What Is Amelia Cotton Quilt Company? – Scammers Running For The Hills!!

By | December 22, 2018

What Is Amelia Cotton Quilt Company About? UPDATE On The Amelia Cotton Scam.

They are indeed a scam network and that is the quick answer to What Is Amelia Cotton Quilt Company. AmeliaCotton.com at www.ameliacotton.com, (AmeliaCotton10.com, AmeliaCotton9.com) and still there are more, is not legit. Most were scammed via AmeliaCotton10 on Facebook ads and AmeliaCotton.com is “temporarily closed to process and deliver past orders”. Given they were a Christmas Themed Scam, I had a feeling they would not last. You already know the answer to Is Amelia Cotton Quilt Company fake, scam, dishonest,crooked, bad as opposed to good, legit, safe, real, genuine, trustworthy – complete fraud! Please report them in the comments below this article and with the BBB.ORG.

Since exposing the AmeliaCotton.com fraud site, after seeing reports online, on December 8th 2018 there have been 100’s of complaints about their scam network. The BBB.ORG has assembled a list of the networks scam sites. However, there appear to be a few missing – maybe? I will submit the list of the sites that scamwitness.com encountered (and unless I am mistaken) are probably part of this fraudulent network. KNOW OF MORE? You are welcome to report them in the comments below.




What Is Amelia Cotton Quilt Company – 100’s Of Negative Reviews.

Recently the the net has come alive about the fake ‘quilt’ sellers who have stolen the images of others and pretended to sell them on their scam sites. The orders that were delivered with cheap cloths with poor colors and misprints. Some customers threw them in the bin as almost everyone else sought a refund. ScamWitness.com has already exposed the Amelia Cotton Quilt Company – click for full review of AmeliaCotton.com – and so, the entire scope of this article, is to share everything about there network available.Β 

Much has been made about the apparent location of the Amelia Quit Cotton Company, submitted as 2055 Hazel Ave NE, Salem, OR 97301, United States by the scammers. BBB has tried on several occasions to make contact and there has been no response. BBB had no choice but to give them an F RATING! πŸ™‚ Β πŸ™‚ .


They have also listed a few names and the other sites that have been scamming unwary customers.



Principal and also Customer Contact is Scarlett O’Quin.

Another Contact is Glen Baines.


The Scam Sites Run By Scam Scammers Are:-

  • BellaQuilt.com.
  • Amelia-Quilt.com (AmeliaQuilt.com).
  • EmaStore10.com
  • HelloDobo.com.
  • DuhuQuilt.com.
  • AmeliaCotton10.com.
  • EmmaCotton09.com.
  • EmaCotton.com.
  • EmmaCotton13.com.
  • NerdyJerky.Net.
  • BellaQuilt.Net.
  • USCrafta.com.
  • WeirdoStuff.com.
  • Ecrafta.com


Other Names They Go By:-

  • Amelia Cotton.
  • Weirdo Stuff.
  • Kathleen Quilt.
  • USA Crafta – USA Crafta.
  • UmovieTee.
  • EMA Cotton.
  • ARA Cotton.
  • Cotton Blanket.
  • Joyce Quilt.
  • Amelia Quilt.
  • Ducha.
  • Elsi Quilt.
  • Duhu Quilt.
  • Elsie May Quilt.
  • Printable Company Limited.




Other Sites That ‘May’ Also Be Connected To The Amelia Cotton Quilt Scandal.












Those are linked reviews from this website with many COMPLAINTS OF NO QUILTS BEING DELIVERED. Do, in particular, check out the AmeliaQuilt.com Review with 149 Comments (see date of this article). Many detailed reviews from unhappy customers.

*Additionally, ifΒ one or more of those scam sites is not part of the same fraudulent network as Amelia Cotton Quilt Company, then we have potentially another fake quilt operation in full swing!


The Ravening Wolf on Facebook may also be part of this network.

You may click on those reviews and see how they are scamming people. However, here is a quick walk-through of how they have scammed many 100’s of people as we approached the holiday season.




Quick Break Down Of How The Scam Works.

