What Is Bioopo, Bioopo Closet, Bioopos Closet- Is Bioopo.com Scam / Legit?

By | March 2, 2019

Find Out What Is ‘Bioopo’ – The Bioopo.com Review. Also, What Is ‘Bioopo Coset’ and What Is ‘Bioopos Closet?

This review on What Is ‘Bioopo’, or more accurately, What Is Bioopo.com will answer your questions. Scam Or Legit ReviewsSituated at www.bioopo.com, Is Bioopo com a scam, a fraud, fake, deceptive and bogus or Is ‘Bioopo’ legit, good, genuine, real, safe and honest? This www Bioopo com Review is going to take a look at this young site, though ‘young’, has become very popular for its short life online so far. As well, many are asking, What Is ‘Bioopo Closet’ and What Is ‘Bioopos Closet’ – those are the associated names

Those with information/reports/bad-good reviews, are welcome to leave those in the comments below this article.

While we have not determined as yet if they are scam or legit, there are too many fake shopping stores coming out of China, and so we must do a back ground check on them. Not all stores from this region are fake but it is a point worth researching.

Where sites are fake of this nature then it is possible you won’t receive what you ordered. Many times in this case the quality of the goods is not what was advertised! That is a big complaint online about companies from this region. And so you may run the risk of receiving nothing, shoddy, cheap, replica, counterfeit and even stolen goods if you are not careful. Let us find out if they fall into this category.



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Scam-Check To Answer What Is ‘Bioopo’ at Bioopo.com.

While every possible effort will be made not to give out a wrong ‘verdict on this site, the onus is on ‘you’, to find other resources online for your researching purposes. Never take 1 website as the ‘gospel’ on anything or any website. Let us commence to answer What Is Bioopo at Bioopo.com in this review. And so the answer to that will be the same as for What Is ‘Bioopos Closet’ and also for What Is ‘Bioopo Closet’.



Caution banner sign.

Should we use ‘caution’ with www.bioopo.com?



We begin with registration date, their business address, contact information and of course the founders name.

  • Where this information is not available then that is a real point of concern. Legit and honest businesses are more than happy to provide this kind of transparency to their customers.
  • At times where this data is missing then perhaps the founder simply does not want to be spammed. However, in my time researching online, the already trusted companies don’t have a problem here.
  • Registration of their site began in 2018/11/16 and renewal date is 2019/11/16. 1 year is not a lot of time to invest in ones own business. Simply, who goes through all that business set-up for so short a time period? This is indicative of present and past scammers behavior or creating hit-and-run-sites.
  • However, it may also indicate that the founder simply wants to see how it goes in the first year, and if successful/promising, has the option of renewing their website business for longer.
  • And here is where scam and legit sites alike fall down at times! There is no business address attached to their sites online business. We have already covered why this maybe, but, I feel strongly it is just an unnecessary point of concern for their customers to have to worry here. All we have in WHOIS is ‘CN’ – China.
  • Anyways, heading to their actual website and we can see there is no address in their ‘CONTACT US’ section’. Neither do we find it in their Returns Section. There is an email of service@bioopo.com and also a contact form section. Really, where are they from Exactly?



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‘Bioopo’ Scam Signs – Are There Any?

They are a new site, and per their own ‘About Us’ section, they are already running some kind of a ‘Clearance’ sale. That you would expect to see if they were closing down or for some kind of holidays. I am not sure what is going on here if they are legit.

  1. So how can they be offering up to 70% off of their high quality garments if they have just opened? They are new! It takes time to make revenue online and so I feel that is too-good-to-be-true. This has me suspicious that you may receive your order, but the quality maybe low. I don’t know for sure of course as I have not ordered anything from their site.
  2. It is also worth noting that Worldwide Free Shipping for orders over $79 is quite generous. I know in China the government there pays most of the shipping fee’s for companies that export and so this maybe why they can do this.
  3. I randomly clicked on the ‘V Neck Tie Front Floral Print Maxi Dress’ (Maxi?) originally priced at €135.35. They are giving it away for just28.12!! That is a flabbergasting reduction and I am not sure I believe it either. 
  4. Anyone order that dress and did you actually receive what they are advertising at that price?
  5. Moreover, I do not see any endorsements by the brand name ‘Maxi Dress’. I do not see any endorsements by any of the brand names they are using to make sales here.
  6. There are at least 2 reports online against them. Please beware, ‘2 reports’ that are negative, does not make them a scam. However, 1st report says that payment was taken but no item delivered. Bad sign! Very bad sign indeed!! You may view that report HERE.
  7. Another report says “Awful products and services” per scamadviser.com review, who have given their Trust Score, of just 64%.
  8. Where sites are new then ‘Caution’ is definitely warranted until they prove they do deliver the products they are advertising. Never trust new stores, or stores you do not know, out right. Look for reviews until you are sure they are safe and trustworthy.
  9. I just noticed, with all the other savings they are offering their customers, they are even giving away a further 5% discount code. Where are their profits coming from with all these customer savings? Its a bit too much for me to believe.
  10. They appear to have a Facebook page called ‘BioopoCloset’. They have the same image they are displaying on their website. I see that comments are being heavily deleted. Several times I tried to view those comments but they were no where to be seen. 
  11. This is indicative of a scam site trying to hide complaints. Of course, I have no way of knowing if those comments were complaints or not, but, why would you delete them if they were orders or regular comments? Very suspicious.
  12. No founder name.
  13. Business address is not apparent or tucked away somewhere hard to find.
  14. Clear absence of a customer support number.
  15. Only an email for customers to make order regarding their orders and or refunds.
  16. Their site name of ‘bioopo.com’ is being contradicted by the name they use on their site of ‘Bioopos Closet’. Where there is conflict in site name and URL then that is a worrying sign. They must always match!



