What Is ‘BargainsFan – Is ‘BargainsFan Scam or Legit? Must Read Review

By | February 10, 2019

Find Out What Is ‘BargainsFan’ at www.bargainsfan.com about? – Possible Scam Alert!

You are most welcome we are going to answer your questions super-fast! So, What Is ‘BargainsFan’ really all about? Is BargainsFan.com a scam, fraudulent, crooked, dishonest, deceptive or Is www.BargainsFan.com legit, honest, genuine, safe, and good and all the scam reports on their Facebook Page should be ignored?! So, this is why this article could be a straight-up Scam Alert right from the outset. Those that have no doubt they were scammed by the site in question are welcome to report them below.

Consider to up in a refund as there are complaints about the deliveries, and also, very long waiting times. Many fake sites come out of China and so that is where this is appears to be coming from as well. Per FB comments, if you want to make a return, you must pay for it and send it to Israel. Very strange but that is how scammers operate. 


Scam Or Legit Reviews





More Info On What Is ‘BargainsFan’ Actually About. Scam Signs.

Now we begin to take a look at their site and see if they stand up to a quick scam-check. The fact that there are so man complaints on their own page is really proof enough. However, it gives me something to do 🙂 . So, those interested are welcome to tag along and see how to know if a site is legit or not. Already though for most you will be happy to know the Answer on What Is ‘BargainsFan’ and hopefully relieved you did not purchase, or did you?



‘Stormy Weather’ with www.bargainsfan.com?


Our scam-check begins when they registered their domain, who the owner, where they have placed their business operations and the contact information. I am sure we all have had the experience of being on a legit site and seeing all that info very easily. Legit sites will make it really easy for us to find it. Scam sites will hide it for fear of being caught in real life! Here goes…

2018/01/08 to 2020/01/08 is the start and end date of their own site. So honest sites of a selling nature will normally, and do normally, register their new online business for many more years than this. The first 1 year a site could barely make any sales. It is tough! With a some Free Training In Marketing and Websites they could make legit and real cash with more ease.

But, after such, then they become bit more trusted and revenue increases. So 2 years online is still only a starting point for real long term success. What I am saying is, it is typical for scam sites to set registration dates for so little time. It is a real scam sign to watch out for.

Their Location per WHOIS is ‘IL’ = Israel. So that pans-out from complaints read on their Facebook page. On their site however they have put – actually I do not see an address, and that is a huge scam sign. They just say they operate from Israel. Fair enough – WHY IS THEIR SITE IN USA DOLLARS THEN?!! SCAM!

As a general rule, fake online shopping sites do not tend to have what they are advertising. They may send you out shoddy, inferior versions, damaged goods, perhaps counterfeit and maybe possibly stolen goods.

So be sure to contact your payment provider to see if you should put in for a refund. It may also be necessary to cancel your card in case scammers try to randomly charge it to fund their own illegal earnings.

Even though there are reports of people getting their orders from this e-store, they are simply ignoring people, by telling them to wait. When people get their items it may turn out you got something wholly different then what you paid for.

In this event, it is NOT a case you-get-what-you-pay-for-situation, it is a case of ‘you’ being duped out of your cash. Please report them below to help alert people to avoid that site.

Conversely, there are reports of people paying good money for their purchase, and nothing arrives. No responses from emails and just ignored to the hilt. Thank you to Matt Snesko for the following information:- Their site says they are based in Canada but they are shipping from China and returns go to Israel. That is paraphrased (not word for word) but that is the complaint.


Scam Signs of ‘BargainsFan’.

There prices are too-good-to-be-true. 50% OFF for a site still so young tells me one of two things. They are making many-many sales or they are lying. I leave it to you to decide for yourself on that point.

The Scam Signs Are:-

No founder name and only an email address of support@bargainsfan.com.

Customers phone number is not there and also there is no address. There is no reason for this and is of huge concern for anyone thinking about purchasing for their site.

Annoying pop-up every few seconds telling us about a sale. That is only to pressure you to make a purchase in case they run out of stock, or to imply, their merchandise is so good it is flying off of the shelves. Either event it is to make you excited and rush you in to purchasing ‘high quality’ brands.

When we try to check out an item then we see a counter of 19 minutes to hurry us into buying. You do not see that with legit sites.

When we proceed to check out we notice that there are not any real trust seals to give us peace of mind that McAffee, Norton etc have checked their site and verified they are safe. That is not good and now you may have given your payment info to any kind of cyber-crook.







Final Thoughts.

I am feeling I personally can’t trust that site even the research above. However, I only found 11 complaints about them in all of their time online. For this reason, I am going to say NOT RECOMMENDED. But, they have covered up all of their information and that is never a good sign. What are your thoughts on this? Scam or Legit?


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That is all on What Is BargainsFan and hope it has been of use to you. Those with scam reports on any site are welcome to report them below, or you can Report Online Scams Here on our site (where is a huge list of online scams already exposed), to help alert others. We will always do our best to make sure to expose such dishonest sites. Any questions? Feel free to ask The article above is written by us and is for anyone that wants a Free Start Up Online Earning From Home – it is one of our promotions. That is it and thank you all for your attention and certainly hope to hear from you and other sin the comments below. Stay Safe 🙂 . 



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2 thoughts on “What Is ‘BargainsFan – Is ‘BargainsFan Scam or Legit? Must Read Review

  1. deBorah Kay

    They are a total scam and I was duped by them.
    I complained in writing over 20 emails and tried to post comments on their site, but they are clever and difficult to leave one. I finally got two replies, one after waiting 3 weeks for the item. It was from a Daniel Mendelson, Founder is how it was signed.
    They are crooks and need to be shut down.
    I wish I would have read this sooner.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you kindly Deborah for your report here today. Put in for a refund to see if you have a case for a refund if you feel they have scammed you. Thanks again Deborah.


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