What Is BestGoodsGo.com – Is ‘BestGoodsGo’ Scam or Legit?

By | February 24, 2019

Find Out What Is BestGoodsGo.com – The ‘BestGoodsGo’ Review.

Welcome and thanks for ‘clicking’ on our review on What Is BestGoodsGo.com located at www.bestgoodsgo.com. Is BestGoodsGo com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, bogus or Is ‘BestGoodsGo’ legit, real, safe and genuine? This www BestGoodsGo com Review is to warn you about their site. We have already exposed their sites many times, for there are many copies, and so do contact your payment provider. You may need to cancel your card and definitely put in for a refund. Your reports are welcome below in the comments to help warn others.

This e-store is definitely not legit! There are many copies being generated on a regular basis that it is impossible to expose them all. They are from China as a scam network, and we know this for sure, from past research.

Typically, when you purchase something from these sites you will get nothing, get something shoddy, inferior, replica and nothing like what you ordered – typically. Even such sites may send you out something entirely different like a cheap pair of headphones, USB cable or an empty envelope…




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BestGoodsGo.com Review – Why You Need Not Shop Online There.

As mentioned, we have reviewed many sites just like (identical!) to BestGoodsGo.com. You may view our review on ActionSallyhy as a prime example with further connected research in that article. This review is only going to do a background check and point some scam signs to make obvious, to 1 and all, why ‘BestGoodsGo’ is not good and only a fraudulent fake e-store.




www.bestgoodsgo.com scam warning!



Registration for their site was in 2018/12/01 and 1 year is all they paid for their online registration. That is very suspicious only because honest stores, typically speaking, tend to register for many years down the road. 1 or even 2 years is standard ‘protocol’ for hit-and-run-sites. Bad sign.

There is not a real address upon their sites registration and all we have is BERN, CH. That is Switzerland. That is not their real location by the way.

On their site, in their CONTACT US section, they have put an address from China. That address keeps on changing from 1 identical versions of their sites to another. We can’t trust any of them to be correct.

No founder name present on site registration and none on that site either. There is never a name attached to any of these sites and that is enough to put me off (personally) from buying from any site like this, anyways. 

Their Phone Number of 1-626-456-6688 is on their site as customer support. Please know, that number is not operational per our past research. That number keeps on appearing on so many of their sites. You can do a quick Google search of that number and you will see other website names show up, whom are using it as well, and so how can different companies be using the same number? Huge scam sign.

The reductions on their products really are too-good-to-be-true and are stupendously generous for a new site. It takes time for sites to make any money online let-alone giveaway that level of discounts. Too heavy discounts is normally always a sign of a scam.

Their ‘ABOUT US’ section has a glaring scam sign where they refer to themselves as ‘QUIET LAVENDER‘. That is one of their older sites and they have simply forgotten to fix that before indexing their site in Google. 




Final Thoughts.

I ‘know’ you are here because you either have not got your order, not got what you ordered, it is damaged, you been waiting 6 weeks, 2 months and anywhere up to 4 months for your parcel or – you want to tell us here at scamwitness.com we are wrong on What Is BestGoodsGo.com? All are warmly welcome to leave their own reports below per their own experience and all comments will be responded to. That is all we have time for and thank you for coming by. Looking forward to all of your comments to come. For me, they are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.


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