‘Big Bang Life’ Reviews – Is BigBangLife.Net Scam or Legit ‘Twerking Santa’ Store?

By | October 2, 2020



What Is ‘BigBangLife’ – Our Bigbanglife.net Reviews / Customer ‘Twerking Santa’ Reviews.

So, we see that ‘BigBangLife‘, at www.bigbanglife.net, is selling ‘Twerking Santa‘ on Facebook and really we have yet to find anything legit about Bigbanglife.net. They are also pretending to do a draw where twenty customers get a refund after their goods arrive. Doesn’t make any sense to me. So this is a fake Christmas promotion website to avoid. Please report all such sites to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2000+ 2020 / 2021 Section for review.




www.bigbanglife.net, which is a name that does not make much sense to us concerning the content of their sites, was registered 2020-006-29 for one year. One or two years is only the start-up time for most businesses.

So, it is very short and therefore deemed to be a little suspicious already. WHOIS.com shows us their site’s registration data and so we see no founder name, zero business address, missing email, and phone number.

This is not a good start and the beginning of a scam pattern that is well-trodden by many other cyber-crooks.

support@consultationus.com is the email address on their site and so that is not their domain name in that email. Odd emails like this is a huge scam sign.

Why haven’t they provided a professional email that reflects their site’s name and branding? And so this is another scam sign to watch out for.

There is no name, no business address, and no phone on their site. Customers on legit sites would be used to seeing multiple contact locations.

Their ‘ABOUT US’ section says nothing about them. Where they are from. Nothing about anyone working there or their history.

No suppliers list or any proof they are legally allowed to sell the goods they are promoting on their site. They appear not to be working from home because there is no affiliate disclosure to state this. 

We forgot to mention, WHOIS database shows they may be from China and since most bad e-stores are from here then this is a scam sign. 

However, not all stores from this area can be deemed to be scams but coupled with this many scam signs, its an excellent indicator overall we are dealing with fraudsters.

Though they are still very new they are offering discounts on their goods, all of them. So when a store is new then – when genuine – they can take circa three months to make just one sale.

Even I have seen people write that after three months they have not made a single sale with their e-store. It takes time to build up those website clicks accruing to earnings. 

And so when we see too good to be true prices from new online shopping stores it does tend to raise suspicions.

Those concerned that they may have parted with payment information to a scam site are advised to contact your payment adviser.

Those that paid with their cards may have only sixty days to apply for a refund. Those with PayPal hvae 180 days. 

There are plenty of times that payment providers side with scammers. In this case, and you are 100% certain you were duped, then report both the scam site and the payment provider to the bbb.org and your own countries TrustPilot.

We have seen reports of people doing this, where only then, payment providers have reopened their cases and granted such previously unsuspecting victims their refunds. 

So don’t lose hope as you still have options.

Please report any scam site, or any site you are not certain of, to our list provided above, our comments section below, or indeed anywhere on our website. We will respond and try to write them all up.

















list of scam websites.



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