What Is DreamBlessing.com – Is DreamBlessing.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 14, 2019

Find Out What Is DreamBlessing.com – The ‘DreamBlessing’ Review.

Your are welcome to here to know What Is DreamBlessing.com found at www.dreamblessing.com. Is dreamblessing com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, bogus or Is ‘DreamBlessing’ legit, real, safe and genuine. This www Blessing Dream com Review is going to take a quick look at their site to find out if they are trustworthy or not. Already, I have some concerns. Those that feel that they were scammed by that site are welcome to leave your own reviews below this article.

Many times fake shopping sites are coming out of China and we need to find that info out for sure. When they are dishonest they are in a position it seems to manufacture shoddy, cheap, inferior goods. Other times they may send out cheap headphones, some kind of cable like a charger or USB one, empty envelope/parcel etc. Basically, anything other than what you thought you were getting for your hard earned cash. What has your experience been?



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DreamBlessing.com Review – Can We Trust Them Or Not?

Any site that is new should be approached with caution. They have renewed their site recently and so now in their second year. That is still a new site, and if legit, we do wish them well. But for now we must be cautious and do some research before handing over payment information to any site we do not really know well just yet. We begin our own research into What Is DreamBlessing.com by asking who the founder is, real location of business, contact information and when they were registered. 



www.dreamblessing.com scam or real?


Registration renewal was in 2018/12/20 and 1 year is all they have renewed for. So, that is unusual for sites to register for so little time. 1 or 2 years for us mortals is long enough, but not for selling sites, and certainly not for Google. Its a scam sign but not something that we should worry on just yet, if at all.

Now at their sites registration there is only a P.O. Box Panama for their business address. That is not legit and real sites that sell do leave good and real addresses. So that is starting to look a bit suspicious already. There is no reason at all to hide those details unless you are afraid of getting caught for something that you should not be doing online.

Founder name was not left and there is not a support email either. So we must go to their site to see if they have any information to set our minds at ease.

Privacy Notice Page, which less than 10% of all people online ever think to read, declares that Wuan Dongxi Li Ecommerce Co., Ltd is the owner and operator of that site. When we Google that company name then we see FunliBuy and also we see FunBuy.In. They can be found at Facebook as well.

This is a little worrying because legit selling sites are proud to display their other sites, and why not, it may get them more traffic to them and further sales. So this is something that I see with scam sites a lot. Multiple sites all out to defraud separate waves of traffic. Not saying that is what is going on, but it does not look good.

So now can we assume they are from China? Looks like it, but without an address, there is no real way of knowing as they have intentionally suppressed that information.





‘DreamBlessing’ Scam Signs.

Given there is no reasons to be suppressing founder name, real location, contact with only an email for customer support, no phone number for customers to call and that is a HUGE scam sign by itself.

The prices are worrying me also. I see reductions of 50% and in some places even more then that. How can they afford to be so generous on all of their products? That is a problem when we see too-good-to-be-true-prices, as they are normally fake sites.

Support@dreamblessing.com, that is their email and all the ways to contact them. In their Privacy Notice they say that you can complaint to the FTC to file a complaint if they do not address any of your concerns. So, CLICK HERE to do just that if they have failed to fulfill their end of the bargain with you and that link will take you to their FTC site for consumer complaints.

I only ever see this on scam sites, but fake sites and I don’t know why, they hardy ever put in a ‘HOME BUTTON’ in their menu. It is bizarre but certainly I deem it to be another scam sign. But we can see that has not happened with the site in question.

One online report declares that they are indeed from China. Not all sites that sell from this region are dishonest, but the frequency of dishonest sites from here is so great, that is just something that we have to watch out for.



Final Thoughts.

Just did some further research and they appear to have two other similar sites called 9uppa.com and also Mofastshop.com. We will look into those soon. So we have suppressed info like the founder name etc. There is no reason for this and is very worrying. Ultimately I feel it may be a risk to buy anything from unknown vendors online that have taken such steps to remain anonymous. What do you think? We will have to depend on your and others reports about their site in the comments below this article.

One things for sure, I personally would not be comfortable to hand over payment info to an e-store that is not transparent in such key areas.


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That is just about it on What Is DreamBlessing.com. Thank you for reading the whole way. You may leave your own reviews below. If you were scammed by them, or had a bad experience in some way, yo are welcome to alert everyone below in the comments. Also, if you would recommend them then please feel free to speak on that point as well. We encourage all to seek other resources online to further come to your own decision, AND NOT, just accept ours or anyone sites opinion on any other site. Looking forward to hearing from you and others in the comments below. You may Check Out Our Latest Scam Alerts Here. You may also REPORT ALL ONLINE SCAMS HERE to help alert others. 






