What Is www.Awtoed.com – Is Awtoed.com Scam or Legit Online TV Store?

By | December 9, 2018

What Is www.Awtoed.com – Scam Alert – Don’t Buy From That Site!

Thinking about or just purchased and now asking What Is www.Awtoed.com? Is www Awtoed com fake, scam, crooked, bad, dishonest or Is Awtoed com safe, legit, real, genuine, good, honest? This Awtoed Review is going to do some digging to save you time and give you the answer straight away. They have another site, called Auate.com, that is proven to be a scam site. There is another one as well that will be exposed soon. Do report Awtoed in the comments below this article if they have already scammed you – Thank You.

They are operating out of China per other online reports. LG TV’s brand name is not affiliated with their sites and so you can contact LG and ask them yourself. You will find out that they do not endorse Awtoed or Auate and have NOT given them permission to promote their products. Besides, I see reports of people buying those TV’s for around $100 – if it is too good to be true, it undoubtedly is! 

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What Is www.Awtoed.com – Is Awtoed Really Fake or Not? 

You can simply check out the reports left on the Auate.com article and you will see complaints about that site. Since they are replicas of each other, a review of one, is a review of all sites that look like theirs. Same Scam Owner Operated. For those quick to find out how to get a refund, simply contact your payment provider i.e. bank, PayPal and file a dispute on any money charged to your card. Let us know in the comments if you managed to get a refund, if you  have the time.


Awtoed.com Website

don’t buy anything from www.awtoed.com!


OK! We begin as usual with the founder of any site to determine if they have left legitimate and transparent ownership data. Where we find a sheer lack of this information would be enough, for myself anyways, not to buy from such a site. 

Whois is showing me their site, Awtoed.com, was registered for just a year online. That was done on the 2018/11/23. Their only address is GuangDong – an ‘address’ I have seen connected with other fake online shopping stores. So, that is proof enough that we are dealing with a shopping site from China, which is important, because there is a heavy number of fake shopping stores coming from China – as you may know.

There is no name, address, contact email, cell/phone numberNOTHING – for customer support. That is a deliberate attempt to hide ownership online. That is normal scammer behavior and I see it daily. The purpose of this is obviously not to get caught and arrested. So, when their site begins to get a bad reputation online, scam reports flood the net about them, then the illegal earnings go down.

When this happens they will either redirect to a new version, close it and start up a new one, and so having copies offsets potential losses from older sites that are now closed or clearly not making what it used to.



Awtoed Scam Revealed.

Here is how you could be typically scammed by Awtoed. Like most other fake online shopping stores I cover, most of them are getting excellent traffic from social media sites like Facebook etc, where people complain where they first saw these scammers ads. Just because you see an ad on Facebook, You-Tube, Twitter etc DOES NOT MAKE IT A LEGIT SITE

I even saw an ad, on You-Tube, about a site I just wrote about and exposed on Google. I was surprised but I was being re-targeted because I was on that site on that day. Look for reviews of any site, that you don’t know who they are, and where complaints far out-weigh good reports, then you can safely assume they are not legit.

Here is how you could be sucked into their scam:-

1). See an ad on Facebook and you ‘click. You make a purchase by handing over ALL of you payment details. Those details will probably now be data harvested and sold onto scammers for further fraudulent purposes. Ring your bank and see if you should cancel that card and order a new one.

2). Typically as well, scam sites are notorious for overcharging your card. They may even have the cheek to charge you monthly for ‘something’, that they say, was in their Terms and Conditions – even when it is not. Dispute every word that comes out of their mouth and get your money back!!

3). Once the order is paid for then you will be given some tracking info. It is quite ‘normal’ with scam sites to find your tracking information to suddenly disappear

4). Once that happens, you may contact support by whatever means they may supply you with, and you may find they will be rude or simply ignore you. Perhaps, you will get a response, but they can be vague and unhelpful and simply stalling for time.

