What Is ApMoney.ICU – Is ApMoney.ICU Scam or Legit Online Job?

By | November 7, 2018

ApMoney. ICU – Why I Don’t Recommend Them.

This article will inform you on What Is ApMoney. ICU and why you need to avoid them. Is ApMoney ICU fake, false, fraudulent, scam, crooked or is Ap Money ICU good, safe, real, genuine, legit and paying out? This ApMoney Review will show you why you have to avoid them if you don’t want to fall victim to their well practiced scam sites. There are 1000’s of these Paid Advertising Viewing System copies and they also come in German and in Russian. Do report in the comments below if you were scammed by any site that looks like ApMoney! Below is my research to help you.

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What Is ApMoney. ICU – The Pitfalls to Avoid.

OK, let us now get into answering fully What Is ApMoney. ICU. They are a paid to click scam and also a referral scam. No one ever gets paid. This network has been successfully working away online from 2014 and has only grown in size. They network spans from Russia, Germany, UK, Canada, USA among others. Their network name is Webdengi, as mentioned, and their scam operates identically within all of their sites. You can browse through the HOME blog roll of this website and you will see plenty of them exposed.

As always, we begin to ask who is the founder. We head on to WHOIS where website registrations occur. At these registrations you are to expect to see the founder name, real world address and some contact info – if they are legit that is.


ApMoney.ICU Site

Don’t be tempted by their fake work offer for big money!



And, as always, this scam network never leaves the real name as that would defeat their purpose of being a scam network. Their location is nearly always listed as PANAMA and never do I see contact info. Watch out for helenagillmoor100@gmail.com email support on their sites as that email is connected to many illegally run online scams.

You may view their site and you won’t find any real information on who you are dealing with and also where they are from. Who really works for people they don’t know? So, that is a question that highlights the absurdity of working for people online when you don’t know who the are. I mean, you can’t chase them for your pay when they run off if you don’t know who they are. And so you are leaving yourself wide open to be exploited to the hilt, and since NO ONE knows who they are, not even the authorities appear to be able to shut them down.

Personally, I blame the registrars that get paid for hosting scam sites that harm people online and I expect, at some point, big fines will be handed down to such registrars (in this case its NameCheap) who don’t watch out for such crooked activities online.




The Job Offered and Why Its All Fake.

The is designed so that everyone on the planet is qualified to do it. This ensure these sites get big traffic very fast. Most last the year but some do shut down in months. Perhaps the name of the site is not catchy enough, or simply they have been too exposed too quickly ( 🙂 ) and so they will be directed to a newer identical version or shut down to be already replaced. This is a very well organized scam network and also very professionally run.

You are to watch ads and complete a code. That is the bulk of the work. You also have the option to make referrals. When your sign pus begin to earn then you are promised half of that persons money.

BUT! We should debunk very quickly by observing the job description where everyone is promised 10c per click. How can that be so if you are taking 5c from every ten cents earn by your own sign ups? And so that is a FATAL FLAW in their logic and surprisingly one that is constantly missed. The other five cents is not coming out of the pockets of site owners for that would only put them into debt.

It is also not coming out of the pocket of those legit and very real advertisers, who already paid good money, to have their ads being viewed on a scam site. About 37% of all advertisers money is wasted to due to fraudulent sites and so the advertisers are being conned here as well.

Daily Earnings.

For a just 3 to 5 hours a day every member is said to earn the minimum of $50! That can be as high as $300 and actually nearly $5000 a month for such easy to do work!! That is unheard of and would fill Google up in may niches with proofs of  such payment. I mean, if you think about it, if we notice someone online earning $5 then we never hear the end of it. Its bonkers really and actually if people just learned how to make money online correctly – scam sites would be a thing of the past. Only a bit of Training is all that is required.

Where such work exists on sites that are not deemed scams you will notice you won’t even earn 1c per click. More times than not it is fractions of a cent and that pay rang, incredibly, is normal and not considered to be illegal because – I guess – its online work. In truth, no one that is not completely insane would turn up to an office and be happy with such money.

Cash Out to Zero Money.

The full horror of the scam is not revealed until you try to get your money. The min cash out point is $300. Take it from me when I say that is a very high cash out point and designed to make you work longer for nothing. That is enough time for you to share your referral link many times to bring in other people.

When you apply for your cash you will be asked for $9 for 100 referrals, instead of you making them manually, in the guise to save you time. Its not a lot but that is the first money request. Then they now want from you $19 to give you your money. So when we see sites ask for money to give you your money then you should know only online scams would ask this of you. Never pay a cash out fee!

Once you pay then you are not given access to your account anymore. It will however exist for the entire life span of their site and only then will it be deleted. Your personal info is going to be sold to scammers online for the personal profit of the owners. That is just another way they earn from you. They would also have earned money from all the clicks you made and the codes filled, but you will not see any revenue from such earnings.

Those that don’t pay are simply stuck where they are and will never get paid as well -no one gets paid. That is the entire point of this article.











Final Thoughts.

So they are a scam site and that is that! There are many copies as mentioned. Do be careful not to get confused by those immoral You Tube video makers trying to show you how to cash out on anyone of these sites. Those guys are the scammers for sure as they know very well no one gets paid. Just report those videos and you can quote this article as much as you need to in order to vindicate such actions. No one ever gets paid and all earnings are kept by unknown founder(s). Report them below if they scammed you.

Have questions on What Is ApMoney. ICU? You can ask in the comments and I will be happy to help. Do watch out for domain extension variations like .club etc as any site that looks like the one exposed herein this article, all belong to the scam WebDengi/Paid Advertising Viewing System Scam Network. Don’t forget about the real way to earn online for anyone that is interested in building their own business. You can check out the review links left above or click the image below. Thank you all for coming here and I hope this was of service to you. Looking forward to your comments below.


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