BigDealProfit.PW – Is BigDealProfit.PW Scam or Legit Investment Site?

By | October 9, 2018

In Reality, What Is – Don’t Invest Until You Read Here First!

Fake or Real - LuxEarn Reviewed is offering 135% ROI after 1 day, 145% ROI after 1 day, 195% ROI after 2 days depending on your level of investment. Yet, there is no proof on how these monies are actually earned! What Is BigDealProfit pw? Is BigDealProfit fraudulent, fake, scam, HYIP/Ponzi Scheme or is Big Deal Profit PW genuine, real, safe, good, honest and paying out? This Big Deal Profit Review is going to unmask how they are really operating. I am convinced their business model is not legit and so many will just lose their money. They are also a copy of their old site called Investellect.Net, which I exposed November 9th, 2017, 17:50 hours. To save you time, just know, they are a SCAM SITE!

While I don’t believe, by the time I fully research them, that my opinion will change on what I have observed so far, I do know other ways to earn online without risking your capital. Investment sites, that are are real,  are fond of bragging about their successes! Problem is, no matter what they say, it is still a 50/50 chance of making a return. That is the reality of such schemes and is not a real way to earn a full time income online. Those interested in earning online, based on your own efforts and time, may want to have a look at Wealthy Affiliate. They can teach anyone how to make it big online for the long term who are willing to dedicate themselves to their own financial success. Let us continue with this BigDealProfit Review.





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 and What It Really Is – Need to Read to Save Your Cash – The InvestEllect.Net Connection!

OK, let us begin to find out fully what is and if BigDealProfit is good or not. We begin, as always, in searching for the owner of the website. Big Deal Profit was created 01/10/2018. There is no owner name attached to that site and the business address is not listed either. There is a complete cover up of all identifying data and that is a very bad sign of a scam.

It is necessary for scammers to hide their ID, because when their site shuts and they/him/her run off with all the cash, they can’t be caught. It is quite rare for owners of such sites to be ever caught. It really is free and easy money for the owners of such sites. Looking at their site there is no identifying data and they are also encouraging old members from Investellect to sign up to Big Deal Profit.


Have a Good Look at the image below:-


Investellect.Net Fails WHOIS

Owners of Investellect.Net and BigDealProfit.PW Are The Same People. This is Proof of Identification Cover Up!

Click the the InvestEllect Link left at the start of this article and you will see proof of two identical sites with different names. The image above clearly shows that the owners are too scared to provide their contact info to NameCheap, and for good reason. They are guilty of mass fraud for setting up at least two illegal sites. This is serious jail time if they get caught


BigDealProfit Reviewed

Go to to login – not recommended unless you LOVE to be scammed over and over and over 🙂 .






How The Owners Fake Investment Offer Plans To Scam Over 90% Of Their Members.

Their ‘Investment’ site is a composite of three illegal schemes:-

  • Ponzi Scheme.
  • HYIP.
  • Pyramid Scheme.
  • Cash Gifting Scheme.


What Are They Offering To Earn Big and Quick Cash?

You are simply to give your money to someone online that you have no clue who you are dealing with in the miraculous hope you will get paid! Simple enough 🙂 . Once they receive your payment they will (opps) payout to other members who have already invested. The chances of you earning from their site slims down wonderfully after two weeks. Sometimes much quicker.

Ponzi Scheme – What Is That?

Can anyone show me how they are generating an income from their site, aside from collecting donations? NO?!  Well – that is how they are making money. No one is receiving any digital products, real world products or even a service for their ‘investment’. And since they are not actually ‘investing’ in anything real, then you can consider them a cash-gifting-scheme as well, incidentally, that too is illegal….

HYIP – What Is That?

Simply means High Yield Investment Program.

Since the term ‘Ponzi Scheme’ has been ruined gloriously by the likes of Bernie Maddof etc the scammers like to stylize/legitimize their sites by using that term as well. Lately, I have noticed many new Ponzi Sites dropping that term from their websites content. Maybe they will start calling their business structure, something like, ‘Give Us Your Cash And We Will Keep It‘ – that, is more accurate – IN REALITY!!!

What Is  Pyramid Scheme.

That is Just when you see all or most of the money being generated goes right to the top of the pile! Some payments, earnings will be had along the way, but mostly the founder keeps the lions share of website profits. Those that were/are members of either of these sites are welcome to come forward to speak on their experiences.

Who Will Lose The Most Cash?

As said, over 90% of members will lose their money. Its not if they will stop paying, it is when they will stop, and also, how long they will pay out for. There is simply no way of telling as that is now to the whimsical nature of the unknown creator. With so many unknowns and variables its amazing people take this risk.

Inexperienced investors are known to lose thousands of real world dollars on sites like this. Its a kind of gambling for some as well as there are participates that know they are on an illegal site hoping to take someone else’s cash for self gain. Most of the profits nourished to sites like Big Deal Profit are from unwary members who have no iota of a clue what they are involved in. Such people, even if they earn and leave, are allowed to keep their earnings. The rest of you aren’t – if caught by the law.





Duplicate Sites pulling the same illegal trick to defraud unwary members.

No founder name.

No business address.

Lack of transparency on how money is being generated.

No real world product/service for your money.

Financially Unregulated ‘Investment’ Site.

Flagrantly Disregards WHOIS Verfication i.e. update their contact info.

ZERO Company Registration Number!

ROI Is Far Too High!










VERDICT ON BigProfitDeal.PW!






Final Thoughts.

So, I knew I knew that site when I first landed on it!! Searched this websites content until I found their old sister-site. There is no escaping from the evidence presented here that they are indeed a scam and not legit. You only need to look at how money is being generated. That is a Ponzi Structure. That structure is outlawed inmost parts of the world that are invested in protecting their citizens from fraud. But! Mostly likely, the Governments just want us to have enough cash to pay our taxes, and that is not going to happen, if people are donating it online like its their birthdays….

Have you any questions on What Is BigDealProfit.PW? You are very welcome to leave your comments below where I will be happy to help. Need honest help and advice that is not going to steal your money? Check out my #1 Recommendation Review below, and for those interested, you can sign up there. Thank you one and all for your time here today,night,evening,morning, equinox (whichever 🙂 ). Take care and all the best for now.


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