1). Facebook seems to have unwittingly played a vital role in the distribution of this networks scam ads of their fake quilts. Victims of this fraud have complained to Facebook of having been scammed by one of their ads but no action was taken.

2). Reported complaints at scamwitness.com was about FB’s response, from one of the victims who complained to that platform, Β “they don’t violate our policies”. Something more needs to be done then to give distraught victims, caught by a scam through Facebook’s Advertising, an answer like that. Of course, I imagine other platforms were used as well.

3). However you landed on anyone of the sites aforementioned, here is how they have pulled the ‘wool’ ( ( πŸ™‚ ) over many unwary customers eyes.

4). You pay for the advertised quilt and the average price is $60. The ACTUAL PRICE of those quilts is far greater! The materials used to make any one of those quilts is $200 ALONE! Now you can see that $60 is a pure lie. Those interested would have to pay $750 and maybe a lot as it takes 50+ hours of work to make just one. That info is courtesy of one of the original designers of that quilt whom I won’t name in case that person does not want to be mentioned.

5). These scammers were only offering an inferior product – if you got anything at all.

6). Some people noticed they did not get a tracking number, if they did, it was fake. They also noticed that customer service spoke to them asking them to ‘understand’ and to ‘sympathize’ with them about late order(s). No legit company accepts that as an acceptable response to a customers late order. And also, supports English has been reported as ‘broken’.

7). And of course there are plenty of reports of no quilts being delivered. The fake company has said that it will take only a few weeks but in truth ends up 2 months or more.Β 

8). Typically, should the ‘quilt’ turn up reports have referred to it as a ‘flimsy cloth’, ‘flimsy rags’ and some even just threw it away. Most sought a refund, and INCREDIBLY some were decline.


Many of their sites are being redirected to AmeliaCotton.com or just closed down. If you know of more, please report the full URL below in the comments.



Do You Have A Amelia Cotton Quilt Company Scam Report? Your Reviews Are Welcome To Be Placed Below This Article – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

As said this is just an update surrounding aforementioned fake company. The have since made the news on other websites and so now the whole of U.S is being alerted! Please do share this article to help get the word out. Sleepious.com appears to be the only site that they are operating from!! Do report any site you suspect is a scam below.Β 

Those with questions on What Is Amelia Cotton Quilt Company are welcome to ask below. Scam Reports, Reviews, stories and opinions are welcome as well. Even those that just need to let off some steam and have a good old rant and rave are welcome as well πŸ™‚ Β . I respond to all comments personally and I am looking forward to them very much.


Those Declined A Refund May Want To Try Again Offering The BBB Report On Amelia Cotton Quilt Company As Proof.

Feel Free To Share This Article With Your Networks – Thank You.

45 thoughts on “What Is Amelia Cotton Quilt Company? – Scammers Running For The Hills!!

  1. Sherrie Goldsmith

    I thought I could trust this company since they had a PayPal account…wrong! I ordered 2 queen-sized quilts on Nov. 24. They were for Christmas gifts also but Christmas came and went and no quilts. On Dec. 27, I believe, I looked on my credit card statement for the quilt charge and it said PayPal with a phone number, so I called it. They seemed willing to get involved and took my information. I went to my mail box and there was a small plastic bag with DHLE on it as the return address. This cheap piece of fabric and was certainly not a quilt, nor a blanket! It barely reached the sides of the bed. It was so cheap looking with red dotted lines to show where to sew the binding on it and it also had large red numbers, probably the design number..but it was exposed! I let PayPay know about the fabric with binding that I got instead of a quilt. They contacted the business, which sent me a phony shipping tracker for the other quilt….when you look it up it says they haven’t received that item. I didn’t want it and they won’t take them back! I looked the company online only to find that they had 29 different names! The BBB had so many complaints I only counted what they had on one name…there were 82 in 3 month period! Most people didn’t get their order and the ones that did said it wasn’t a quilt or it was something really cheap looking. I tried telling PayPay about this company and that there are so many complaints I would think they would do something about it. But they didn’t seem interested. They didn’t give me a refund, although they acted like they were. They said I didn’t fax them a required report I made for internet scams. I did, and I had the sheet from the UPS Store that verified that I had sent it. But they denied the claim! I will no longer use my PayPay account and I guess they will just keep paying $$$ out instead of revoking the Emma Cotton’s account

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Sherrie,

      PayPal knows right well they are a scam company. I will be thinking twice now myself before I use them. So many times people have complained of no refunds because the payment provider have not the morals to refund them, even though, they know your complaint is genuine given all the other complaints receive.

