What Is Bestzr.com – Is Bestzr.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 2, 2019

Review to Find Out What Is Bestzr.com Here – Is Bestzr Safe or Fake?

Scam Or Legit Reviews

OK, so I am very happy to see you here to know for sure. What Is Bestzr.com at www.bestzr.com? Is Bestzr.com a scam, fraud, crooked, dishonest or Is Bestzr legit, genuine, real, safe and honest? Well, this www Bestzr com Review may have some really bad news in store for those of you that handed over payment info. We have linked their site to another, and also, found an odd re-direct that really should not be happening. Before we begin, did they send you cheap earphones by any chance?

Those convinced they were scammed are asked to please report them below to help warn others. There is next to ZERO information about customer views and so you are needed to help spread awareness of them – as in – to alert others. Many fake shopping sites are coming out of China nowadays and so this is one point we will look into as well.

Fake shopping sites have a habit of charging your card very fast, giving multiple false address, disconnected phone numbers, emails they never respond to or are fake etc etc etc. I have suspicions that Bestzr are fake, but let us look deeper to make sure. Make sure to alert your bank, if they do indeed turn out fake, and get them to cancel your card and apply for a refund.





What Is Bestzr.com Really All About – Just Another Fake Online Shopping Store?

This Bestzr.com Review is really going to save you time and cash if they turn out to be a scam. There are a number of things that we can all do to determine this for ourselves. When sites are registered online they are asked to submit their location of their business, owner name, contact info. That is not an unreasonable request and so if that info is missing, the we are dealing with scammers, probably.



Time to find out for sure about www.bestzr.com!


  1. Registration date for their site was in 2018/11/04 and one year is the time they have put up their site for. That is very confounding because legit selling sites will tend to register for many years to come, and so, they are already following the well laid down scam pattern of fraudsters. Fraudsters will register for 1 or 2 years and then run with all the cash when they get too many online complaints. Bad start for them.
  2. THE NEWS GETS WORSE when I see addresses like 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste PMB# 255, Phoenix, AZ, US. That address is being used by probably 100’s of other websites right now and so they are hiding their location behind that address. It is common to see it and another common one to watch out for is 2.27 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London, England. Where you see any of those addresses then look for reviews or just go elsewhere.
  3. Looking for a founder name and an email and we can see that they have not supplied that information at WHOIS. And so that is a complete fail for deliberately hiding who they are to the online world. I mean, there maybe people right now handing over payment information to a site whom they have no clue of the owner and the sites owner true location. So, that is obviously a very bad situation for such people.
  4. Many times though site owners will choose to leave that information on their site instead, not with legit sites mind you, but lets have a look and see what they have left for us.
  5. bestzr@hotmai.com. That appears to be it. No address. NO found name. No Phone Number – practically zilch! Honest sites do not hide this information and so now I can call them what they really are – COMPLETE SCAM SITE!

Hold on… I can do better than that …




That’s better 🙂 .




Bestzr.com Scam Signs.

Well, since I bothered to do the research I may as well share it with you 🙂 .


No. 66 Huayuan Street,

YuonchengxI Road,

Baiyun District,


That is their suspected address. Per one complaint online that is where his order came from. Though, they did not send him what he ordered, but a cheap pair of headphones instead. Many received cheap earphones instead of what they actually paid for.

nicole244056.outlook.com is the email address that one complaint reveals as having responded to a complaint to Shopify about them. So do beware of that email address should you find it elsewhere online.

Yeadao Technology Ltd appears to be the company charging peoples cards. So they are also connected with other scam sites that they appear to be running. Bookmark this website as they will be getting exposed as well very soon.

Salenm.com is re-redirecting to Bestzr.com. That should not be happening, but, if that was an old scam site then they try to save all the old traffic into their new site. This is typically done by scammers. Not a good sign at all.

They are selling high quality clothing for far too-good-to-be-true-prices and that is a huge scam sign.

Also, along the lines of researching them, I noticed least one other identical scam site. Where a site that has other sites operating, and fails to disclose this to their unwary customers, then that is another big scam sign.

They clearly have an address from China but failed completely to leave that on their own sites registration and also on their own site. Why? And so they have intentionally withheld it in the hopes no one finds out. The above information was sourced solely by people reporting on them to one site that i nearly failed to look into. That site is called OnlineThreatAlerts and is one of my favorite sites online. 

