Best Free Website Creator Online For Novices Step 3

By | June 10, 2017

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Time to Learn How to Use the Worlds Best Free Website Creator for YOU to SUCCEED!

CONGRATULATIONS!  YOU Now Have Access to the Worlds GREATEST Best Free Website Creator EVER!!  You have taken the first steps into Affiliate Marketing and with time and proper daily leaning and application you WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!

Adding Images To Your Word Press Website using The Web’s Best Free Website Creator!

NOW it’s time for the fun parts!

Wealthy Affiliates has many videos to teach you on to become a proficient and engaging website creator.

I am going do you a favor by jumping some videos and showing you a few nice and easy ways of adding content without having to run through to those particular videos.  I am only showing you this now so you can get practice and actually start adding content to your site now.


All video training must be completed in order to get the most out of your experience with Wealthy Affiliates to ensure your success.

  1. Login (Open New Tab To Follow) to your account.

  2. Placer cursor where you want the image to go.

  3. Click ADD MEDIA.

  4. Go to bottom right hand of that screen and click INSERT INTO POST.

  5. Left, Center or Right Align just like text by selecting it and hitting the options just below Add Media.

What if you have no media files yet?

That’s OK, just go to PIXABAY.COM.

Here you will find ton’s of content to add to your website.  These images are Royalty Free and can be used without assigning Attribution to the owner, or even, use them without permission.

  1. Download the image(s) from pixabay.
  2. Place cursor where you want the image(s) to go.
  3. Minimize browser, go to where you downloaded image.
  5. The screen will change so that it shows it’s uploading.
  6. Go to right hand bottom corner of that screen and select Image Size and Alignment.
  7. Click Insert Into Post!
  8. View your image!
  9. Click Save Draft (top right hand corner of your Word Press Editing Page.
  10. Click Preview, a new tab will open so you can see your handy work!

Congratulations!  You Now Know How To Insert Images Into Your Free Website!

You are doing GREAT!  Continue to Part 4!!

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