What Is AmeliaCotton10.com About – Is AmeliaCotton10 Scam or Legit?

By | December 8, 2018

What Is AmeliaCotton10.com And Are They Genuine? – Scam Alert!

Good job indeed on finding this article on What Is AmeliaCotton10.com! Is AmeliaCotton10 com (www.ameliacotton10.com) fake, scam, crooked, bad, dishonest or Is AmeliaCotton10 genuine, safe, legit, real, good and honest? This Amelia Cotton 10 Review is here to expose that site as fraudulent. They are new but they are becoming an old scam to me. They have other sites to beware of such as CottonBlanket.NetHobbiLaunchGeemaLandFarmZilySleepious, AmeliaQuilt.com and there is more! Please report if anyone of the sites in question have scammed you. Know of any not on this list? Leave all complete URL’s in the comments and I will do my best to expose them quickly.

There are a number of scammers, operating in a different country from where they are selling their shoddy wears, masqueraded as fine quilt designs. The whole gambit is they are hoping you will buy one of their cheap prints, and many times, will not be the print you ordered – if you get anything delivered. This is a highly fraudulent scam network and they are producing several sites quicker and quicker as the holidays approach. What is to follow is a break down on how they are running this scam. This may help to jog your memory of the kind of runaround they offer their customers.

What Is AmeliaCotton10.com All About – A Very Quick Warning.

To be 100% emphatically clear, do also stay away Sleepious, HobbiLaunch, GeemaLand, AmeliaQuilt, CottonBlanket.Net, FarmZily and sites that look like theirs. All scams. Let us now take a closer look at What Is AmeliaCotton10.com so ‘YOU’ can see how they are just no good. As always we are going to be taking a look at the Founder. Founder name, business address and usual contact information is what we are hoping to see registered with their site.

AmeliaCotton10.com Review
don’t buy anything from www.ameliacotton10.com!

AmeliaCotton10.com was registered online 2018/12/07 and only for 1 year. Any businesses that want to register for 1 year online are not being serious at all. 1 Year is much too short a time frame to allow your business to gain traction and grow. It is a typical time frame of hit-and-run sites, that like to stick around and scam for 1 or 2 years, and then shut down suddenly and start up a new one. Since they are scamming people from a different country from where they are operating from , it seems, it is trickier to shut them down.

Founder Name is conveniently absent at site registration and so is a real world address along with some contact info. All missing! Big Scam Sign Warning! No ethical business expect you to deal with a ‘Mr No Name’ owner. Their site has an address but that is not theirs. 

2055 Hazel Ave NE, Salem, OR 97301, United States. That is a house that has been sold in the last 30 days per search results online. That address has nothing to do with the site under question. It is typical for scam sites to steal and display others addresses as their own as ‘proof’ they are operating in a certain location. Always Google the Address, cell/phone numbers, email addresses and see what comes up. If they are a scam network, if info is normally connected to other older scam sites, and a useful tip in your own online research.

The Scam Revealed – Don’t BUY From Them – Dispute All Charges.

Since their site (AmeliaCotton10) is new then there is going to be literally no complaints just yet. As mentioned, they used to be called EmmaCotton09.com! You can go ahead and type that EmmaCotton URL into Google and you will see it redirect to AmeliaCotton10. 

Actually, while we are on the topic of their many names, here is a list of the kind of names their scam network loves to go by, that you should watch out for:-

  • Amelia Quilt – that is actually the name in the tab of AmeliaCotton10 ! They forgot to change that and a reliable clue that something is up. There should always be congruence with such important site data.
  • Ms Scarlett O’Quinn appears to be the owner and main name to contact.
  • Ecrafta.
  • Umovietee.
  • Ara Cotton.
  • Joyce Quilt.
  • Cotton Blanket.
  • USA Crafta.
  • Kathleen Quilt.
  • Ema Cotton.
  • Amelia Cotton.
  • Weirdo Stuff (.net I believe).
  • Bella Quilt.

So, do beware should you come across any of those names online surrounding the making and selling of fine quilts, which by the way, actually cost around $740 a pop! Now you see that they could never sell such fine quilts for about $50.


Here is the way they will get you with their shoddy wears while pretending to be selling expensive looking quilts. 

1). You land on their site, and probably you found them advertising on Facebook, where they will be happy to serve up a site link to make it look like they are legit and trustworthy. It works! Many people have been scammed by this network.

2). Pick your item and pay for it. Now, they have your banking details and that is another flap to say the least! You may have to cancel your card because scam sites love to over-charge or take monthly recurring fee’s. Contact your bank and tell them you were just scammed. They will or should investigate and hopefully give you a full refund.

3). Same for PayPal or any other payment method you used. Dispute ALL CHARGES!

4). Now, it is a waiting game. They will or may say that it is going to take 2 months for your product to arrive – which is the slowest I have ever heard of for ordering online. This is nonsense and another sign that something is not quite right.

5). Many of you may experience your tracking information just disappearing without warning or reason. You can contact support but by this time they may just start to seriously fob you off. They may something like difficulties with the delivery company, or the weather etc, all bogus. 

6). Many complaints online, about the sites listed in teh intro, of items simply not turning up. 

7). Payment is taken immediately!

8). No item shows up.

9). Should an item show up then it is most likely it is nothing like what you ordered. Complaints of ‘flimsy rags’ landing on peoples door steps where, at least in 1 instance, was thrown into the bin.

Were You Scammed By AmeliaCotton10? Report Them In The Comments Below To Help Warn Others – Thank You.


AmeliaCotton10 IS A SCAM! Please Share To Warn Others.


The item you will end up with is not worth the price they are charging, when you consider, that YOU think you are buying a high-end-quality quilt! Contact your payment provider and dispute those charges. Many have got a refund back from PayPal and their banks, so its worth a shot. Those that know of another one are very much welcome to land that exact URL in the comments. 

I hope that answers What Is AmeliaCotton10.com or all. All comments are welcome on your own experiences below with anyone of the sites mentioned herein. All comments are responded to. Thank you for clicking on this article and I am very much looking forward to all of your comments to come.

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4 thoughts on “What Is AmeliaCotton10.com About – Is AmeliaCotton10 Scam or Legit?

  1. Mary Lockhart

    Such a fraud! They are operating under several different sites. Your emails become undeliverable. I am working with PayPal right now to recover my money. PayPal are claiming movietee (bella quit) has responded to them and theyre telling PayPal they’re working to solve the issue. It’s all such a scam.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Mary,

      PAYPAL already has had complaints about the site under question. Why does PayPal act like its the very first time they have heard about such sites like AmeliaCotton10.com when others have already disputed payments to that site? Makes no sense to me whatsoever. I say this because their entire scam network has many 100’s of complaints about them this website (scamwitness.com) already.

      Thank you Mary for your report on the scammer site called AmeliaCotton10 – it is much appreciated 🙂 .

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Emily,

      Seek a refund from your payment provider. Once they see you were scammed and I have my fingers crossed you will get a full refund. Your comment and warning is very much appreciated on AmeliaCotton10 SCAM SITE.


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