Weirdly enough they do not have a ‘CONTACT US’ section. Even for a fake site that is highly unusual and would actually alert quite a few before they make any purchases. 

They say there is no limit to the amount of items you can buy from them and that is the reason you should buy with them. Why on Earth would you put a limit on the amount people cna buy from you? Completely counter-intuitive-productive etc! So that makes no sense and is only generic to fill out their own site with a sense of content is all.

Scamfoo.com searched and found out that they are listed as possibly fraudulent via ThreatLog.com. So be careful. These are algorithms though and so I thought this review of Bestzr would tie some info together to help warn others. Actually, I had no idea at the start of this review if they were a scam or not and so I had fun researching them.



All With Bestzr.com Reviews and or Scam Reports are Warmly Invited to Leave those in the Comments Below to Help Alert Others – Thank You.















Final Thoughts.

There is a surprisingly little about them online in terms of reviews and scam reports. Through the various steps above then we can only determine as false and only out to defraud people. They are sending people out what looks like $2 cheap earphones you can get from your local thrift store. And os now you know why I was happy to see you at the start of this article – potentially to save you some cash, if they were not a good site. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers for good! Please report them below to help warn others – thanks guys.


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That is all on What Is Bestzr.com and I hope it really has saved you some cash. If not, and you purchased before coming here, then please let them have it in the comments below. The more that sound-off below the more others will be forewarned to be forearmed. Thanks again for coming to scamwitness.com and looking forward to all of your comments to come.






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12 thoughts on “What Is Bestzr.com – Is Bestzr.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Linda

    This is a huge scam I’m going to the police because this is not right what these people were doing.

  2. Denji Okuyiga

    I have been scammed by BESTZR.com because I ordered a Luggage set from them on 17th December last year.
    When I didn’t receive it and complained, they gave me a fictitious reference at Royal Mail to say they delivered it to my house. I was shocked and spent all the day with Royal Mail who couldn’t trace the goods and then referred me to complain to the sender which I did. They then said they would send a replacement. After waiting for about 3 weeks, the reference they gave me for the 2nd shipment said the same thing that it got lost in transit whilst delivering it to my address and offered me a 50 dollars rebate voucher for any other item on their shopping tray. That was when I suspected they are scammers and refused their offer. I then demanded a refund which they promised within 2 weeks.
    It’s now over 3 months since they promised a refund and they have failed to refund. They have also stopped responding to my mails. They instead sent me a wireless earpiece not worth more than £3.
    This is just to warn everybody else not to order from this company at all because they are scammers and liars.
    Their advert for luggages was placed on Facebook and I have the details of the account used to debit my card account. The account is domiciled in Holland. As part of the EU, these people must be tracked down and arrested. Will my bank give me a refund cos I used a debit card issued by them ?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You should definitely file a refund claim with your bank. Then they will investigate and hopefully side with you. Thank you for taking the time to report them to us as well.

  3. Karen Brinson

    I ordered and paid for what I thought was a beautiful furry duvet set for my daughters room for Christmas. Needless to say it never came. I never recieved an invoice until I spent months trying to figure out how to contact them . But now they say item is out of stock. And that they could refuse d my money but that fees would be attached. Or I could order something else. Then o. Two occasions they were closed for a week for a holiday. Anyway. It all boils down to being a scam !!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I agree Karen. Report them to your payment provider for a refund. Thank you for your Bestzr.com customer review / scam report.

  4. Alison Goldie

    I also ordered the faux fur bedding set. I never heard from them. The took my $29 US money which is $44 New Zealand on the day so I am out of pocket and severely hacked off 🙁

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You can apply for a refund from your payment provider Alison and so it is not over yet. Let us know if you want how that goes. Thanks for your report Alison.

  5. Carmen

    I ordered faux fur bed set from bestzr.com and all I received was a pair of low quality earplugs. I wrote back to ask what was happening, they (bestzr) apologized and said they had an order mixup and would be sending out the correct order. I received an email with a new tracking number and I am waiting to ser what arrives inthe mail. I will let you know.
    But for now, I should have researched the site further

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      There is a always some reason why they can’t keep their word on deliveries. I see it all the time. Contact your bank and get them to investigate.

  6. Annette

    Yep I ordered luggage and got cheap ridiculous ear buds. So I won’t do that again. But wondering if we can do anything about it. Let me know.


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