What Is ApsMoney.Club – Is ApsMoney.Club Scam or Legit?

By | February 10, 2019

Find Out What Is ApsMoney. Club Here – ‘Welcome To Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Review.

It is time to wake up to the answer on What Is ApsMoney. Club found at www.apsmoney. club. Is ApsMoney Club a scam, fake, deceptive, bogus or Is Aps Money Club legit, real, safe and genuine. This AspMoneyClub Review is to show you why they will never pay you. Why they are asking you for your cash to ‘cash-out’. They are a very fraudulent Russian scam that we have exposed 100’s of times. ‘Welcome To The Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Review!

There could be 1000’s of these fake work from home job sites floating around online. They offer too-good-to-be-true pay for easy to do work. Work, that a kid could do, and for pay where you can earn a weeks wages in 1 or 2 days? Really?!! Come guys, that is not real. If that were real I would not be busting a gut running my own website.


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More On What Is ApsMoney. Club.

This article is a review of all the sites that look like ApsMoney. Club. Currently, the number of the sites produced since 2014, stands at 1828 copies. They come in German, Russian, French and of course in English. I can never find the other languages, and so if you can, do please let us know. We are indeed very dedicated to shutting down this scam network for good, but, we can only do this with your AspMoney Complaints.


fake template

Beware of www.apsmoney. club!


Typically these sites will set up for 1 or 2 years. They never reveal their true location and still to this day no one knows the true culprits. I have personally traced IP locations from Russia, to Canada, USA, UK etc. Seems to me that they are selling this template to other scammers online and so they it grows exponentially every few weeks – like clock work actually.

The Work.

Free sign up. Even you can sign up with a fake email account and they still let you in. You can never delete your account until they delete the site. 

Click on ads for 10c a click. Take it from me, that is too high. Other places will give you 100ths of a cent for such clicks up to a max of 3c ( if you are lucky).

The ads seem to be real and from real advertisers and so they are losing out as well. They losing out because they are paying good money to a site where the visitors could not care less about their ads and only want the money.

The cash out is too high as well. Anywhere you see cash out is over $100 – just run! That is a sure-fire scam sign alerting you to cyber-crooks. $300 is when you are allowed to cash out. 

Once you try to cash out then they ‘games’ begin. They want from you 40 referrals. If not, you must pay them about $9 depending on how gullible they think you  are i.e. it could be higher or lower.

Once paid, they still want more money from you for your earnings. They will ask you to pay them again in the region of about $19, $20 and even $30 to cash out. That is nonsense. Nowhere that is legit will ask you to pay them for your cash. If there are no other scam signs that really is the only one you need to know they are not good and only out to trick you out of your hard earned cash!!

Or, they may ask you do a survey, complete an offer etc. It does not matter what they ask of you. They only want you to pay them even via a third party website offer, for which, they will indeed get commissions.

They tell you to share your link for 50% earnings from your referrals. This makes no sense because now you see that not everyone can earn 10c a click as they promised. I mean, how can they? Not when you are taking 5c per click from your sign ups! THE OFFER MAKES NO SENSE!

OK, there is the captchas too that must be completed to be awared your fake 10c, which you will see topping up in your account, ensuring you carry on working.

Ultimately, they want a free work labor force that they never pay. Their site reviews are fake. ‘Jemma Ricka’ is fake. Email address of helenagillmore100@gmail.com is associated with 100’s or even 1000’s of other online scams. Do your research people before believing in such too good to be true work from home offers.




Any Questions?

Just ask 🙂 , I am really here to warn you against a scam and also to offer you a real way to earn online. The choice is yours:-


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Final Thoughts.

Hope that answers your questions on What Is ApsMoney. Club. Those that handed over payment information really-really-really NEEEEDDDDD to right now to contact your payment provider. Remember, they are crooks and they can dip into your account anytime they like if they so choose to. So you may have to get your card cancelled. Please take a moment to report them below. For some reason, when I write about these sites, loads of people click, but too lazy or something to comment. Help out with online safety by leaving your scam reports in the comments below – thank you in advance.

They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!



Feel Free To Share This Information With Your Social Media Accounts – Thank You For Your Support In Advance. Also, Please REPORT ONLINE SCAMS HERE!



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