What Is BindingFlow.com – Is BindingFlow.com Scam Or Legit E-Store?

By | March 16, 2019

Find Out What Is BindingFlow.com About – The ‘BindingFlow’ Review.

This short review is to help inform you on What Is BindingFlow.com at www.bindingflow.com. Is BindingFlow com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, bogus or Is ‘BindingFlow’ legit, safe, real, genuine and trustworthy? This www BindingFlow com review is potentially a warning. There are other sources online warning unwary customers about that site. We will do our own research and then decide if legit, scam or not recommended.

Those with customer reviews are welcome to comment below to help better inform others that maybe wondering if they should purchase from them or not. Many fake stores online are mostly from China. Where deliveries are received quite it is not what was ordered. Maybe you could receive shoddy, inferior, cheaply made, counterfeit goods. Even sometime fake sites may send out cheap USB cables, cheap ear buds, empty envelopes etc.



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What Is BindingFlow.com About – Fraud or Genuine?

So let us find out What Is BindingFlow.com really all about and if we should be OK or not to buy from them. We can do very quick and simple to do research that anyone can do. We go to WHOIS and see if there is a founders name listed, business address, contact information and when their site was registered. Where this information is not available anywhere online then we can be rightly suspicious.




www.bindingflow.com scam alert?



Their sites registration was in 2019/03/05 and 1 year is all. Just 1 or 2 years is not a very long time and it is typical for fake sites to register for this short length. Where sites are fake then they can shut down in mere months, weeks and yes even in days. 

The founder name is not displayed within WHOIS or on their website. 

Liaoning is the only information regarding an address. That is a North Easter Province of China. That is a bad sign for sure. However, not all e-stores from this region are fake.

The address on their site is also an address for a website called mercybeaut.com! How can two seemingly different companies have the same business address? That is not legit and so we have found possibly another ‘NOT RECOMMENDED’ men’s fashion e-store site.



BindingFlow.com Scam Signs.

  • The address is being used already. That is not good and so we should always Google all information left on such sites and in WHOIS. 
  • Their social icons are not linking to any relevant social page and only link back to their own website.
  • Even thought they have left an address from China they are charging people in USD Dollars. That just strikes me as odd and it is very common.
  • GerminateMall.com is another site online another source online is calling a fake e-store. It looks too similar to the sites mentioned here. All are dealing in Men’s Online Fashion.
  • No founder name and only an email address of support@bindingflow.com. So we see very limited means of contact for their customers. That is counter productive and actually legit and honest sites would give several ways for customer support.
  • Their physical location address does not link to anything online that shows us where that is exactly. Usually addresses can be located online. 
  • ScamDoc.com has given ‘BindingFlow’ a “1% Trust Score – WARNING!”.





Final Thoughts.

NOT RECOMMENDED! We are waiting for your reports before we can lable them a ‘scam’ and so put them into our List of Internet Scammers. We have decided to be extremely fair though there are many bad signs. 

Looking forward to hearing from everyone and that is all on What Is BindingFlow.com.

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