What Is Annie Cloth – Is AnnieCloth.com Scam or Legit?

By | May 14, 2019

Your Answer to What Is ‘Annie Cloth’ – AnnieCloth.com Safe?

Hello and you are welcome to our quick research to find out What Is ‘Annie Cloth’ (anniecloth.com). Those with customer reviews are welcome here as we are a review site. Where we are 100% certain of the nature of a site then we will ‘call-it’ regarding scam or legit. ‘Annie Cloth’ is relatively new but we are surprised and suspicious of their huge discounts. Could they really be real?

Where we all combine to share what we know then we can build a ‘shield-of-knowledge’ to help people avoid online scams. But also, where sites are proven legit and safe,  then it is a perfect way to highlight good sites as well. So, those that have the time are very welcome to detail any additional info in the comments by sharing your experiences and or your own research.







What Is ‘Annie Cloth’ Really About – Are They Real?

There are very common points that all sites have in common when they deal in ecommerce activities. We hope to find the founders name, business address, contact information and hope that there are not scam reports attached to this data. Where there is little to no transparency then that is a good sign to be cautious. Other scam signs we will look for and that will build a clearer picture of this site.

WHOIS tells us their site was registered in 2018/10/27 and we see it was only for 365 days. That is nearly no time to invest in your own online business and that is also indicative of an online scam. Of course, there are legit founders online that registered for the same time period and it is not enough to say scam or legit regarding any site.

Location given is Hong Kong and it is by CHICV INTERNATION HOLDING LIMITED. ‘CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED’ is deemed a pure scam. Many sites using that as their business name. So you only have to Google any piece of information about these sites and see what comes up. Where sites are not good, you should see a decent level of bad reports. Where sites are legit, but one or two scam reports, that is not enough to say ‘scam’. Even good companies get complaints.

No founder name anywhere online connected to that site. That is never a good sign, coupled with the ‘CHICV INTERNATIONAL…’ name, and short time registration for their e-store – things are not looking good already.

Only means for contact is service@anniecloth.com. That is not enough, and in their contact section, they have only quoted a paragraph regarding their websites visitors data processing. That is what is called ‘non-sequitur’, i.e., what they are saying does not logically follow. No customer phone number.

Their prices are excessively generous and by now you can see that a business missing so much information should have us use caution.




Final Thoughts.

Not recommending this site. We will wait on your own customer reviews before deciding if they are a fraud or legit. Personally, I would not shop on that site given the brief and alarming research above.

That is it on What Is ‘Annie Cloth’ and very much looking forward to your shared help in helping to gain more clarity on this site. Consider bookmarking this web page so you may follow the conversation below as it unfolds.




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