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By | May 22, 2019

Is An Untrustworthy E-Store – Copy of Scam Site. has prices that maybe too-good-to-be-true? Real Alligator Belts for $85 when other places have them closer to $300? So we have to ask is a scam, dishonest or is ‘Biklen’ good, genuine and legit? This short review is a scam warning about that site. is a copy and that has proven to be a scam if only by the real customer reviews on that article.

This article wishes to say thank you for one of our readers reporting this site to us. Those with customer reviews are as always invited to leave your own reviews in the comments. This is going to be an immense service to others to help save their own hard earned cash.




  • You can just as easily read the review as that research has already been completed and it has some customer reviews. We will do the same research however for now that you are here and reading this article. There maybe many other copies, and where you find them, we would appreciate it very much if you could land the full URL in the comments. We are determined to expose everyone of them should there be more.
  • We begin to ask who is running this fake e-store, business address, contact means and when they have registered this site. However, just like their other site, we do not expect to see any business transparency.
  • Registration for their URL was in 2019/05/05. See date of this post and you will see that they are now going to be exposed so soon after opening. This is going to lead to maximal potential to help people save cash and time. Only for one year have they set up this new store. Why only one year?
  • Businesses will usually set up their business for many years to come and so 2 or 1 years online is really no time. Scam sites become popular very fast because people believe in the lies about the prices. So please, if you found them on social media and you have tagged others, just share this article to help limit the damage.
  • No founder name is present when they registered their site but also there is no owner name within their sites content. So who is it that people maybe giving their highly sensitive payment information to? Definitely contact your payment provider and dispute charges. Be sure you have not been over charged either as that is quite common. 
  • They have not left a real address. We see 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA as their attached business address. So that is bogus. That is a ‘stand-in’ address i.e. proxy address that hides their real location.
  • Even at times legit sites do this, but normally, when we go to their site they will have provable legit business info. In this case there is nothing to worry about.
  • Their site has an address of Via Barry-Wilson
    1141 Franklin Ave
    Columbus, OH 43205
    United States.
  • This address appears to be no different than the first one. We Googled it and per Googles search results we see images of residential properties for that area. Email address of is the same email address as their ‘Kortee’ site, which appears to be very popular right now.
  • Even their ‘ABOUT US’ section is the same, word-for-word except for the site name, as their other site. How can different companies have the same wording for the same section of their sites? In this case, it is painfully obvious they are both being run by the same cyber-crook(s).
  • Their prices, if you Google the product image names, you will see that they are far too generous compared to legit places online. The alligator belts is one example where $$$’s has been shaved off the actual prices of these kinds of products
  • Our ‘Kortee’ Review has enough comments now where people took the time to show examples of these unreal discounts, for that, we are deeply appreciative. This helps to further exaggerate that there really is something wrong with these e-stores.
  • If they send you out anything for your hard earned cash, we believe strongly, it just can not be the actual goods they are advertising. Simply they would be making a loss that would be too harrowing for any business to survive and even risk the very real possibility of going into debt fast.
  • However, if you do get a delivery, there is every chance you run the risk of having stolen goods, cheaply made goods, inferior product versions landing at your door. Take images of all communications, packaging information, and also gather any confirmations you may have of purchases, and present this for a refund.
  • You are welcome to let us know if you were successful with your refunds or if you were declined. Those that have no e-receipts yet, then hound this site for one, because without one it maybe harder to put in for a successful refund.





Final Thoughts.

There is far too many things wrong with both the sites mentioned in this short review article i.e. as well. They are both in our List of Internet Scammers Websites Hall of Shame

Your customer reviews are welcome contributions to this article thus to others online safety. We respond to all comments in very good time. You are welcome to have a good rant and a rave but please no swearing of any kind. We must keep our content readable for our younger audience.

That is all for now on and we thank you for all of your reports since we have started our site. We try to always keep our promise of exposing every site you and others report to us. Looking forward to hearing from you in the comments below.




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