Are Rebate Processing Jobs Difficult to Earn From

By | May 27, 2017

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My Take on Rebate Processing Jobs.


I am glad you decided to research rebate processing jobs before you signed up to one online !!  You can hardly put in a search term to Google without something popping up within the work from home niche.

To my utter amazement these ‘job’ are carelessly littered all over ‘respectable’ job search sites.  The advertisements for online rebate processors make it sound so easy and the pay is ridiculously good for entering data all day long.

The pay is likely to be $10 to $15 per rebate, but, that’s not the reality of it.  They usually come with a sign up fee also to learn how to do these rebates.

Here are you three warning flags to help you recognize online scams:

  • Easy online work.
  • Ridiculously Good Pay.
  • And my favorite chest-nut for scams online, Sign Up Fee. (Yucky!).

I have said this on another post and I will say it again because it is worth repeating.  Never Ever pay another human being for a Job!!!  This is reverse thinking.  You should be paid for doing a job, online or otherwise.  That’s what a sign up fee is, paying for a job.  Makes no sense to me and is a serious warning flag for a scam.

To say all rebate processing jobs are scams online is not fair to the legit ones.  If you found one please let me know because the pay sounds great!

How Online Rebate Processing Jobs Work.

online data entry scams.


This is not a difficult or complex scam to see through.

  • You sign up.
  • You pay a sign up fee.  Non refundable!
  • You will promote an assortment of products using affiliate links.
  • In order to do this you will be told to start an account with the likes of Click bank.  Places like Click Bank is where you will get products to promote.  (I actually signed up to click bank, can’t say I was impressed.)
  • Someone buys your product and you earn a commission.  However, because your promoting ads as a Rebate Processor, the customer who purchased your Click Bank product gets a rebate for his/her purchase.  Rebate ads act as a way to entice people to buy your Click Bank product, or, whatever company you got your affiliate linked products from.
  • This rebate comes out of your commission!!  Talk about penalizing a good worker!

Are Online Rebate Processing Jobs Giving You Correct Data in Their Advertisements?

I would say yes they are.  $10 to $15 per rebate processed?  I would yes that is correct.  Will they pay you?  I would again say yes they will pay you, if your lucky.  So if they will pay that rate per rebate and will pay you for processing rebates, where is the problem?


Why You should have a Problem with Processing Rebates Online.

The information is correct in principle, however, your $10 to $15 per rebate is seriously and vastly cut down to very little after the customer, who bought your item associated with Click Bank (or someone like that) through one of your affiliate links, your commission turns to shit!

I am sorry, all that effort the commission is just not worth collecting, though, it all does really depend on the price of the item your selling.  If your selling Bentley’s and Rolex’s then its worth it.  If your selling Home and Garden items, then, you will get very little commission, if any at all.  Sell Bentley’s and Rolex’s if you are going to be doing Rebates.

Verdict on Rebate Processing Jobs Online.

After my investigation into this area of online working from home opportunities I can safely conclude, given part of your commission goes back to the customer relative to time and effort put in, is a scam!  Please stay clear unless they are asking your sell items that range into the thousands/millions per rebate, otherwise your asking for heart break and to be treated like a slave.

Are there any real online work from home opportunities out there?


== Wealthy Affiliate Is My Number Recommendation For Everyone!

Not everything online is a scam, fortunately.  Online Affiliate Marketing  is a very decent way to earn a living online.  You must first find an opportunity and learn and then build to start earning.

If you are interested I can certainly mentor you to that goal.  Just Sign Up for a Free Membership For Life Account and I will be happy to help you to achieve online success working from home.  Alternatively read my article on Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017, is it a Scam or What?


Here is one example of such a scam if you need more information.


Who Do You Report Online Scams To?

Your Friendly Online Scam Detector.

Leave me a comment if you are having difficulty with signing up or you wish to speak further on the topic of Rebate Processor Jobs.  I would also like to hear from anyone that has had experience in this area as I have not, tell me your story.  See you all very soon.

ning Out!

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