 806 W Main St Madison IN 47250 United States. Please see the image below from Google Maps for this location below:-






So you can CLICK HERE FOR GOOGLE MAPS to see this location for yourself. That link will open in a new browser so you may return here if you wish.



Clearly, no genuine company would use a residential address for their business. What has happened here is they have simply stolen someone’s address to make it look like they are from the States. So based solely on this point alone then we can say they are a scam.

IF however, they were working from home then they would of said this on their site. There would be affiliated links to the legit vendors of the goods they are advertising. We do not see this on their website.

While we are researching their business information then let us Google their number of (702) 403-6769 for thoroughness.

So we have come across two online resources claiming this site is a fake. I know those sites and they are seldom wrong so this is not a good sign.

We see also that ‘BlueStar Stores’ is pretending to be selling PS4 Consoles for just $94 and so that is just nonsense. With goods so cheap there is nothing stopping some people from buying up such cheap, high-end goods, and selling them on for a healthy profit.

There are no addresses for any warehouses on their site either and that is another scam sign. Legitimate companies usually have an entire section or two dedicated to the people that work there and images, descriptions, of locations dealing with their operation.

We do not even see an ‘ABOUT US‘ section on their company website and that is a basic component to any online business.

There is a clear absence of any McAffee Trust Seals on their site as well.

Reports online state that the phone number simply does not reply to customer’s queries. One report says that the number gives a permanently engaged ring tone after having made many calls throughout the day.

So we have come across a lot of data based solely on their phone number.

Now we can Google their email address of info@bluestarstores.com. We have come across even more resources claiming the store in question is not a good e-store. So not everyone’s research can be wrong or all customer reviews could be lying.




What Do To If You Submitted Payment to ‘BlueStar Stores’.

Already we have proven that ‘BlueStar Stores’ is a fraudulent website and so now here is what you do if you have submitted your payment information to them.








How did you pay?

If you paid by bank card then you should call your bank for a possible refund. You may share our link if you wish and especially if there are reviews below confirming our research.

Some Card Holders have only sixty days in some cases to put in for a successful refund so do not let the scammers run down the clock on you.

They may say things about the COVID 19 slowing things down. All I know is Amazon, the world’s largest supplier of goods has shipped out six orders yesterday that I paid for the day before that.

So that is nonsense in most cases.

They may also say that they are having logistics problems, etc, and so do view the tracking code info. We will speak more on this below in our scam signs section for e-stores.

If you paid by PayPal then of course just contact them. Whatever the payment means then get onto them immediately as there is far too much info online now, coupled with their horrendous scam signs, to believe they are anywhere remotely legit.





Online Shopping Scam Signs.

This quick guide can be applied to any online shopping site. One or two scam signs does not necessarily make any e-store a scam. Too many definitely warrant further research and a good level of caution. So let us now begin our list of scam signs to watch out for when dealing with any online store.


Payment is normally taken quickly and well ahead of any shipping activities or any kind of processing for your goods.

Watch out for Tax-Free Goods. This makes no sense as all goods require you to pay taxes when you purchase. So that is only a huge loss on legit companies as someone has to pay for those taxes on those goods.

Beware of free shipping, while that is not completely unusual, it is a bad sign especially if there are no taxes appear not to be paid.

Keeping those ‘savings’ in mind where you find them then it is further worrying to see vast reductions on high-end goods, especially when they have not proven any legal affiliation with such vendors of these goods.

I read during this research that the images on their site are actually on other websites and so that is another horrendous scam sign. Scammers have no problem downloading the images from legitimate sites and passing them off as their own.

Should you wish to find out where the images actually come from then simply go to images.google.com and drop the image in there.

Then all you have to do is find the earliest instance of such images to know where they originally come from. However, I have seen far too many pages, during past research, to go through them all normally. This tells me that there are many scam sites ripping off the same honest vendor.

This costs the vendor sales also as people may not be able to distinguish the real site from the fake ones.

Watch out for fake tracking code pages. Where they turn out to be fakes then ask for a proper one. If one is given, THEN CHECK THE WEIGHT OF THE GOODS ASSIGNED!

That is absolutely critical for if you ordered for example a washing machine, and the weight assigned is the weight of a pair of gloves, then be prepared to call your payment provider for a refund.

So TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR PURCHASE ORDER PAGE BEFORE IT DISAPPEARS!! That too is paramount especially if you spotted the weight of your goods does not look right.

Make reasonable attempts to contact the company and screenshot those attempts. Your payment provider is going to ask you to do this anyway so have it prepared before making any refund claims.


If you have been scammed then there is no way your payment provider can refuse you your refund.

Watch out for e-stores that subtly about their site’s age. They can do this in a number of ways that may be quite easy to miss, though they are right in front of our eyes.