      Sorry to hear this Sherrie.

      I did not know there were 82 of them! I just read there are 1000’s of ID’s for these guys on Facebook. Do you remember the link for those 82 companies by any chance Sherrie?

  2. Teresa Perrine


    I am hoping that you will be able to help me with a possible scam.

    I ordered a Notre Dame quilt from Lady Mantles on November 17th for my son for Christmas. I even paid for express shipping. I even received confirmation along with a tracking number from China. On Dec. 24th, I sent an email to the address at the bottom of my confirmation of order receipt. it went to: support@needthisinmylife.com.

    They said there had was due to high demand and that my quilt was on backorder. It would be shipped on or before Jan. 15th. Ok… I waited. I sent them an email today, Jan. 31st, again only to receive the SAME email as I did on Dec. 24th with the promised date of Jan. 15th. I emailed them right back demanding some answers and NOTHING.

    Next, I went to the store’s website: http://www.ladymantles.com I emailed them at support@ladymantles.com. They apologized for the delay and thanked me for my patience promising shipment soon. I followed up with a second email and NO RESPONSE.

    I tried calling the contact number: 1 – 586 – 749 – 9048. It rang and rang… then said it was disconnected. I ran a number search and found out that it was a disconnected land line.

    What can I do? Where can I go to report this as a SCAM? Is there a way to get my money back?

    I would appreciate any help or guidance you can offer me.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Teresa,

      NeedThisInMyLife.com, when I tried to visit that site, I got a warning page saying that it may be a malicious website trying to steal my personal infomration.

      So, I Went to LadyMantles.com and I have come across that site before but for some reason did not pursue a write-up on them.

      I will now. I do not know if they are scam or not yet, but by the sounds of your experience so far, I am not holding my breath they are legit. So, I must review them first and certainly let you know Teresa.

      You can report a scam at the BBB.ORG SCAM TRACKER HERE.

      Contact your payment provider and request a refund stating your reasons as you have stated here. Thank you so much for your report on Lady Mantles report and sorry it was not a good experience. I will be looking into them shortly πŸ™‚ ~ Scam Witness.

  3. Sherry

    I was scammed by Amelia Quilt too. Placed the order Nov. 23, 2018. Still haven’t seen the quilt. Contacted PP and was told to work with the seller first. This has been going on since Jan. 23rd… this is a joke. Got a tracking number that doesn’t work, Amelia Quilt said it won’t work until the package gets to me country…HA!! I don’t believe that, all other orders I placed had tracking numbers that updated from the time the carrier picked the packages up until they were dropped off at my door or mailbox. Wrote back and told them no where in the ad did it say this was from overseas. I expected it to be in Oregon since I was told I would get the quilt in 2 weeks. My confirmation said there was a 100% refund if I didn’t get it within 45 days. I send Amelia Quilt another message telling them I wanted my 100% refund as stated on the confirmation. Every message from them now has said the same thing…. my order has been shipped, I will get it soon and thanked me for my patience. By now, my patience is gone.
    I have until Feb. 11th to contact PP if I need to get them involved. Sad thing is, if PP decides in Amelia Quilts favor, they will close the claim and it can’t be reopened. I will be involving PP in the next couple of days…have a feeling I will end up losing the $79.80 I spent on the quilt that I don’t expect to ever see. Then, the next step will be contacting my bank to see if they can do anything as well as contacting the BBB.
    Sad thing is, I know better when ordering on line…ALWAYS research the company first.