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20 thoughts on “What Is DreamBlessing.com – Is DreamBlessing.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Angela

    I saw an advertisement on Facebook for Dream Blessing for some lip gloss (3 that cost over $40). I should have headed the warning signs, right?!) When I received my purchase about 3 weeks later I inspected the items. Two of 3 items were incorrect and different colors than advertised. They should have been pink colors, but were brown. I immediately contacted PayPal and put in a claim. They considered it to be buyer’s remorse and closed the claim in the sellers favor. The sellers website says that if the buyer is not happy for ANY reason they can return the product within 30 days. I have contacted them directly many times and at first they came up with every excuse possible, even stating that their order was correct when sent. I said that it was an incorrect order and now it has been longer than 30 days so I am out of luck. I have written them 6 times since April 19, 2019 (which for the first couple of times was less than that 30 day period) and have not heard back since. They are not an honorable company and are a fraud. I would NOT buy from them again. They are also known as a different company called “Storm Media Ltd.” DO NOT BUY FROM EITHER COMPANY. I’ve learned a valuable lesson. Now when I see an item advertised that I’m interested in, I look it up on eBay and find it for about 5x less in price. I’ve not had any problems that way. BUYER BEWARE!

  2. Marguerite Durling

    I bought “Yoga” pants from Dreamblessings – they took 9 weeks to arrive (from China).
    The material was good but the stitching was so poor that the seams had pulled away after the 2nd wearing and I hadn’t even used them for a Yoga session.
    I sent photos and asked for an address to return for a refund – I got some gobbledegook reply that said since the parcel had been delivered to me there was nothing they could do!

  3. Connie

    I ordered from dreamblessing the middle of January and my credit card was immediately charged. I contacted them 3 times before I received my order on March 27. ( I tried to use the tracking number from China but had no luck with this.) DO NOT ORDER FROM DREAMBLESSING!!!!!!

    1. Connie

      As a follow-up, all of the directions on the leather cleaner that I purchased are in Chinese — nothing in English.

  4. DeAun

    Dreamblessing is a scam!! They debited my account and I never received the product. They need to be banned from selling in the USA. Do not order from them.

  5. Jan

    I ordered a fur remover from washing and have had a bogus tracking number, I have now initiated a claim through PayPal as they are not sending anything it’s not legitimate at all.

  6. Fiona Donovan

    I bought something 2 weeks ago and I got one e mail saying they received my order but that If I ordered something else within 12 hours I would get 30% off. I didn’t but I think I have been scammed. I saw the site on Facebook. I paid using a visa debit card. Do I have any comeback? And can they take more money from my account?
    Freaked out- first time I have ever been had!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Fiona,

      Contact your payment provider and ask them if you are eligible for a refund. Thank you for letting us know as well Fiona and you are welcome to let us know if you got a refund or not. Thanks again Fiona.

  7. Kira

    Dreamblessing is a scam. I ordered something from them, and received multiple emails from them confirming my order. 1st email, ‘Thank You for Your Order’. 2nd Email, ‘We are Packing your Order!’ 3rd Email, ‘Here is Your Tracking #!!’ 4th Email, ‘There is a Delay in Your Shipment’. Wait what? The delay in my shipment email said, “Sorry, but due to Chinese New Year, there is a delay to your shipment, so here is a code for 20% off anything on our website. NOPE. Chinese New Year was 2 weeks before I ordered. Nice try. I’ve even been in China for Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival. Don’t try to blame your scam on a beloved holiday you scamy scammer.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry to hear this Kira and so you must contact your payment provider for a refund if you got nothing for your cash. Good luck!

  8. Mike

    I purchased an item for $12.99 through pay pal from dreamblessing. It has been 5 days since I received “your item is being processed” message but haven’t received a tracking #. I am monitoring my linked bank account. So far I haven’t seen unusual activity. I sent my bank a message about the transaction. I am not going to freak out as of yet because I have ordered items shipped from China that have taken over a month to receive. I am more concerned if they have access to my bank account from using pay pal.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You can change your PayPal account password and then you should be fine there. Have you alerted your bank that you may have encountered a scam site?

  9. kriszana

    Yes, Dreamblessing is a scam page, they are not sending the advertised product, they are sending soming 100% nylon.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Kriszana,

      Thank you kindly for being the first to step forward to help alert others. It is very much appreciated 🙂 . Have you applied for a refund?


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