What Is AtteSale.com – Is ‘AtteSale’ Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store? ~ Review!

By | February 13, 2020



What Is AtteSale.com about – Our ‘AtteSale’ Reviews / Customer Reviews.

We always recommend to our readers to routinely look for reviews on e-stores as millions so scams are uploaded daily to Google. We have all the info quickly for you here about AtteSale.com. The sad truth is there are at least hundreds of copies of ‘AtteSale’ floating around and they have varying scam addresses. Those that gave www attesale com your payment info are advised to put in for a refund and cancel your card for a new one. They are a scam site.

The following is only to prove to you as to why they are not trustworthy. You are welcome to report them to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 1900+ and counting from December 2019 to 2020. You can use our comments to land your reviews and also you can use our SCAM REPORTING TOOL to upload images.

Time to start our ‘AtteSale’ Review and see the comments for real customer reviews. Should there be none then why not submit your own review as it really will help others understand better as to why ‘AtteSale’ is a fraudulent site.



Their URL’s registration was in 2019-12-30 and they only wanted to go into business seemingly for one year. Whois.com is where I go to all the time to find out the registration details of such sites. We see also they have not left their founders name nor have they even bothered to leave a legit business address.

The address supplied in WHOIS is supplied by their hosting provider for peanuts a year. We see on their site that they have the address of 2306 seagull ct richmond VA 23294 and of course they are not the first site to claim this address as their biz location.

Phone Number of +1 2089182277 is also connected to other online scam sites within this same scam network. We see in Google search results we have exposed that number for being on the identical website to ‘AtteSale’ called TrouserAle.com. Website CyberBunkers.com is also doing a good job exposing that same number.

We are always saying to everyone to research all such information as phone numbers, emails, business addresses as many times they have been exposed as fraudulent while have this kind of info connected to online scam reports. Of course, that is when you encounter a scam site.

Their email of attesale@outlook.com does reflect their sites name. Where you find that email addresses do not reflect their sites URL then that is potentially a big problem. Why would a company not want to have an email to shows their companies name? So it makes no sense where you find this and so it could be quite likely you are on a scam site.




The Following Addresses Are Being Used In This

Scam Network:-


    • 3607 Menlo Ave #3 San Diego CA 92105.

    • PO BOX 16592 San Diego CA 92176.

    • PO BOX 7313 Sand Diego CA 92167.

    • 26955 Holly Grove Ct Murrieta CA 92563.

    • PO BOX 52436 San Diego CA 92195.

    • 3257 NW Market St Seattle WA 98107.

    • 1507 Larkin St High Point NC 27262.

    • 2306 seagull ct richmond VA 13294.

    • PO BOX 152436 Sand Diego CA 92195.

    • 19 patch St Fort Huachuca AZ 85613.

    • 481 41st San Diego CA 92116.




The Following Websites Are All Scams That We Have Reviewed From The Same Network as ‘AtteSale’.


wincaser.com, kaviry.com, vhnjb.myshopify.com, dressiu.com, youthislikefire.com, rosesimin.com, murphynel.myshopify.com, perfectsu.com, yopopstyle.com, mghmg.myshopify.com, cottageder.com, aztook.com,

3xion.com, ffhri.myshopify.com, highfun.store, myphotowallet.com, blotper.com,  vibacker.com, next2day.com, neltha.com, azcozy.com, recith2.myshopify.com, vibacker.com, next2day.comffhri.myshopify.com,

decenniumstruggle.com, babeysy.com, mvipbsell.club, binboner.com, ragleagh.com,stylegos.com, balanesale.com, trouserale.com, vhweipwe.myshopify.com,  flowershave.store, pantercos.myshopify.com

decenniumstruggle.com, babeysy.com, voetxwpr.com, oeirag.com, tzshop.org, devaleg.com, avtenkushop.com, zwinznc.com, kenbroer.com, emythall.com, wantbuy1.com, blouseale.com, worldlotm.com, brilliantme.store,

eyourf.com, speciatime.com,radsaler.com, voetxwpr.com, oeirag.com, tzshop.org, devaleg.com, logmodels.com, dkaoin.myshopify.com, lasrn.com, ansbwf.myshopify.com, walverhampton.com, modelands.com, beautiegirl.com,

lovetossya.com, vernalike.com, hitsaver.com, qunlong.myshopify.com, jeansunlimited, soleget.com, bxcol.com, brastocker.com, cattigirls.com, irelia.store, beayos.com, aeijstsale.comavtenkushop.com, zwinznc.com,

kenbroer.com, nightlullaby.com, therichnet.com, toanycity.comremelala.com, holiyays.storecomfortablelifedress.com, fashionmeu.com, spokesale.com, actcat.store, greenbobs.store,

dowfeel.com, tiamokx.comlifespace.shop, sollover.com,restudeyle.myshopify.com, sosogo.store, psoyvj.myshopify.com, weonw.com, faqousshop.com,


There are no doubt countless more and your reports are really helping to warn so many people. I ask to please keep on reporting all sites using those address as well for the link all this scam network together.









list of scam websites.



2 thoughts on “What Is AtteSale.com – Is ‘AtteSale’ Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store? ~ Review!

  1. Carissa

    Here are more affiliated sites they tried to give me a “coupon” refund to.
    1) jerseysale.info
    2) brandssneaker.com
    3) lvsave.com/
    4 mallcen.com/

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you kindly Carissa, and if you type those names into our sites search engine top right, you will find that we have exposed those ones to date. Thank you kindly for landing that information within this forum for others to view. Much appreciated 🙂 .


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