What Is BerryLook.com – Is BerryLook.com Scam or Legit Shopping Site?

By | October 20, 2018

What Is BerryLook.com Is It a Legitimate Online Shopping Website?

Scam Or Legit Reviews

The answer to What Is BerryLook.com is probably going to upset and shock a few of you. Is BerryLook com fraudulent, fake, scam, crooked, dishonest or is BerryLook honest, legit, real, genuine, safe and good shopping site? This Berry Look Review is written to warn this websites readers of a very fraudulent shopping website from Hong Kong. Vast reports of customers having been ripped off and they have been running since 2017. They continue to charge customers cards and either send no product or send an inferior one. Either event, the online community is in uproar about being fleeced and then being ignored.

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What Is BerryLook.com – Full Report and Warning to All to Beware of BerryLook.

Do be alerted the site in question looks to be a fraudulent site hailing from Hong Kong. This article is going to try to find out who the owner is, the website real world address and support info. Where these details are missing then we can say that a deliberate cover up has occurred. However, for some the above info will be enough, and so you have the short answer to What Is BerryLook.com. Below is an in-depth analysis to confirm 100% they are either good or not good, to help you decide for yourselves.

BerryLook.com was created 26/04/2018 and registered to 26/04/2019.

BerryLook.com Website

Many Bad Online Reports – Be Careful!

I anticipate, if the online scam reports are anything to go by, they may shut down anytime sooner then the date they registered their site for. The owner is  – right! – there is no owner registered. This article is written in real time and so you can see how to check for such details yourself, and why it is important to do so for any site online. So, just go to WHOIS to find out about owner info on any site.

Having looked on their website I don’t see any name attached to the site. SO, where no online identifying owner info is available, along with any data concerning their real address, then we can clearly say they are deliberately hiding that information. This is so when they are found out to be fraudsters, they can shut down the website, and run away with all of the earnings – without refunding their customers etc. 


Shelton Street 71-75,



United State <<- ? ->> Just located this info at TrustPilot.com.

Email Support:-

That addressbuiness address, once Googled, shows a up what looks
to be a facility for holding Conferences.
I am suspicious, to say the least, it is not a real business address.




What Do They Offer – Can Those Prices and Discounts Be Real?!

The cloths they are offering in their pictures look high quality and we can see they have give half price on many of them. 5%, 10%, 20% and even 75% Discount on Selected Items with various promo codes. I mean, 75% – plus they offer free shipping on orders over $65!! How are they making any profits if they are giving those discounts on women”s clothing and apparel, plus free shipping globally, and expect to stay in business? Well, they are not a legit company and there are many customer reports to prove this.

Berry Look is sending sub-par items instead of the ones advertised. They are also sending items that are too low quality, damaged, wrong items! There are reports that they are taking customers money and actually just straight up not sending the customer the purchase! One complaint says they have been waiting 29 weeks and still no package for what they paid for!

Even though they do send paying customers products its still not the quality or the item the customer paid for. Clearly, that is false advertising and also, many people were not aware that this company called BerryLook is located in China – which they say they would never have bought from if they had known that. 

Unfortunately, this part of the - China - world has got a bad reputation for
such websites.





Well, you have the story of their site and its not a pretty one at all. They are conning people into buying low quality items for reduced prices. However, it is of course based on the fact the items being advertised are of a higher quality. It should be said that there are good reports on them as well.


BerryLook Trust Rat

Visit www.trustpilot.com for all reviews on Berry Look!

That is the rating given by a major review site online. That is out of 901 reviews at typing this post. Berry Look as 1.2/10 Trust Score and also Rate 88% Bad. That is the worst rating I have ever seen on any site online on Trust Pilot.

  • Obviously, a bad rating on a major review site is pretty clear-cut as a scam site.
  • Their Copy Right is for 2018, bottom of their site. As mentioned, they registered their site 2017. That is not an error but another scam sign.
  • NO Founder Name.
  • No business address listed on their site or when the site was registered.
  • No email support on their site and only a form where customers have complained of being ignored.
  • Prices are too low for the high quality garments on offer, of which we know, that most customers don’t receive them but only a lesser quality version.
  • Shipping costs taken on by their company despite heavily discounted prices already.
  • Their You-Tube account has no activity on it at all. No videos, images, names – nothing!








What Were Your Experiences?

Know Of Another Fraudulent Online Shopping Site?

Feel Free Report Them Below – Thank You.





Final Thoughts.

They appear to be providing some level of satisfactory service. However, most customer experiences is one of being scammed. They will send you the item but of lower quality. Or they won’t send you anything at all. They will charge your card first and foremost and then may proceed to ignore you. They are located in China, Hong Kong, and so does not fall within the remit of the FTC. Do continue to report all your stories, experiences, opinions on the site just exposed. I do hope you have found this article before purchasing anything from their site.

Do you have questions on What Is BerryLook.com? Perhaps you know of another online shopping scam site? Why not let everyone know below to help warn others. Those seeking a way to earn online, as mentioned, are reminded to have a good look at my#1 Recommendation to see if running your own website is a good fit for you. Than you and everyone else for clicking on this article and I hope it was of service to you. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.



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8 thoughts on “What Is BerryLook.com – Is BerryLook.com Scam or Legit Shopping Site?

  1. penny gaffney

    I placed an order,stated two of the items out of three have been sent ,to who is beyond me.Never received the order nor can I contact them. Scam for sure now im out $74 . Why is this site not dropped from the planet if not that the computer. pissed off. penny

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      How’d you pay Penny? Then call that company for a possible refund so there is still hope to get your cashback. Thanks for your report.

  2. Rashmi Sethi

    I bought a dress from Berry look and am discusted by the quality I paid nearly 30 quid for it and it’s far too small and see through poor material aswell! Can’t find no contact to return for a refund but going to go through my credit card company to get it refunded I say close these people down they shouldn’t be allowed to scam people out of there hard earned money!!!!! Not happy!!!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Very sorry to hear this Rashmi and you can apply for a refund from you payment provider also. You are welcome to let us know if you get your cash back or not.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Contact your payment provider Beverly and alert them to this situation. I am sorry to hear this as well. Please ensure you take copies all communications from them to you. Any purchase proofs would probably help as well. Thanks for your report as well Beverly.

  3. stefanie taylor

    Wow, thanks for the heads up on this company, I will never use them! There are a lot of scams like this going around online and I always think that if it seems to good to be true then it probably is! Sometimes I get ads pop up on social media for what look like really high quality dresses and shoes for just £5 with FREE shipping. There’s just no way that is possible, but I guess a lot of people still fall for it. It’s human nature to love a bargain, and these people know that.

    I love the fact you have given people an alternative to making honest money online wit Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a great platform to start a business on and you have nothing to lose by starting a free weeks trial. Thanks

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Stephanie,

      If you ever come across those $5 deals on Facebook, I’d love if you could report them here. Yes, $5 plus free shipping is just a lie and not real. Many seemingly are not using their head very well and thinking its real. The scale of economics in running what appears to be an international shipping retail store will entail higher expenses I don’t believe BerryLook will last too much longer now – there are simply too many complaints.

      Thank you Stephanie for your comment.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).


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