  4. Terrilynn

    I too ordered a quilt for my daughter for Christmas at PRINTABEL COMPANY LIMITED. $70 via PayPal. Sent a non working DHL shipping number and have now disputed the charges. It seems Facebook should take some responsibility from letting known scammers advertise. I thought it was safe considering it was on Facebook. Anyway, I’m getting my money back, even if I have to go through my bank to do it. I’m sticking to Amazon from now on for any online orders.

  5. Roberta Whittemore

    I also was scammed by this – ordered a dragon quilt almost 2 months ago and nothing delivered. Received the usual we have many orders and trying to keep up, delivery will be late due to busy season, etc. Then they told me it was done – finally – but that delivery might take a while. Then received an email response that indicated it wasn’t done. Then received a tracking number but never was delivered. It just goes back and forth. Amelia quilt and ecrafta emails.

  6. Mike Beveridge

    Was scammed also! Ordered a Golden Retriever quilt from Emma cottons (65 dollars) on Nov.21st. Got an email from “ecrafta” stating that order was received and it would arrive in two weeks. Never arrived for Christmas and let paypal know. They were looking into it and finally started receiving shipping updates all of a sudden from DHL. Well in arrived today 2 months later, and when I opened it I saw a cheap, $5.00 flimsy blanket with stitching and the design was of ELEPHANTS!!! I am so annoyed, and Facebook is partly to blame also. Will never purchase anything posted on FB ever again! Beware!

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Mike,

      Very sorry to hear about this Have you tried yet to put in for a refund? You would definitely qualify for it I’d say. Thank you kindly for letting everyone know about their horrible Amelia Cotton Quilt Company Malicious Scam Network. ~ Scam Witness.

  7. Lundi Belleau

    I just found a new email in my Spam from another quilt company by the name of sixtynineblock.com.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Lundi,

      Thanks to your report we have completed our own Review of SixtyNineBlock.com. Thank you very much for your report on that site and now they are sitting on Page 1 of Google waiting for people to find out the truth about that site. Much appreciated Lundi πŸ™‚ ~ Scam Witness.

  8. Debby Dempsey

    I ordered five Quilts, three different orders, they kept sending my email saying they were coming. Then when checked again, they were closed down so no way to contact them. And they kept changing there name. Paypal told me to repeat all correspondence from Amelia Quilts why they investigate. There is a new one out today on f/b called blueblock, so bewere.

  9. Joanne Taylor

    I also was scammed – the company name they were going by at that time was “printabel company”. I have purchased a few pairs of shoes through ads on FB, and received them in good time, and they were also very nicely made/painted/ embroidered… so I really thought this was going to go that same way. Well, nope. My order was dated 11/26/18 – and supposed to be received by 12/18/18. It is now 1/14/19, and I hve not received the Dragonfly Quilt that cost me 76.00. Thank you for this article… sad to know I was not the only one scammed, however.


    Yes, I was scammed by the Amelia Quilt Company for $119.00. I should have known when I was charged the day my order was placed and nothing arrived. I will no longer order anything advertised on Facebook.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Loyce,

      Simply look up for reviews on sites before buying. If none, then just be careful of unknown or new sites. To play it safe then perhaps just make purchases from AMAZON and other such stores. Hope that helps Loyce.

      1. Martha Romrell

        Amazon is not immune to them either! I just saw an advertisement on Amazon for Amelia Quilt. It said they were sold exclusively on Amazon! This was on there today-1/18/2019

        1. Scam Witness

          Hi Martha,

          Is there a way to report them to Amazon? I do not use that platform myself is why I ask. Thank you kindly for alerting everyone here to the threats on Amazon regarding the Amelia Cotton Quilt Company. If you have a link to the product ad then I would love to have a look. Thanks Martha πŸ™‚ .

