What Is BeaLoving.com – Is BeaLoving.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | December 9, 2018

What Is BeaLoving.com – Here’s Why We Can’t Trust BeaLoving!

Scam Or Legit Reviews

Hi there 🙂 . I have just completed a very interesting time researching the answer to What Is BeaLoving.com! Is BeaLoving com (www.bealoving.com) fake, bad, scam, dishonest, crooked or Is BeaLoving good, legit, safe, genuine, real, honest? This Bea Loving Review is going to answer those questions right now. Bea Loving is indeed a fraudulent site. The complaints online about their young site are my ‘cue’ to stay clear of them. Were you scammed by the site in question? You are welcome to report them below in the comments section – Thank You. 

Surprisingly, Bea Loving is not the only scam site that are owned by the same people. I have uncovered 10 other sites that are connected by their address or phone number in Google. I suspect there could be far many more to worry about. But, for now, let us spread the word on the site at hand and save as many as possible from their fraudulent activities.

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What Is BeaLoving.com – Is Bea Loving Real or Lies? Don’t Get Conned!

We have briefly covered the answer on What Is BeaLoving.com – they are a scam site! They are others as well, in different product niches, trying to pull the same con on many unwary customers. Anywhere that you see the same site template, with same to similar wording and products, deals etc including address, contact info – then you must conclude – you are dealing with a scam network. No legit and trusted companies run-around the net making copies of their own sites – that makes no sense.

So, that is typical scam behavior, and their only hope, that no one online makes the connections between those sites. Well, maybe they should have listed their sites under different addresses and numbers then, just – something to consider should ‘they’ be reading this article 🙂 .


BeaLoving.com Site

don’t buy anything from www.bealoving.com!


Bea Loving was set up online 2018/08/20 and registered to last just the 1 year online. That is too short a time for any site, that is selling products (or pretending to), to build up their business for the long term. Scam sites love to set up sites for just 1 or 2 years, scam people galore, and fade on out of existence with all those illegal earnings. Even when shopping sites send you your order, but its the wrong item etc, that is still a scam site! Anyways, 1 year is indicative of a scam site in most cases.

They have stated their ‘address’ as NY. That is obviously an address that could be needing some more information then that. Then they list their country as ‘AS’. That could be Angola etc. All bad signs we are dealing with people who are highly conscious about hiding their own online identity. 

There is no name attached to the site in question. Now we have a situation where, potentially vast numbers of people, are buying from a site where they have no clue who the owner is. That is how they are getting away with what they do and how they seldom seem to ever get caught. All ID hidden is uncalled  for, but not when you are operating an online scam network. Then it would make sense as you don’t want to get arrested for defrauding people en-mass.



The Scam And How It Is Executed – Beware of Bea Loving!

So, Bea Loving is part of a list of scam sites that I have seen reported as being part of a group on Facebook. This group is looking to steal images online, add those images to their site and make it look like they are selling those products, while taking payment for items that will never show up on peoples door steps. All bad news. I wish to thank the website called NoScams.com for releasing a list of scam sites doing the rounds on FB.

These sites are embedding themselves in Facebook Ads, which of course makes us all think those advertisers are somehow vetted and safe, but the truth is – once they don’t violate Facebook Policies then they are free to advertise their scam sites! That is the message currently being released by Facebook when people complain of being scammed by so-and-so site and that is their response – I kid you not!!



What are your thoughts on this?

Should Facebook be doing more to safe guard their community that earns them billions annually?

You are welcome to give that platform a piece of your mind in the comments below, because by that platform doing NOTHING to help prevent online scams currently infesting Facebook, how then can they not be held accountable – in part – by their omission to take action and at least do ‘something’ to stamp this online criminality out.



1). People, once they are exposed to the product ad being featured on their FB profile, or perhaps they have joined a group and are impressed by the prices, then will click on through to the site where the scam is waiting for their payment details.

