What Is Basibelly.com – Is ‘Basibelly’ Scam or Legit? – Review!

By | April 14, 2019

Find Out What Is Basibelly.com – Our ‘Basibelly’ Review.

You have done the proper thing to look for reviews on What Is Basibelly.com. Is Basibelly com fraud, scam, untrustworthy and fake? Is ‘Basibelly’ safe, real, genuine and legit? In this review we are not convinced they are a legit site. WHY? A NEW SITE OFFERING UP TO 80%? That may just be too-good-to-be-true!

Those that have made purchases on this site are welcome to leave their own customer reviews to help alert others. Where the online community shares what we know then we can make a huge difference. We can save many people from losing cash they simply do not have to lose. Also, it helps everyone to separate good sites from bad sites and so we hope to hear from many of you.



Is www.basibelly.com a scam?



Basibelly.com Review.

  • Basibelly.com registered their site in 2018/09/30 and just for a year. That is not a long time to register a new business. We could be forgiven to think they are just another hit-and-run site. However, we have to make room for the idea that the founder may have registered for so little time just to see how things go.
  • WHOIS shows us also that they have not registered a founder name and have only left Jiangsu CN. That is China and that is not a complete address. Yet, if they are from China, why is it then their site is charging in dollars?
  • No founder name listed in WHOIS either but we have seen that with legit sites as well. I do not really know why legit founders do not leave their real names. So, we head to their site now and we see an email of service@basibelly.com. 
  • No customer service phone number that is obvious to locate. We imagine that and a business address is appropriate to leave in their contact us section. Also, we have not located a founder name. This is bad news as we must know whom we are giving out payment information to at all times. If anything goes wrong with your order whom are you to contact to rectify this situation.
  • Those that feel they have been defrauded in some way are advised to contact their payment provider at their earliest convenience. Where you are justified in your suspicions then you may have to cancel your card. This is not stop random charges from your funds.


  • They have not updated their own site since the holidays of 2018. It still says Merry Christmas. That is a bad sign indeed. What kind of business does not update their site?
  • Princes are far too-good-to-be-true! This is a good sign that we are always dealing with a fake site as how can a legit business survive giving away up to 80% on all or most of their goods? This is not legit and only implies they may send you goods of a lesser quality than advertised.
  • No business information transparency. No customer phone number for support. Still do not know whom the founder is.
  • They even offer more discounts if you purchase over certain amounts. 10% is also given off of your first order – how are they making any profit?
  • There are several images with the models heads cut off. That is not a good sign and is considered a scam sign by many forums online. 




Final Thoughts.

Given the scam signs above, and a blanked out situation regarding transparency, we have no choice to say ‘SCAM’. We are not recommending them as legit and safe. That is our opinion. If we have erred we will gladly rectify.

Your reviews are welcome below and for now that is all on What Is Basibelly.com. 

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