          1. Glenda Dalton

            I also was scammed big time by Amelia Quilts or whatever they call themselves off of the Christmas quilts posted on Facebook! Ordered Nov. 21st.. received several emails since from other names quilt is done but no word of shipping. And today is Jan. 21st. Idk who to contact to refund my money but will report this scam. I am very disappointed and sad that people like this stoop so low. Thank you, Glenda

  11. Shannan

    I just commented on your other page https://scamwitness.com/ameliaquilt-com-scam-or-legit/ about my experience with the fraudulent site at amelia-quilt.com. After realizing they had scammed me, I started investigating and discovered they are linked to all of these other probable scam sites as well. I then looked up the WHOIS registry for each domain and all of them were very recently registered. Yet another red flag!

    These sites were all clicked from Facebook ads! Shame on Facebook!
    amelia-quilt.com/ Domain first registered on 11/13/2018
    emmacottons.net/ Domain first registered on 11/14/2018
    ecrafta.com Domain first registered on 7/30/2018
    gigiblanket.com/ Domain first registered on 9/18/2018
    cottonzily.com Domain first registered on 9/8/2018
    kenshinart.com/ Domain first registered on 11/7/2018
    geemaland.com/ Domain first registered on 10/27/2018
    sleepious.com/ Domain first registered on 9/25/2018
    ladymantles.com/ Domain first registered on 8/21/2018
    passion9to5.com/ Domain first registered on 8/23/2018
    kenshinart.com/ Domain first registered on 11/7/2018
    nanathread.com/ Domain first registered on 10/20/2018
    goodszily.com/ Domain first registered on 8/12/2018
    kyohomes.com/ Domain first registered on 6/8/2018
    skullnmore.com/ Domain first registered on 11/6/2017
    campreme.com/ Domain first registered on 8/23/2018
    t.tcrafta.com/ Domain first registered on 9/7/2018
    mimiquilting.com/ Domain first registered on 10/20/2018
    clematisess.com/ Domain first registered on 8/21/2018
    christmaswarmy.com/ Domain first registered on 10/31/2018
    tarich.net/ Domain first registered on 7/24/2018
    usaecraft.com Domain first registered on 9/7/2018
    uscrafta.com/ Domain first registered on 9/7/2018
    allumad.com/ Domain first registered on 8/23/2018

    See a pattern? They are all newly created or registered and all selling similar products. AND all domains have a private registration so you cannot see who owns it. I was able to find all of these links by clicking on ads for quilts that were popping up on my Facebook feed like wildfire during the Christmas season. All were images of quilts with the same 3 backgrounds (in front of tan shop fixture with the folds of the quilt always the exact same regardless of what was on the quilt, some greenery around the top of the quilt, or outside with a cat sitting in front).

    I hope this site and all these comments help someone! Thanks for putting this site together. I was going to do one myself because I was so mad about being scammed but I never seem to find the time to put a site together. So thanks!

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Shannan,

      Excellent research and I am very grateful you have decided to share this information with everyone. Time is indeed precious but, should you find it, then I can offer you 2 for free. Thanks again Shannan, it really is appreciated.

      P.S. please feel to leave the rest of the list if you have time Shannan and thanks again.

  12. Rebekah Paparella

    I also got scammed..what was I thinking?? the prices were too low and the English was definitely “broken”.
    The worst part is I ordered a quit of a Buddha, adding insult to injury.
    I paid with paypal so will try for a refund..no clue where to start as this is a first for me. Thanks for your work to help others avoid this same mess.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Rebekah,

      You only have to contact your payment provider for a refund. You are very welcome as well Rebekah and thank you for your comment.

  13. J. Sears

    Ordered the “quilt” on Nov. 2, still waiting. Thought it might be a printed cover with stitching which would have worked for me as the price was so low. My Favorite Quilt was the company that got me for $60 and it was off Facebook. Did get an email address of the owner of the site. Le Quang Minh thienhapan255@gmail.com is the recorded “owner”. I emailed him but doubt I will hear back. Perhaps everyone could email him??

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi J. Sears,

      What a very interesting comment J. Sears. How did you get the owner name, assuming that is a real name?

      Hmm, should that really be the owner then I bet the BBB would love to hear from you.

      Thank you kindly J. Sears and I hope you have a really great New Years πŸ™‚ . ~ Scam Witness.