5). Nothing Turns Up! That there is the worse case scenario. Again, apply for a refund – I simply can’t say that enough to you!

6). Perhaps ‘something’ does turn up, but you may find, it is a replica/cheap knock off and not even worth what you paid for it. It won’t be one of those LG TV’s from their TV’s Store anyways.





Awtoed.com Scam Signs!

Don’t give these scammers your cash!

Lets now quickly cover a few basic scam signs that you can apply to any site fake online shopping site.

  • I see a Smart TV for $640 and reduced to $128! How are they making a profit for giving that TV away like that? Clearly, they are not! So, when you see a shopping site slashing $100’s and $100’s off of their products is a very reliable sign you are dealing with a deceptive site.
  • 80% OFF CLEARANCE SALE! What?! They have JUST opened that site and now they are already having a ‘clearance sale’. Their other sites are identical and try to pull the same ‘clearance sale’ trick on other unwary customers.
  • PLUS FREE SHIPPING! LOL – no, so all that money off and now they are going to ship your order to you free of charge? Again, how are they making money – profit – like this?
  • Have you tried clicking on their social media bottoms, bottom right of their site? When you hover over them, bottom left of your screen, you should see a URL that it is pointing to. It only says ‘javascript’. They are NOT clickable and only for show. Another common scam site sign.
  • No Founder Name, real world address, contact information of any kind – as covered – that is an alarming sign of a fake site.
  • Early online reports of others having been scammed by Awtoed – a keen indicator of any sites intentions online towards others. Even good and trusted companies get complaints, whereupon, they will send a rep to try to resolve problems. Good companies don’t like bad press. And so Awtoed etc have not done this as yet  nor do I expect they will. Why? Because they would have to ‘claim’ their business and that involves revealing who they are. So you see that is another scam sign and really I can go on all day like this.



Where You Scammed By Awtoed or any of their Other Sites? Please Report Them In The Comments Below – Thank You.












Final Thoughts.

File a payment dispute to get your money back now! You may get a product but not the one you ordered. It maybe damaged, replica/knock off. You card info is now at risk, potentially, and see contact your bank to see if you need to cancel it and get a new one. LG Smart TV’s have nothing to do with any of their fake sites. Please report EXACT URL’s of any site that looks like the one exposed in this article in the comments below – Thank You. Awtoed is going in my my List of Internet Scammers Section – where it will stay.

Need more information on What Is www.Awtoed.com? You are welcome to ask below, and if I can further help, I will 🙂 . Check the comments (if any) for further information. Thank you for clicking on this article and looking forward to all of your comments to come.



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10 thoughts on “What Is www.Awtoed.com – Is Awtoed.com Scam or Legit Online TV Store?

  1. kent lawrance

    yes this place is a fake they scam me to 117.00 no tv do not buy in to this scam no one answers the phone 89 times i tried DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE WISH I WOULD OF READ THIS EARLIER pure rip off

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Kent,

      Sorry to hear this Kent but you can report them to your payment provider for potentially a full refund. Thanks for your comment Kent.

  2. Shirley D

    Omg. Am I a sucker or what? You nailed it with if it sounds to good, it probably is…….
    I was excited about A 60” tv for $117.00.
    Should be some kind of control on Facebook on these fraudulent companies.
    Wish I read about this company sooner.
    Thanks for your expose.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Shirley,

      You are welcome and thank you as well for your comment. Try to get a refund by contacting your payment provider and alerting them to your situation. Thanks again Shirley 🙂 . ~ Scam Witness.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Liza,

      Please contact your payment provider and tell them the same thing. Thanks for letting us know you experience with Awtoed.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danny,

      I am sorry to hear this news. You can put in a pay dispute for a refund. I am assuming it was an Awtoed ad?

      1. M.KRUGER

        I got scammed on this site. No delivery even though tracking info says it was. Lost $117.00
        Was a add on FB. Oh well love and learn.


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