2). Once payment is received, which will be taken from your preferred method of payment with lightning speed, then the trouble will start to dawn on you.

3). You may find that the tracking information provided, if any, may show your ‘parcel’ perpetually stuck in one place. Or shipping from a location not designated on the actual website. Most online fake shopping stores come out of China. And so that is another scam monitoring factor when trying to determine if you can trust a site of this nature or not.

4). When your item arrives, if it ever does, you may find that it is NOT the order you place. It is the wrong size, color, not nearly close to what you were expecting and paid for. I know I said that these scam site are not sending out any products after payment, but this is to cover potential mistakes in that assertion, and so even when ‘something’ turns up on your door step – it most likely will not be what you ordered.

5). Replica/Cheap Knock Offs is what is on offer with fake online shops. They simply can’t afford to give you huge discounts, free shipping on top of that and still make a profit. They would end up in debt and not profit one cent for their troubles. Selling replicas etc must guarantee them a good level of financial rewards.

6). Be sure, if you are tempted to return your item, that YOU are NOT footing the shipping costs! Some items will cost you more to ship back to their origin then what you paid for them. Make sure, if the company you are dealing with sends you out the wrong order, that THEY FOOT THE BILL FOR THE SHIPPING COSTS! Read their Shipping, Returns Policy Very Well.

7). Watch out for sneaky charges to your card!! That is a no-joke-warning and actually – all in seriousness – check that your card has not been debited several times for your order. Scam sites may try to make many withdrawals from your account once you hand over those all-too-precious payment details. As well, be sure they are not devious enough to try to make debits from your account monthly. Some sites will say its in their Terms and Conditions. Incredibly, even when it is not, these scammers will still try to charge you – generally speaking. 

8). Contact your bank or PayPal etc and make them investigate. Dispute those charges to the hilt until you get a refund. There is no excuse they can find not to but, unfortunately, not all people are successful with these disputes. Were you? Let us know in the comments below should you have time.

9). Almost forgot to mention with Bea Loving, they like to give you fake tracking information if online reports about them are anything to go by. Did you notice that about your order?

10). Rude Customer Service? That is another sign you are dealing with a site that is not legitimate. Sure! There are companies out there that just have rubbish customer service and still they are legit. Its just another sign, coupled with the rest, you are dealing with bad people.



SCAM SIGNS – Bea Loving Is Full Of Warning Signs.

Scam Signs of Bea Loving!

List of some good pointers to know a fake shopping site from a real one.

For this section, we open up their website so we can tag along and see for ourselves, all the scam signs that are evident to all – once you know what to look out for.

  • Their website tab says ‘ItFashion‘. Their URL says ‘www.bealoving.com’. Again, on their site plain to see, they are calling themselves ‘ItsFashion’. That is 3 points of contradiction!! They don’t even know their own sites real name. Shessh…
  • Telephone Number of +86 17695191886, once you Google it, shows up many other sites using that EXACT NUMBER! LOL!!! Many sites, its quite staggering.
  • Their address of 7/F Building C, No.4, Shangxue Technology Zone, Jihua Road, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzen City throws up other websites using that EXACT SAME LOCATION! Another horrific scam sign that ‘something’ is MOST DEFINITELY WRONG!
  • Email of jufeng_466@163.com is also being used on several other sites. The amount of sites, I simply ran out of time to research, but it kept on cropping up in the sites I already found on this network.
  • Their Date of their Site is all Wrong! They have put it at 2010 to 2018. That is too easily to disprove. All ‘YOU’ have to do is to go to WHOIS.COM, type in their URL without https or http and hit ‘Enter’. Then you will see that they have just opened that site per the date this article has already given you i.e. 2018/08/20/. Scammers like to make that date older to gain a sense of trust and legitimacy from their visitors. THAT is another good scam sign to remember when researching sites online.
  • Terms and Conditions they go ahead and call themselves ‘ItsFashion’ once again. This happens when scammers, who are SO USED to setting up fake scam sites using the same source code, that they can simply FORGET to swap out the old names of the former site that may have been used to scam with. This happens, when their older versions of their scam’s URL gets a bad online reputation, and so they simply do the old copy-paste trick with the code and – VOILA – a new site with a new clean Google sleight is born. Rinse and Repeat type of thing.
  • They do not own nor are endorsed by MaxiDress Companyto use their brand name! That is a big scam sign and one I am glad to have caught.
  • As mentioned, no one knows who the owner is! That there is usually enough for me to get very suspicious already.