  14. Alex

    Wow! I was just in Oregon visiting my sister in Portland. My Dad and I probably drove by the place on the way to my sister’s house from California! Lol, probably not, but you get the idea. I am glad to see you wrote down the other names this scam operates by. I will keep extra vigilant then. It is helpful of you to do so. I guess when the scammers are exposed they just rename themselves.

    I do have a question though. How many scams would you say operate out of Facebook? It seems like quite a lot these days.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Alex,

      WOW – small world Alex πŸ™‚ . Well, I have a list of over 400 scam sites currently advertising on Facebook, but really, its anyone’s guess. A lot more.

      Thanks Alex for your Amelia Cotton Quilt Company comment and I hope you have a great New Year. ~ Scam Witness.

  15. Bobette

    I also got taken for $75.00, I hope to get a refund through my bank. I saw another ad under Chai Chai on Christmas Day. I can’t believe that Facebook is still allowing them to advertise.
    I hope these people are happy for ruining so many Christmas’s , I hope they rot in jail and hell.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Bobette,

      Have you got their Facebook URL? I found a Chai Chai but its nothing to do with Quilts. Sorry this happened to you and thank you kindly for your Amelia Cotton Quilt Company Scam Report. The more that give them deserving Negative Reviews the quicker they will be forced to shut down.

      Thanks again Bobette and please don’t let these scammers ruin your holidays. Apply for a refund and forget about it til after New Years my friend – life is too short. ~ Scam Witness.

  16. Glenn Heale

    I ordered one back on December 4th through FB. After reading this (actually I had a gut feeling this was a scam at the beginning) I am now in contact with PP for a resolution. I hope I get my money back. I also noticed that some of their links in the emails I got no longer work.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Glenn,

      I been scammed online before and believe me I know the feeling when someone has taken you for a ride. Sorry to hear about this Glenn but also I am grateful you have decided to support this articles work by supplying your own Amelia Cotton Quilt Company Scam Report.

      I wish you well with your refund and would love to hear if they refund you or not. Thanks again Glenn πŸ™‚ . ~ Scam Witness.

    2. MARYANN Rowsell

      HA, just like me. Wanted it by Christmas, got that weird feeling that maybe it was too good to be true and, alas, now trying to get my money back thru paypal.

  17. Bella

    Hello Philip,
    Terrific ARTICLE,this help to ban scammers for good.This is very big help not to be scam again with scammers ..
    I will share your article because i feel sorry to those people who lose there money if it becomes making money online.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Bella,

      Lovely to hear from you Bella and thank you kindly for leaving your comment on the Amelia Cotton Quilt Company Scam Network. It is very much appreciated and thanks as well for the share of this article.

      Happy Holidays Bella πŸ™‚ .

  18. Moni

    Hi Philip, thank you for a very informative article. You really opened my eyes to these scams.

    I am disappointed, but not surprised, at Facebook’s response as they just seem to be only interested in advertising budget!

    I hope your article will save some people from falling prey to these scammers. Sometimes I wonder how these thieves sleep at night! Of course, the answer is they don’t have a conscience.

    I will be sharing your link with as many people as I can in the hope together we can stop some people from getting scammed by these low life’s.

    Thank you again… keep up the good work!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Moni,

      Your support in scamwitness.com is very much appreciated. I will most certainly always endeavor to help expose as many scam as possible. I also appreciate you sharing this articles link and I have no doubt it really will help save many from the Aemlia Cotton Quilt Company Scam Network.

      Anyone with Scam Reports are welcome to place them here to help further expose this shameless scam network – Thank You.

      Thanks again Moni πŸ™‚ .

  19. Rose

    Oh my goodness, all those websites? if I need to buy a quilt from an online business, i have to come back here and make sure their site is not on this list. and shame on facebook for not taking any action. thank you so much for this post, I hope many people get to see it so they don’t fall in the hands of these thieves.

    thank you, you are gonna save many people from losing money online.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Rose,

      Thank you kindly Rose and yes definitely check they are not on the list provided by the BBB.ORG and ScamWitness.com. Much appreciate your time and support here Rose πŸ™‚ .


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