Investigated – Is Scam or Legit WebStore?

By | November 28, 2018

In Truth, What Really Is – Trustworthy To Buy From?

The online web store called ( may not be all they appear to be. Is Auate com real, safe, genuine, legit, good or Is Auate fake, crooked, scam, dishonest, bad? This Auate Review is going to help straighten out any confusion on this issue of whether you should buy from them or not. At this moment they are presenting themselves as a site distributing LG Smart TV’s. However, have they been given permission to be a distributor of these LG TV’s and affiliated items? NO! They are pretenders and very bad actors to boot if they think their offer was going to fool everyone for long.

Stay clear of their site! They have already scammed a number of unsuspecting customers who did not get their ordered TV. This is going to be a shock and very disappointing for those reading this, and for that, I am sorry to bear you this horrible news. There is a way to get a refund by simply contacting your bank, PayPal and alerting them to your experience. They will investigate and I hope for you a full refund. Below is how the scam, at, is running and seemingly doing so successfully.



What Is And Why You Should NOT Buy From That Site.

Thanks to an online report of someone having being conned out of $138.90 for an LG TV, I decided to look further into After doing so I noticed in other forums of complaints of money being taken and no product delivered. To prove, even without any of these reports that is a fraudulent site, here is how to recognize any online fake shopping store.

2018/10/18 was when the site in question was registered. They are to expire their site in only one year from now. How does someone, apparently approved to sell the world renown LG Smart TV Products think that 1 year online is good enough? Surely, why not much longer? Point being, legit businesses have been known to register their sites online for up to 20 years, and from that piece of info, 1 year is just almost unheard of when it comes to legit online businesses. Website

don’t buy anything from!


Worse than this, you will see that there is no registered address for their website at WHOIS, a database for online site registrations. Heading off to their actual site there is no real world business address there. No Founder Name. No Contact Information! All bad signs you are dealing with a deceptive website. Many people are falling for their scam due to the Black Friday Deals – be careful.

Where we see all identity to site ownership covered up is where we can honestly say someone is intentionally not wanting to be known. When their site is too widely known to be a fake shopping site, owner can take their money, and sail off into the sun set with out the penalty of law breathing down their neck.



Typical Experience Should You Order From Their Site.

From reports online, two things are happening. You either pay and no item arrives. Or you pay and a lesser item arrives, far less the monetary value you paid for it. 

When you place your order then you are given a tracking number/page but that is all fake. Some emails will be exchanged but that is just the scammers bidding their time before it becomes too obvious they have duped you. At this point, when support becomes rude, they will just ignore you.

Payment is TAKEN VERY FAST! Watch out for duplicate charges to your card and also any monthly recurring fee’s. Scam sites just love to over charge as many times as possible before you notice. As mentioned, file a dispute with your bank or PayPal and hopefully then you will get a refund.

Typically these heartless websites will set a delivery date but will far exceed it sometimes up to 10 weeks before giving you the cold shoulder. 


Scam Signs For a Fake Online Store.

Taking a swift look at their site, here are some signs to let you know they are not legit, and info that you can apply to any site online.


So, too vastly reduced prices is a CLASSIC and YOUR #1 WARNING SIGN of a fake shopping site. I mean, they take 80% off, then less that percentage because now they are paying for shipping – where is their profit?

As mentioned, no contact info and no one even knows who the owner is. Another sure-fire flag that something is very much ‘up’ with their website.

Their ‘Follow Us’ Social Share Icons do NOT click to anywhere online. Those are just images and only for show. Another sign of a fake site for no honest site would let that go without correction.

I am not trying to be insulting, but when you see obvious grammatical errors on a site, that is usually a sign of an online scam. 

No proof anywhere on their site they have been endorsed by LG HQ!

I just noticed – their site is registered in China. Typically, this part of the world is most notoriously known for fake shopping sites.

