What Is ArMoney.ICU – Is ArMoney.ICU Scam or Legit Viewing System?

By | November 6, 2018

What Is ArMoney. ICU and Why You Need to Stay Clear of ArMoney.

This article is going to save you a bunch of time, and I am glad you had the sense to ask, What Is ArMoney. ICU (www.armoney. icu.). Is ArMoney ICU fake, scam, dishonest, crooked or is Ar Money ICU genuine, real, legit, good, honest and paying out? This is not the first time I have come across such sites and there are 1000’s of them floating around online. This ArMoney Review is going to fully alert you to why they are fake, the threats on their site and ultimately how they will try to do you out of your hard earned cash. 

There is very little doubt on my part on how fraudulent ArMoney is. They will release many of them every few weeks, and so, this website will be exposing a number of them before they can do any real damage on a whole scale. Those looking for real, honest and trusted ways to earn online, are welcome to have a quick look at Wealthy Affiliate. They show people how to make money online, they are beginner friendly and have 100’s even 1000’s of positive reviews online. Those interested in running their own website for a full time income should know they don’t ask for a credit card to begin. There are premium options, as with all legit offers, but that is not mandatory as you are given a lifetime free account. 




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What Is ArMoney. ICU and How The Whole Scam Works.

As mentioned, there are many copies  of this scam site and so the quick answer to What Is ArMoney. ICU is that they are a scam site! Plain and simple. However, if this is your first time encountering their scam then I will begin to dismantle EVERYTHING about their site. We begin with the founder. Where founder info is missing then that is an excellent sign you are dealing with corrupt people.

ArMoney was registered online on the 27/10/2018 and the owner decided to register this site for only 1 year. So, when a site, that is offering big money for easy to do work, but only registers for a year – this tells us that we could be dealing with a hit and run fraudulent. They will exist only to rob people of money online. Even if they don’t get money out of you they will still monetize your actions on their site. 


ArMoney.ICU Scam Site

don’t go near www.armoney. icu.



There is no founder name and also there is contact support that is legit. Their address is PANAMA and that is all. This website has found IP Locations of these sites in Russia (where the scam comes from), Germany, France, USA, UK etc. They are making new sites every week weeks and they release about 50 new ones. They come in Russian, German and in English. Please do report any Russian and German copies in the comments below to be exposed – thank you.

After 1 year they will simply redirect their sites to new copies or shut them down and replace them. They are a very hard working Russian Paid To Click Scam Network that goes by ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System. Below, we will break down their work offer, threats and how they will tr to get money from you.




Work on Offer. Threats. How They Scam People.

As said, the work is so easy. This is so to make everyone qualified to earn $100’s per day for sharing your link, viewing ads and filling out captchas. Every 5000 captchas filled out will make their site about $1 but that is not the end of how they make money from you. The ads are real ads from paying advertisers and so the advertisers are also being scammed. The reason why is because no one wants to buy anything and so only clicking just to earn some money. 

It is 10c per click on ads and you are said to make anywhere from $50 up to and over $300 a day. That is insane money for clicking on ads. They will try to further convince you that they are real by saying you can earn 50% from your referrals earnings. However, how is this so when everyone is promised 10c per click? I mean, if you are taking 5c from every 10c earned by your referrals work efforts – where does the other 5c for your referral to make 10c per click come from? Already, their offer makes no sense. So, stop sharing your referral link as you are not getting paid anywhere.

That is all there is to how they say you can make money with them on any of their sites. Speaking of which, stay clear of any site that looks like the site being exposed in this article. There are 1000’s and all of them have the word ‘money’ in their URL’s but always their site names make very little to no sense.



The Scam Revealed.

Once you have hit minimum cash out, set to $300 and on some of their sites they will set it to $150, you can request your money. You first attempt will simply tell you that you must wait about 3 months for your cash to be verified. Pure nonsense.

Then you see another form that you will fill out. Now you are told to make them 40 referrals because that is part of the criteria to be qualified to cash out. You can hunt down every word on their site and nowhere will you find that condition. Their Terms and Conditions is also Russian and that is a pure scam sign if ever I saw one.

However, and to save you time, they will try to sell you 100 fake referrals for just $9. This is their first attempt to con you out of your money. Now, let us say you pay that money, now they want a cash out fee of $19 – sometimes its higher or lower, all depending on how much they think they can get out of you. So, perhaps you pay again because $300 for less that $30 is a good deal – Right?

Well, that is the logic they are hoping you run to when making your decisions. Now, sometimes, when those payments go through, they may pull the old ‘The System Crashed’ scam on you. This is simply where their system crashed EXACTLY when you sent your money. 

SO, do watch out for that nonsense as well as they will ask you to re-send the money and really I feel most will have realized they are dealing ill-raised individuals at this stage.

So, that is how they will try to scam money out of you.

Now, we should take a quick look at the hidden threats so you may take some necessary precautions.



Malware. Unfortunately their sites are well known for downloading malware to devices. Malware is simply programs/software’s that seek either to damage your devices or steal data or both. They will or may try to find out all of your passwords so they can access those accounts. Just change your passwords to you accounts.

Did you sign up with your persona and main email address? If so, that is really bad news for you. Now, these guys can make big big money from selling on persona data like emails. Names, DOB, work and home addresses, vehicle registration numbers etc and so when they have made a big enough list from their members personal details, they will sell them on the deep web to the highest bidder. Just report and delete emails from senders you don’t know.

Up date your browser and anti virus. Old browsers are to easy to crack.

Google anyone of their sites and you usually have some horrible person on You-Tube ‘PROVING’ to you how to cash out. Crazy! Just report those videos please as they have turned into a real viral disaster online. There are many disappointed people from present to past sites that have duped what must be millions of people by now. Oh, they have been running online since 2014 and so I ask you to please share this article to alert others before too many are scammed.












Final Thoughts.

There are now 1667 of these sites that have been made in English. This website alone has exposed only a fraction of around 200 of them. They are paid to click scam and a referral scam. The more people share those scam links for referrals the more Google will think it is dealing with a legit site. When sites are new, and you go to a website with a rating of legit, PLEASE ignore that rating. Those ratings are sometimes down by algorithms and so it takes time for reports to surface online, but by the, the damage has been done already and so do always look for reviews on any site online.

Do you have any questions on What Is ArMoney. ICU? You are welcome to ask below where I will be happy to assist. Before you go, don’t forget about this sites #1 Recommendation to earn online. They are offering 2 free websites for those interested and also 20 free introductory step by step videos to get you up and running – for free. Thank you all for stopping by and look forward to all of your comments to come.


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