What Is BestPushShop.com – Is ‘BestPushShop’ Scam or Legit?

By | February 24, 2019

Find Out What Is BestPushShop.com Here – The ‘BestPushShop’ Review.

Welcome and you have found your answers to What Is BestPushShop.com found at www.bestpushop.com. Is BestPushShop com a scam, a fraud, deceptive and fake or Is ‘BestPushShop’ legit, real, safe, honest and genuine? This ‘Best Push Shop’ Review is to share with you some of our concerns regarding that site. Those that believe they were scammed by them are welcome to report them below in the comments. Also, we wrote up on MoFastShop.com which seems to be connected to the site in question. Also, 9Uppa as well plus DreamBlessing – all seem to be the same.

There are a number of complaints online about no delivery of orders or delivery of worthless items to their customers as a whole. Many fake shopping sites mostly are from China. This seems to be the case with these sites. Those that handed over payment info are advised to contact your payment adviser and they will inform you better.

Typically, when you order from dishonest sites, you may end up getting nothing, shoddy, fake, replica, counterfeit products. They may not be worth only a few dollars. Put in for a refund if this has happened to you. Also, if you have been waiting 1 month+, put in for a refund.




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BestPushShop.com Review – Scam or Genuine?

So, use caution with BestPushShop.com, 9uppa, MofastShoip.com and DreamBlessing. We have made these connections from previous research which can be viewed in the links above. We are now going to see if the founder of ‘BestPushShop’ has left legit information about their site. Where that is missing then we can not recommend them as they maybe potentially unsafe to use. Honest sites will always make this info, to follow, available as standard.







Registration date was in 2018/06/26, and interestingly, that is the same date as ‘MoFastShop’. Founder name is not available as they founder(s) choose not to leave it. NY, US is not a complete address and yet that is all they have left as their business address. This is deceptive behavior and already has me on guard.

At times, legit sites will do this, but then leave all of that information on their site. If so, we have to re-think our initial impression so far.

Phone Number of 23776395 links back to their site. It also links for an advertisement at an advertisement for a use Toyota. Don’t go near that car, in my opinion, where you see that number attached. We have no idea these cyber-crooks could be running presently.

That is a cataclysmic fail for owner transparency. Now unwary customers are left in a position of potentially handing over precious payment information to complete strangers online.




‘Best Push Shop’ Scam Signs.

The above is more than enough for us to say ‘NOT RECOMMENDED’ However, what is to come, is too much even to say ‘SCAM’ – and they are a SCAM for sure…

  • During our research of ‘MoFashShop’, I noticed a ‘curious’ re-direct to ‘Best Push Shop’ on one of their links. Their sites are practically identical with same to similar products. There could be anywhere from dozens to 100’s of these sites circulating online. If you know of one, please let us know in the comments below, or REPORT IT HERE.
  • So, why would an online seller of goods re-direct to a competitors site? Common sense would dictate it would only and potentially cost them sales and so we can safely assume they are both owned by the same cyber-crook(s).
  • Those that want to go to Google, and insert ‘What Is BestPushShop.com’, will see a site called scamadvisor. There is a report of a man waiting 28 days for delivery. He received emails at 2am. His tracking number never worked and he is in no doubt this fake company is from China.
  • Their Facebook page has some reports of people being scammed as well. No delivery of delivery of worthless goods relative to your payment.
  • The reductions on their site would put most businesses out of business. So, too-good-to-be-true-price are not to be believed. It is normally a sure sign of a scam. 
  • Multiple copies online of a site is always a cause of concern. Especially when these sites are not openly claimed by any of their sites to their unwary traffic. The reasoning for many copies is so when a site is closed, whether by being exposed too much for being fraudulent or could not make much illegal earnings, they have other sites to pick up the earning slack created by the deleted sites.






Final Thoughts.

SCAM! I believe that is more than fair due to the all the hidden information that should of been made available to their customers. There are an increasing level of reports online complaining about their sites. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. I hope those scammed by them will take a moment to please help make others aware of this increasing threat online below in the comments. That is all for now on What Is BestPushShop.com and I hope it helped save you some cash. If so, let us know below 🙂 . Those with questions are welcome to ask as well and comments are usually answered very fast. Thank you for coming by and looking forward to your views/reports below.


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