Scam Sites will invariably use the Good Brand Name of trusted and known sites to trick buyers into parting money with them. Always check the URL’s like a hawk to ensure you are on the right site.

Were You Scammed by Report Them In The Comments Below To Get Them Shut Down Sooner – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

Their website that is trying to sell LG Smart TV’s have NOT been given permission by the official company to do this. Anyone can find out if this is true or not by contacting their official home page of their company. People are paying good money for these TV’s but not receiving any TV for their money. The money is taken from their accounts without a problem, but as time passes, then they are being ignored and that is that. HORRIBLE! Please do report them below to help warn others online and that is really the only way we can get them shut down sooner, and of course, help others avoid losing so much money for nothing. Once again, contact your bank/PayPal etc to file a dispute for any such charges.

I hope that has answered your question on whether you can trust their site or not. Those will questions still are very welcome to ask below where I will be happy to help. Certainly, those that lost money to that site in question are asked for your reports below. This will go along way to stop these scammers making illegal earnings.

Unfortunately, there are many fake shopping sites doing the rounds coming up to the holidays. So, do beware of Ameliaquilt, Sleepious, LeMaxShop, Phoneiei, OMGTrue, VogTrend, Choies, LaddyDress, HomeApShop, HobbiLaunch, FarmZily, NannaThread and others like them. I hope that has answered you query surround and I hope also you report them below to expose them for the kind of site that they are. Looking forward to all of your comments to come and thank you kindly for dropping by.

Feel Free To Share This Article With Your Networks – Thank You.


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27 thoughts on “ Investigated – Is Scam or Legit WebStore?

  1. Duane Wells

    Sorry to say, I was scammed by $138.90 for an LG 65″ 4K TV 11/21/18. I’ve contacted them several times to cancel my order and refund my money only to get bogus tracking# and to wait patiently. The only contact is email ( and even that is a scam. Their site should be taken down immediately.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Duane,

      Yes, their site should be taken down but the online world moves slowly while scammers move fast as lightening. There is no real online way to isolate and determine the millions of scam sites that ruin the internet for everyone else. Thank you very much for your comment and would be interested to hear if you got your refund – should you have the time. Thanks again Duane 🙂 .

  2. Michael Pekarchik

    I too have been scammed. I received a tracking number and have tracked it for about 2 weeks. It has shipped.via plane. Now there is nothing. I have checked into this company my payment went to. They have a number of business running out of same building in colorado. I checked the building out and it’s a vacant warehouse.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Michael,

      WOW! You actually went to their business address and pretends to operate out of an empty warehouse! I did not know that. Thank you so much for letting us know. Its such a shame comments allow images to be uploaded.

      Thanks again Michael for your scam report on Auate – it is very much appreciated.

  3. Bob Lambert

    I guess I found this site too late. Like the others here I was duped by this web site. I have sent them numerous emails. I did get responses from them but not the responses I wanted. I will be contacting my credit card company in the morning.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Bob for helping to alert others to the scam nature of I wish you well on your refund as well 🙂 .

  4. Julie

    I actually contacted my bank to let them know it is probably a scam I fell for!! Since that time I emailed http://www.auate and asked for tracking # which they did respond to sending me one don’t know if it is legit or not! But looked it up on USPS tracking and it did show label printed next day says not trackable. But during my search I went to put the tracking # in there and it showed up and said it was in transit. I am keeping track of it now I hope it is a T.V and not apparel as that’s what my bank has it for! This is the e-mail I contacted them at

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Julie for your report on Auate. It is very much appreciated you help warn others of their fake site – it is very much appreciated. ~ Scam Witness.

      1. Ivonne Albino

        Hice un pedido hace tres semanas y ni e tenido respuesta, sólo que ya llegó al su destino y que está en espera de que la aduana inspección el paquete para ser entregado . No sabía que eran estafadores.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hi Ivonne,

          Espero que llegue tu paquete Ivonne. Si lo hace, entonces asegúrese de que sea el artículo exacto que ordenó. Si no, como sospecho que no será el artículo que ordenó sino uno muy inferior a lo que se anunciaba, entonces todavía lo han estafado. Le invitamos a mantenernos a todos al tanto de ese pedido si tiene el horario de Ivonne. Gracias.