Your Possible Experience?

If they are a scam site, then the following is a few pointers that are indicative of having encountered a fake site. We will take it from the actual order right through to getting your order, if you did.

Watch out from all those shares from your family and friends. It is not like they are trying to lose you money. That is a warning about social media shares of this nature in general. People think because something is advertised on e.g. Facebook, or shared, that it must be legit. Like somehow this seller was vetted and deemed safe.

This is not true. There appears to be no vetting system for sellers and it seems to me that these platforms are more worried about ‘Fake News’ then fake sellers.

Anyways, however you found the site in question, here are some questions for you:-

Did they give you a receipt for your order? Any confirmation email?

This is one big-crack to keep in mind when dealing with any selling website! It is normal to receive proof of your purchase via the means above. So when this does not happen then that should be an ‘alarm bell’ ringing.

Tax Calculated for your goods?

Quite simply, have they included the charges for taxes for your goods, and if not, then that is another striking ‘clue’ something may not be right here.

Delivery Times – Taking Too Long?

A very common complaint is delivery times have gone over the estimated times promised by selling sites, where they are fake that is. That is another worrying sign that you have encountered a bad site. Many times people have found to be waiting up to 4 months before they receive anything.

Most cases like this the customer is simply not happy with the product(s) and seeks a refund. 

Returning Shipping Costing You Cash?

There is a horrible ‘catch’ with fake shopping sites. They have no problem, in most cases, to accept returns. The problem for the customer is that in most cases the price of return far exceeds the actual price paid for the order.

Per reports at scamwitness.com, and from other sources online, PayPal seems not to cover the full return charges here. This leaves people in a situation where they may be stuck with a product that either they can’t use, even so bad they can not give away, and quite a few times people have reported about throwing paid-for goods into their trash.



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What Has Your Experience Been – Scam or Legit? – What Is Your Opinion About This Website?

You are very welcome to have your say below in the comments, especially, if you feel strongly you were scammed. As said, they are a new site, but there is a significant wave of traffic that are looking them up!

This tells me that ‘Bioopo’ is well on its way to going viral, and if they prove to be damaging, your reports could indeed help stem the tide of financial losses. 

I hope many do comment below and share what you know as this forum is dedicated to people who have been in contact with the aforementioned website.

Given the research above I don’t feel good to recommend them. They are a young site however, and so, decided to wait on the many online reports we hope to see below this article before a more informed ‘verdict’ is reached.

That is all for now on What Is ‘Bioopo’, or should we say, What Is Bioopo.com, What Is ‘Bioopos Closet’ and What  Is ‘Bioopo Closet’, as those are the other names they are going by as well. Looking forward to hearing from you and others about your experiences below. Take care for now.








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4 thoughts on “What Is Bioopo, Bioopo Closet, Bioopos Closet- Is Bioopo.com Scam / Legit?

  1. Kim Dinkel

    I am dealing with the same exact situation. Even though I told them I was mailing a return back and to cancel my two additional orders and that I DID NOT want a credit of any sort…..I want my money reimbursed…….I received an email a few days saying that a credit had been issued and my orders are being sent………SO……they supposedly gave me a credit from the company however, I never received a refund for the money deducted from my account!!!
    I refuse to give up on this refund……it’s not the money it’s the principle of the matter. I’m getting tired of there lovey dovey over the hill sweet responses too. NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN!

    P.S. they did supply a number for me to call for customer support……it was bogus!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Kim,

      Thank you for your detailed Bioopo.com Customer Review. Sounds terrible and I wish you well with your refund Kim.

  2. Brenda Lininger

    I ordered 2 items and while I received the very cheaply made items, they were both too small/short. When I requested a return shipping label, I was told the cost to send the items back was going to be on me and because it was going to be a lot of money to return the items, they wanted to offer me a discounted “store credit” and told me to give the items to a friend.

    I am still aggressively requesting a return shipping label and my money back however it is becoming a hassle!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Brenda for being the first to report your customer experience with Bioopo. If Bioopos Closet does not resolve this properly then I you probably should put in for a refund as they have delivered not per the spec of your order. You are welcome to let us know it turns out. Thanks again Brenda.


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