The first place to look is at their copyright bottom of e-stores. Quite often sites will put 2010. 2014. Go to WHOIS.com and type in the URL name. There you will get the real site’s age.

However, there are quite rare times that copyright ‘appears’ to be correct, and yet there is little about the e-store in question. What then?

There is another thing we can do to absolutely verify or deny site claims of their site’s age. You see it can happen that a URL can exist for a long time online, being passed around from one buyer to another, but it does not necessarily mean the e-store now owning the URL has been around for the same amount of time.

So we only have to go to Archive.org/web/. Enter int he site name in question and hit enter. It will show you screenshots of the URL site. So if you find there are no screenshots for the current year, or two years previous, then it is a new e-store.

If you find that there are screenshots for the current year, then check the previous years. It is common that you will find other site owners with completely site content. I have seen e-stores using URL names, that one or two years earlier were blogging sites, pretending to be around for many years per their copyright.

Anyways, those are the tools you may harness to do your own research and is how I do mine all the time.

Another location they may lie about their sites domain age is in sections like their Privacy Policy Page’. Check for any updates. If you see a site that is new per WHOIS, and yet you see that their site was updated sometime e.g. in 2014 then guys, that is a huge scam sign.

This should tell you that deception is afoot. Many times when this particular scam sign occurs then we are dealing potentially with an e-store that owner that has simply copied and pasted that section from other websites, or other scam sites they may own.

A good tip here is to highlight a section of their content, minus any reference to their site’s name, and copy and paste it into Google.

Quite a few times, where such suspicions arise, you may find many other websites using the exact same section and actually using the same business information. So that is a scam network and if you have found such sites then do feel free to list them off in the comments below.

Social media icons are where scammers fall short as well. Many times we see Facebook Icons employed that simply reloads their home page once clicked on. It only goes to Facebook but not their own content. Or do not click at all.

Now that we are on that matter ‘BlueStar Stores’ does not have any social media for their business. So that is not usual for a genuine company not to have any social media outlets especially when you consider that Facebook has around two billion active users.

That concludes now our general list of scam signs to watch out for when dealing with e-stores.


















list of scam websites.



7 thoughts on “What Is ‘BlueStarStores’ – Is BlueStarStores.com Scam or Legimate Online Store?

  1. Gail Rooks

    If its to good to be true,,, It’s not. Bluestarstores is definitely a scam. I have filed a claim with PayPay ( thats how I paid ) and also filed a claim with UPS because there was a tracking number created which was given to me through PayPal . UPS has closed the case because it shows that it was delivered., of course it was not. UPS said the tracking number was created by Amazon and was shipped with someone else’s name and address but UPS would not give me that info and told me to contact PayPal. I came across Bluestarstore when I was searching for a Step 2 sliding board for toddlers and it pop up on google, I clicked on it and “BAM’ SCAMED !! Amazon was nowhere in the picture so how their name has come into all this, no idea. Because PayPal believes I have received the merchandise I am still arguing my claim with them. With our world being turned upside down and it almost being impossible to speak with a human rep to get help on a claim, We/I need to be more aware of who and where I purchase from. In closing, stay away from Bluestarstores.com

  2. Mary

    I fell for this! I ordered a cover for my sandbox at a reasonable price.
    A few days later I got a tracking number.
    I checked on line to see where it was and sure enough it said it had been delivered.
    I am home all the time and it was not delivered.
    I contacted UPS and they have it listed delivering at a different address but wouldn’t tell me the address.
    I of course tried to call the number from the website and got a busy signal.
    I called my bank etc. The payment was thru paypal.
    Then I found your website saying this is a scam.
    I’ll see if I can get my money back…………….thru my bank or paypal……….

  3. Ruth

    Unfortunately I fell for the great price on a Canon printer and bought through PayPal. I immediately tried to cancel the order with no response from Blue Star Stores, so I contacted Pay Pal with my suspicions. PayPal contacted them and they gave them a tracking number. The tracking number shows a delivery, however, I never received anything. First of all, I had it sent to my daughter’s house and she has cameras in front which showed no delivery. Also the tracking showed the weight as .30 lbs, but a Canon printer packaged weighs 15 lbs. Tracking showed it was inside delivery to Kathleen – no clue who that is. No actual address was shown on tracking information. I’m hoping PayPal will see through this scam and refund my money. BEWARE of Blue Star Stores!!!

  4. mandy Falvey

    seen this blue star stores and was suspicious of their prices I am happy that I found this site as it is very informative saved me money

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thanks Mandy for your comment here about ‘BlueStarStores’ and glad to read our review helped you out.

  5. Annie

    I was looking at the diff jewelry thought ther were off prices were not right thanks for writing about it so I didnt have to waste money on scam sites hate when ppl scam ppl

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Very welcome Annie and thank you for taking the time to let us know. Glad you avoided ‘Blue Star Stores’ Scam Site.


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