  5. Danny

    Hello… it is with some shame I admit scammed me for a TV. I caught a warning signs to late. Such as button links not working. Prices that just are to good to be true usually are folks….Now I call the bank. ( Slaps forehead and mumbles the word doofus to myself)

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danny,

      Sorry to hear about your experience with Auate. Must of been horrible when you realized. Thank you for reporting them here because it will help others to fully realize they are dealing with a fake site. Your bank should really give you a refund so I have my fingers crossed for you.

      Thanks again Danny ~ Scam Witness.

  6. Nadine

    I went on there and placed an order on total of 4 TVs it gave me an order number but no tracking number. I am going to dispute it today its been one week. I emailed them three times and heard nothing back. I went to look for contact there is no customer service its we will respond in email within 24 hours .. They have a return policy it says if the tv havent been shipped you can get your funds back but nobody TV been shipped . it just says process I assuming process payment because that’s the only thing that happened

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Nadine,

      Sorry to hear about your experience with Simply alert your bank/PayPal and let them know the situation. Perhaps they will refund your money. Thank you kindly Nadine for reporting on them and I am sure your comment will help alert others as well.

  7. Tiffany Shaw

    My husband bought a tv on there thinking it was a good deal and lager bc he seen it on Facebook. I contacted my bank and they said they couldn’t do anything bc my husband did it willing I have tried to contact them several times but no answer all I keep getting is it is processed from day one and it was pending that same night he bought it. I don’t know what to do my bank won’t help at all.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Tiffany,

      Your husband did it willing! What kind of a response is that to be being off online?! That is no help at all and I am sorry they decided not to help you in this situation.

      It is up to you, but I know a site called BBB.ORG, and you can leave a review of your banks response on that site. Your bank won’t like that at all, and is one of the best ways, to get a proper response out of them.

      Of course, I am not a solicitor, and you should seek legal advice and only my opinion.

      Perhaps even try your bank manager and see what the response is then. For me, I am speechless that was the response they gave you.

      I want to say thank you for reporting on in this forum. It will go along way to helping others being scammed by them.

      Much appreciated Tifanny ~ Scam Witness.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Roger,

      Thank you very much for reporting I wrote about them and you can see that SenMok Review just there. I found 5 other sites that are nearly identical and so you have helped to uncover a potentially new fake online purchase order network, of which, I will expose them all.

      Thank you and you are most welcome as well Roger 🙂 much appreciated ~ Scam Witness.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Brian,

      I am sorry you had this experience with Auate. Your report is going to help others avoid their scam. I suggest you contact your payment provider and see about a refund. Thanks again Brian for your time here today ~ Scam Witness.

  8. james vogel

    On line fraud stores that rip people off and personally if i could I’d love to – deleted by Scam Witness – then take them to jail

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi James,

      Thank you kindly for complaint against I am sorry I had to delete half of your comment but Google may have signaled me to remove this article if it contains inappropriate content. I hope you understand. Thanks again James and I really do appreciate your comment here today. ~ Scam Witness.

  9. Susan

    This is a fake company they are ripping people off and taking their cc info and charging you and all the links for the company are broken you can’t even contact them. Shut them down. Auate is just a cover name they are chari g u dead Bartholomew Inc, and also CookAshley Inc., I. Sure others fake accounts also.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Susan,

      Thank you for you report on! Would you happen to have other URL’s belonging to these scammers so as not to make any mistakes with other websites. Many times these fake sites will take the name of good and trusted sites but with a different URL extension. So a full web address of the fake site would be ideal.

      Thanks again Susan and hope to hear back from you ~ Scam Witness.


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