What Is Arelia.Store – Is www.Arelia.Store Scam or Legit?

By | February 2, 2019

Find Out What Is Arelia.Store Here – Scam Alert!

Scam Or Legit Reviews

There is a very suspicious re-direct from BeautyWigs.Store to Arelia.Store found at www.arelia.store. Glad to see you here seeking answers to What Is Arelia.Store about. Is Arelia Store a scam, fraudulent, crooked, bogus, bad, dishonest or is AreliaStore legit, genuine, safe, real and good? This www Arelia Store com Review is a scam alert folks. Those that made a purchase need to contact your payment provider for a refund and possibly to cancel your card. Please do leave your own Arelia Reviews and or Scam Reports below in the comments to help alert others. Thank You.

Many times we see fake and bad selling sites coming from China. There is currently a criminal epidemic flooding the net targeting USA, UK etc citizens. Many times unwary customers get goods they did not order, shoddy goods, damaged, inferior, potentially counterfeit and or stolen goods. Those that received anything will usually find something wrong with it or it is only worth a few dollars despite how much your order costs. 





Arelia.Store Review – Why They Are A Fraud!

So, let us now get into why Arealia.Store at www.arelia.store is no good and may only be designed to scamm people. So when I was looking up BeautyWigs.Store it mysteriously re-directed to Arelia Store. So, I know already Beauty Wigs Store is fake, and since now it is re-directing to Arelia Store – what else are we supposed to think about them?



Beware of www.Arelia.Store!


When scam sites get a bad reputation then the owners will sometimes re-direct them to new sites. The scam is the same but only change the URL. Many times they will copy and paste the old scam site, change the name, and then that is it – they have a new site and they are re-directing all old visitors to it.

But there is more to it then that. Their old site was listed as one of Facebook scam groups/ads and so that is more reason to be concerned. Enough now with the hearsay and let us take this new site on its own merits, if any.

We begin by looking up founder information, business location, emails, phone numbers and see if any that checks out. Where such data provided is false then we can say they are indeed scammers. Legit businesses simply do not hide that kind of information and will go some lengths to ensure people have it.

Registration for their new site was in 2018/12/06 and one year is all they have registered for. Now, that alone is suspicious! Legit selling sites have a well laid out pattern of going online for years down the road. 1 year is nothing for the life span of any site and so already it is following the scam pattern. Now they can scam all year round and shut down even beforehand when there are too many scam reports on them.

Please don’t forget to report on them below to help save others cash.

Arizons, US. That is not a complete address and is a scam sign to always watch out for. WHOIS should show a complete address of their exact location of their business. But no, that is too much to ask for, and now no one knows where they are from.

Hosting providers keep on allowing people to make sites without any verification of who they are, where they are from, in the work from home and selling niches. That is why the Internet is riddled with scam sites. You would be asked for more ID crossing the traffic lights then what you asked to mass target people globally!! Its insane….

Let us see if they have left any information of this type of this kind. We will Google their information, if any, and see if they have any bad reviews, scam reports and other fake sits attached to such info.

While looking for such information all I found is this email of support@shoppystore.info and a whole pile of scam signs. ‘ShoppyStore’?!

So that must of been an old Shopify site of theirs that is now shut down.

Anyways, that have failed miserably to be truthful about anything! Time to further expose them by pointing out some glaring scam signs!




Arelia.Store Scam Signs – They Are Hard To Miss!

OK, so you see on their ABOUT US PAGE? Well, they say they are specializing in Hair Extensions. No they are not! They are selling products that would need to be recycled in about six months from glow in the dark headphones to, phones, stuff to do with kittens but nothing on extensions. But wait, they forgot to change out that script from their old scam site – Beauty Wigs Store!

They say they have been online since 2016. They lie once again. We already know they are online recently at the start of 2019! Ug, geeze, if you are going to lie least make the effort guys.

Their site is just a mish-mosh of errors and glaring mistakes. I do not know if they intend to be all things kitten, hair extensions or nifty gadgets! So, lets get on with our verdict.














Thank you for stopping by and I hope that quick review was of use to you. Please do report them below if they defrauded you in some way. Apply for a refund and cancel your card. Reports on other sites are welcome anywhere at scamwitness.com. That is all on What Is Arelia.Store and looking forward to your comments to come. DON’T FORGET TO SOUND-OUT IN THE COMMENTS!

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2 thoughts on “What Is Arelia.Store – Is www.Arelia.Store Scam or Legit?

  1. Cassandra L. Mask

    I recently purchased a dog harness on this website Arelia.Store and it came without any instructions and when I tried it on my little dog it slipped right off, no matter which way I placed it on her. There was a small business card that came with it that gave some brief info about returning the product in which you must check a box as to why the return. However, there was no return address or instructions on how to return it. I found on their website an email address to contact them and sent a request for return address and I received an answer the next day stating they would not approve a refund because the harness was not defective.
    In their info about themselves is the following statement: Customer Service – we have a dedicated team of staffs that works around the clock to ensure you are completely 100% satisfied. Feel free to contact us 24/7 by clicking the contact us button.
    TOTAL LIES! They are a bunch of thieves selling inferior products and I wish I had investigated the website before ordering, a lesson learned the hard way!
    Any advice on how to deal with these scammers would be much appreciated!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Cassandra,

      You only have to contact your payment provider to tell them all of this information. Take images of all communications from them and you to them.

      Take an image of the ‘business card’ with no return address as well.

      Thank you for taking the time to detail precisely your experience with Arealia.Store Cassandra. I know it is going to help others know the truth about them.


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