Best Free Website Creator For Novices Step 9

By | June 21, 2017

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Best Free Website Creator For Novices Step 9!

Time for a well deserved break in our journey towards mastery of this free website creator tutorial for beginners in website creation and affiliate marketing.

Lets Recap on what we have learnt briefly.

  • We have learnt how to add website structure in WordPress.

  • How to add image files to our WordPress sites.

  • How to link images in our websites.

  • How to embed YouTube videos to our WordPress websites.

  • We have signed up for our Two Free Websites with which is powered by Wealthy Affiliate.

  • How to link a word or whole text in WordPress.

  • How to pick your niche with targeted SEO Keywords.

  • How to create social media referral traffic to your websites for free.

I think the above tools, with practice and imagination, you are well on your way to being a savy online affiliate marketing entrepreneur!

If you have taken the time and done all the steps, I just want to say, you are:


In step ten, and our final step of this series, I want to leave you with a very useful and fun gift!

I am going to show you where you can get free software to make your own you-tube videos, that you can make public or unlisted, just to embed on your WordPress websites.  If you don’t have all the fancy gear, but do have a mobile and a laptop, I am going to show you a way around not have a microphone.

It’s really simple and it’s really fun!

Lets go to step 10 to learn how to make our very own YouTube Videos and Embedding them on Your websites!

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