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By | May 27, 2017

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A Package Forwarding Reshipping Job Could Be Helping Criminals.

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So, you want to know If A Package Forwarding Reshipping Job found on the internet is actually a proper way to earn money?  Working from home reshipping, and or repackaging, is one of the more serious online work from home scams you could ever have the misfortune of falling for!!!!

I will show why and then, if you really are hell-bent at working online with your own free start up business, I have an offer for you that you can’t refuse.

Lets define what reshipping actually is for total clarity.  (This definition is taken with thanks from the following site:

Definition of A Package Forwarding Reshipping Job.


verb (used with object), reshipped, reshipping.


to ship again.


to transfer from one ship to another.
verb (used without object), reshipped, reshipping.


to go on a ship again.


(of a member of a ship’s crew) to sign up for another voyage. (I really hate duplicate content on my site, but, this work from home scam really needs to be laid so you know how to recognize and avoid online scams like this).
Please be aware that ‘Package Forwarding‘ online jobs is the same scam, just different words.

How Package Forwarding and Reshipping works on the Internet.

  • You see an advertisement online for a package forwarding or a reshipping job on the internet.  You are a job seeker and truly think this is a real work  from opportunity.  You sign up, there may be a sign up fee also.
  • So your –  packages arrive at your home and your now have to buy the repackaging for the contents of the parcels or boxes including postal fee’s.  Oh boy, you got this far, you are really going to be scammed hard core.
  • You repackage the contents which may be carefully packaged inside so you can’t see it’s real content.
  • Maybe you get your Wife, Husband, Kids to help.  Their prints are now all over the boxes, parcels.  This is really bad.
  • You then, quite simply, go to your post office and post them off to the address the scammers gave you.  You go home and hope to God your going to get paid.
  • The scammers for reshipping say they will reimburse you for the materials you buy to repackage the contents of the parcels, boxes they send you including payment for the job.
  • Be also aware you could be reshipping bad or stolen checks.
  • To make it worse they will have you fill out a W2 Form, for IRS purposes, requesting all of your details such as name, address.  Now your details have been stolen for fraudulent purposes!

Slippery Terms for Online Reshipping Based Jobs.

  • Merchandising Manager.
  • Package Processing Assistant.
  • Re-shipper.
  • Reshipping and Package Forwarder.

Congratulations, You are now an International Smuggler in the Reshipping Industry!!

That’s right.  You have just par-taken in a carefully organized international reshipping scam.  It gets worse.  If this shipment is seized and, God forbid, it’s stolen merchandise or, worse still, drugs, YOU have a lot of questions to answer from the Authorities!  It’ll be traced back to you.  Please be careful, Interpol does not have a sense humor about these things!


Victims of Reshipping Scams From Real Life.



Just head to, they are every where.

The Sneakiest Way To Get Caught By Online Reshipping Scams.

Email.  Simple.

You get a grammatically disastrous email with links to employees testimonials, which are grammatically delightful, extolling the virtues of Merchandising Manager, Package Forwarder etc.

Now here is the Big Convincer!!  They will leave a link to a well know job search site!!

You sign up thinking it’s a job posting in this site.  Now you are on their merry go round!


One last tip to avoid package forwarding scams:-  Usually these work opportunities originate in United States.


I would be very interested to hear your views or experiences about repackaging, reshipping, jobs you may unwittingly par-taken in.  If your looking for advice on another scam, please just ask me, that’s what I am here for.

However, if you are genuinely looking for a real work from home opportunity and are willing to learn and work hard, I have a legal and legit way to do so.

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