What Is BabeySy.com – Is BabeySy.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 2, 2019

Find Out What Is BabeySy.com at www.babeysy.com all about – Scam Alert!

Welcome and you have landed perfectly to find out What Is BabeySy.com located at www.babeysy.com. Is BabeySy com a scam, crooked, bogus, dishonest or Is BabeySy legit, safe, real, genuine and good? This BabeySy Review is to warn you against making purchases on their site. Please contact your payment provider if you have handed over payment information. Get a refund and cancel your card to stop any unauthorized transactions. Please leave your own reviews here to help warn others – thank you.


Scam Or Legit Reviews


Many times we see so many sites coming out of China that there is no way to keep count. Unfortunately, this ‘BabeySy’ site is no different. Actually, I know what scam network they belong to and they are a fake online store where they are said to have 1000’s of online stores with Shopify. These stores may send out shoddy, inferior quality, counterfeit or even stolen goods. No matter the price of your order you maybe at risk of receiving something that is only about $5 in worth! Even sometimes they will send out empty envelopes or a cheap pair of headphones, rubbish leads for phones etc. 

No matter what, you will never get exactly what you bought on any of their sites. We have already listed, many many many many many times all of their sites that we have exposed, and so we will not be doing it again. You may go to Family.Beer Review that was only done today as we found yet another one of their sites earlier on. You will find many hours of already completed research on everything about their network. We will list only a few things here so long as you understand that they are not legit – that is this articles job done.




BabeySy.com Review – The Whole Truth On Why www.babeysy.com Is Fraudulent!

So they have many other sites, so many of them are identical, and those are the easy ones to find. However, they have a swarm of other sites that look nothing like each other. The only way we can find them is if you report them to us, we find them via their own site attached information or by luck. We begin to show you the errors in this site called ‘BabeySy.com’ and then you will see why you can not trust them.



Do not trust www.babeysy.com!

Now we are going to take a look behind the scenes of their site and see what information we can find. Owner should have left some basic information like owner name, location of the business, contact data. Where this data is not show, incomplete or false, then we can safely call them a scam site as no legit site fails to supply this kind of info.

Their registration began in 2018/12/17 and ends in just 1 year from that date. That is a very suspicious length of time to be online for a selling site. Most selling sites will list their domain for many years because it can take quite sometime before it becomes successful. 

Scam sites get popular fast because they suck in big traffic through lies and deceit! They will show top quality products (images are usually stolen elsewhere) and pretend to sell them at too-good-to-be-true-prices!! That is their ‘hook’ to bait others in and defraud with sub-standard quality products from China.

There it is! What I was expecting to see. Another scam address. That means they are using someone else’s address to hide behind. I know this because 96 Mowat Ave. Toronto, ON, CA is being used by many other fake sites. It is a proxy it seems. Stay clear of sites using this address and go elsewhere.

No support email or founder name!!! FLUNK! That is very basic information and customers need it to make contact in case of problems with their orders, general inquiries and complaints. SO that is how they register everyone of their sites, on basically no information of this kind.

Going to their site and let us see if they were bothered leaving us an address, name etc.

Two pieces of inf:- email of info@babeysy.com. Phone Number of 15207296003. That number shows up for a site called funnyjunk.com and I don’t know why. How can two sites have the same phone number?! So that can not be theirs and so they have stolen it and or it is disconnected. Always Google any scrap of info like this and see what turns up.


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BabeySy.com Scam Signs.

  • All the research is more than enough to call any site a scam. No address. No founder name. No legit number – what more can be said?
  • However, let us now further expose them for the cyber-crooks that they are by showing you even more scam signs.
  • THEIR ‘US SECTION’ IS IDENTICAL TO MOST OF THEIR OTHER SITES ABOUT US SECTIONS! Word for word identical. These sites are all from China and they are trying to appear like separate and unconnected legit online companies. So how can so many seemingly separate companies have the same wording, in the exact same part of their own sites, as each other? Well, they can’t! So they are linked and acting in tandem as one big scamming machine. 
  • So where ever you see some site talking about your UNIQUENESS – then take a run far away from them. It never changes except they change the name of the site they are defrauding with.
  • Prices are too-good-to-be-true! They will not be sending you out anything like what you paid for.
  • Be sure they gave you a legit tracking code. Many times fake sites will give out false codes. Then they will give out good ones when you apply for a refund. That is only to trick payment providers to side with them or to return refunds. Unfortunately it does work sometimes.
  • Their own Facebook sharing icon is liking to a completely different brand name. They are called Fashion Makeup. Not even their own page. SO that is typical of scam sites to do this or just link to a social media platform. In other words, that is only for show.
  • Now we see that there are logistics delays with orders. I do not believe that for one moment! There is nothing wrong with logistics out of China. Chinese Government gives businesses very cheap exporting as their Gov pays for most of the prices. SO unless the whole country has shut down without telling the rest of the World then it is an obvious lie.
  • To me, it looks like they earned enough over the holidays (as they are still saying Merry Christmas soon as you land on their site – bad sign) and now figuring to close it down soon.
















Thank you for taking the time to read that short review on What Is BabeySy.com. They are not legit and don’t forget to check out Family.Beer Review, as there is a long list of their other scam sites, plus loads of additional information. I am banking on you guys out there reading this to SOUND-OFF-BIG-TIME IN THE COMMENTS! There is next to no one trying to put a stop to this HUGE scam network. So the more negative reviews their sites get then the less people will get scammed by them. Thanks again for coming by and looking forward to hearing from you and others in the comments below.

Oh, almost forgot, they are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. You can check that out below.

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