What Is AssistantMatch.com – Is AssistantMatch.com a Scam or Legit?

By | September 22, 2018

What Is AssistantMatch.com – Being A Virtual Assistant From Home Is Possible.

Those that are looking for a real Virtual Assistant Job from home probably stumbled upon, and now asking, What Is AssistantMatch.com (www.assistantmatch.com) ? With so many online job scams doing the rounds it is normal to ask questions like Is AssistantMatch com genuine, real, safe, good, trusted, legit or Is AssistantMatch fake, scam, fraudulent, dishonest and an all round criminal enterprise? Well, they are offering USA based jobs for virtual assistant roles. There seems to be varying pay levels and a way to hire one a virtual assistant from Assistant Match, as well. This article will discuss

  • Background check on Founder and website credentials – this is to find out if they have transparent ID or not.
  • Virtual Assistant Roles and Pay Levels.
  • How to Hire One and How Much.
  • Scam Signs.
  • Final Thoughts – Fake or Real – The Final Word.


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What Is AssistantMatch.com Website? Is there a Real and Paying Online Job for ‘You’…

AssistantMatch.com Virtual Assistant Jobs

www.assistantmatch.com website.

To fully understand, in truth, What Is AssistantMatch.com we have to do a background check on their site and owner. This is so to make sure we are dealing with the people that are presented on their site. Scam sites will just use internet archieve images and call the person in the image ‘founder’. We begin with website registration details.

I can see that AssistantMatch was created 19/04/2006 and registered until 19/04/2019. That is a very good sign already we are dealing with an honest site. Fake sites will only set up for 1 year or even 2 years online and then disappear with all the cash. Very common.

Their business address is listed as California, USA. Not a complete address by any standards. I am sure there is a real address online somewhere but not that easy to locate. That is ‘strike 1’, I guess. Fake sites don’t like to give out their real location.

However, even good sites will not list an address sometimes to stop them from being spammed. Additionally, I believe it is not such a big deal in this case as they are a company that operates solely online. So, that clears up that confusion nicely.

The Founder’s Name is not listed at website registration, however, it is clearly displayed on their website proudly as:- Katie Gutierrez Miller, Founder and CEO, California. 

For me, that is a PASS regarding online ID.




VA Jobs Vacancies and The Pay Per Tasks.

We will get right into the finer points and list the grouped tasks and their pay levels for VA’s.


Typing Projects.

Data Entry.

Cutting and Pasting.

Basic Phone Calls.

$22 per hour.

Basic Administrative Assistance:-

General Customer Communications.

Simple Research Projects.

Phone and Email Communication.

Formatting Basic Documents.

Sending of Email Newsletters.

$28 per hour.

Advanced Admin Assistance:-

Managing most details of the business as a VA.

Appoints Scheduler.

The Co-ordination of projects and members of the team.

Advanced Research Projects.

Invoices – sending of.

$34 per hour.

Specialized Admin Assistance:-





$40 per hour.

Writing and Editing Assistance:-

Re-purpose Content that already exists.


General copy.


$40 per hour.

Light Book Keeping Assistance:-

Invoicing to Clients.

Data Entry.

Running Requested Reports.


$40 per hour.

Online Marketing Assistance:-

Submitting articles into banks called article banks.

Managing Blogs.

Setting up social media accounts.

Managing social media accounts.

$40+ per hour.

Design Assistance:-

Graphic Design.

Web Design.

Marketing Collateral Creation:-

$varies per project and is dependent on skill of candidate, as well.




Need a Virtual Assistant for Your Website?

Honestly, as a website owner myself, I think having a VA is a great idea. Some days it is beyond impossible to answer all the comments on this website, social media and create original sought after content as well. Its not impossible, and certainly anyone that wants to earn any amount of money they are willing to work for can do it, but a VA would be great.

Those interested in how to set up a website can give it a go there for a full time income online.

Those that are interested in hiring such an assistant can keep on reading. Here we will find out how much it costs to hire one of these VA’s and the sign up process as well.

First off you will need to go to their website and submit some details such as:-




Business Name.

Phone Number.

They will ask you a series of questions like what level of assistance to you need i.e. what package from the list above that we covered already. These questions should indeed filled in so this online company can find you the perfect fit for your needs.


What Is The Price to Hire a Virtual Assistant with Assistant Match?


You need to make a deposit of just $95 for AssistantMatch.com to look into matching you with the assistant that is perfect to your needs. They perform the following tasks to achieve this end:-

  1. Skills Test.
  2. Checking References.
  3. Phone Interviews.
  4. Collecting Work Samples.

It appears it is $395 for the matching service. Your deposit will be returned to you should they fail to find you the perfect virtual assistant per your requirements. Also, the fee may be discounted for one time small projects, per their website.



Scam Signs at Assistant Match Site.

There are a few things that caused me some concern on their site initially. I looked to the bottom of their site and saw ‘Secure Site’. When I click on that logo (per date of this post) then it linked to a page that says “File Not Found” – it is a 404 error. That usually is one of the first signs something is wrong.

Look to the bottom right of their website and you will see the symbol for the Today Show TV Program. ‘Featured On’ are the words next to the symbol. Problem is, when I click on it, nothing happens. I have observed such claims on other sites, making claims of being mentioned and featured on famous shows, but rarely can they prove this. Most times, that is a sign of a scam.

I researched to see if they were really brought up on that show and it turns out -That they were! See the video below for confirmation.



So, they were telling the truth! That was it for their scam signs, and I can assure you, it is usually a very long list if a site were not legit.



Pros VS Cons.


Congrats! You have just found a site that really does offer real and legit VA jobs from the comfort of your own home with Match Assistant 🙂 .

No Sign Up Fee’s to work for them as a VA.

Earn between $22 and $40+ PER HOUR for skills you may already possess.

Caters for varying skill levels to maximize chances of a job for everyone.


Your work hours are determined by someone else – might be inconvenient.

Depending on your hours, you can’t really say, how much you can earn in a set amount of time.

Potentially good for just part-time work – What are your thoughts, are you earning a full time income with these guys? Let us know in the comments to help others decide for themselves.



Rating:- They are 100% Legit!




Final Thoughts.

There was nothing that cropped up that caused me much concern. They have been online since 2006 and still going strong. We can locate founder, work offer and see how money is generated by a site. What do you think? Personally, I think they are providing a good way to earn from home online. You must be USA based it seems, though they have not overly elaborated on this within their site, it is still made quite clear for those looking to hire a virtual assistant.

Looking for a solid income online? To conclude this short article on What Is AssistantMatch.com, those that want to work for themselves are welcome to sign up HERE to find out how to make their own business online and earn a full time income. Many stay at home Mom’s and Dad’s are succeeding in this area and will be given all the starter training and assistance you need. Comes with two free websites as well. I will also help you in your journey to be financially free. Thank you and looking to forward to working with those that are interested. 




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