Were You Scammed By BeaLoving? You Are Welcome To Report Them In The Comments Below To Help Warn Others – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

Site appears to come from China. No owner name. No contact info that can be considered reliable and evidence shows connected to multiple sites. Legit sites have 1 site – their own! Scammers like to steal others images, put them on their own site, and then take payment for items that you won’t get. Those that receive something most likely will not get what you paid for. Similar sites make a profit by sending you something, that in their view, approximates your order according to their price of it – even though they falsely advertised. At the end of the day, they are being fraudulent and the many online complaints can attest to that. Always seek out online reviews before buying from any site online. Bea Loving is now going into my sites List of Internet Scammers where they will make a nice addition to the rest 🙂 .

Questions on What Is BeaLoving.com? You are very welcome to ask below in the comments where myself, or someone else, will surely respond to you in good time. Those wondering about their refunds, simply contact your bank, PayPal etc and alert them to your situation.Before you go, if you were scammed by any site online, why not report them to the Internet Crime Complaints Center (IC3)Don’t forget, my #1 Recommendation gives everyone 2 Free Websites + 20 Free Training Videos to help you do what I do – earn money online from blogging.  Looking forward to all of your comments to come – take care guys.


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13 thoughts on “What Is BeaLoving.com – Is BeaLoving.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

  1. Willi Kostner

    Compré un Scooter eléctrico el cual nunca llego y fue pagado .
    BEALOVING.COM es una estafa..!!!

  2. Kirk Yates

    Ordered the scooter and traced my payment to a source in London. The got a response from BEALOVING with an order number and tracking number with YANWEN which is a Chinese company. I never got the Scooter. I tried to cancel the payment =, but it appears too late. I will learn this expensive lesson and Never Shop Through FaceBook Again. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, Shame on Me. I should’ve known when the sight would not accept AMEX.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Kirk,

      Sorry to hear this. You can try for a refund if you want to see if you have a case. Many complaints about scam ads on social media lately and there appears nothing is being done about it. Thanks for your BeaLoving Scam Report Kirk. ~ Scam Witness.

  3. Michael J McNulty

    I ordered an electric scooter and never got it. The scooter is called the raider and their website calls out bealoving as CDC a as cam and not sn authorized dealer!

    How does facebook allow these scam companies to use their platform???

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Michael,

      Because they don’t violate Facebook’s Policies. That is the response they have been giving to scam victims because of those Facebook ads. hanks for reporting on BeaLoving.com – all scam reports on them are appreciated. Thanks again Michael. ~ Scam Witness.

    2. Susan Dorfman

      I got scammed ordering the electric scooter as well. 6 weeks after I ordered I got a little solar toy that moves. They have these at the dollar store. I’m out $169 for the scooter that never arrived. I called my credit card company and they are investigating. Hopefully I’ll get my money back. I changed card number but it was already charged.

      1. Scam Witness Post author

        Hi Susan,

        WOW – that is a lot of money for sure. Sorry to hear about this but I am sure your bank will refund. Thank you for reporting BeaLoving for the scam that they are. Have a Good New Years as well 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Walter,

      Why not put in for a refund while you are at it Walter. Would love to hear the outcome of that should you have the time and apply for one. Thanks again Walter.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Daniel,

      Thank you very much for your BeaLoving Scam Report. I am sorry this happened to you as well Daniel. Have you tried yet for a refund?


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