What Is BarbellsnBeauties.com – Is ‘BarbellsnBeauties’ Scam or Legit?

By | April 2, 2019

Our Review on What Is BarbellsnBeauties.com – The ‘BarbellsnBeauties’ Review.

You are very welcome to our review on What Is BarbellsnBeauties.com found at www.barbellsnbeuties.com. Is BarbellsnBeauties com scam, fake, dishonest or Is ‘BarbellsnBeauties’ safe, legit, trustworthy and real? This ‘Barbells N Beauties’ Review is going to try to establish their level of honesty based on the information online. 

This information is going to be compiled here to save you time and potentially your cash, if they turn out to be fake. Please check the comments, if any, to see for additional data from customers. We begin by doing a background search on their sites information to see if it is legit or just for show. 




www.barbellsnbeauties.com review.




Is BarbellsnBeauties.com A Scam?

It is important to know that there is a Facebook comment accusing this site of ripping off a site called BeautiesandBarbells.com. I can’t know if there is any truth in that statement but they both do seem to sell similar products. What Is BarbellsnBeauties.com really all about? Let’s continue…

  • They have registered their site in 2018/09/13 and that registration ends in just one year. 1 year online is a very short amount of time and is typical of scam sites that only want to scam quickly and run. However, this can’t be claimed by us about ‘BarbellsnBeauties’ based solely on that piece of information.
  • It can be that founders of such sites will register their sites for so little time to see if they have signs of success. If so, then they obviously have the option to renew their site and continue their operations.
  • We can see that their sites business address, as shown by WHOIS, 96 Mowat Ave, Toronto. So that address is being used by countless other sites and I have personally seen that address being used countless times. 
  • That is a proxy address that hides the real location of the founders address. That is not a good sign. Now we must go to their site and see if there is any real contact information.
  • The answer to that is a very sharp NO! There really is no reason for this and so that should always leave you suspicious about any site that refuses to give out that information.
  • Now people do not know whom they have giving away their payment information to and so it needs not explained why that is bad practice.





Final Thoughts.

There is very little online by way of scam reports given how new they are. So we will not determine their status regarding ‘scam’ or ‘legit’ until your reports are received by us.

That is all on What Is BarbellsnBeauties.com and looking forward to reading your own reviews on that company.



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