What Is JamaAccessories.com – Is ‘Jama Accessories’ Scam or Legit?

By | May 19, 2019

Quick JamaAccessories.com Review.

Than you for ‘clicking’ on this swift JamaAccessories.com Review. We aim to answer What Is JamaAccessories com, are they a fraud or safe and legit? We notice that they are a very new site and so, as a rule, use caution until they are proven safe. What Is ‘Kendra Scott’? Site Logo and URL do not match. 

Those with customer review of this website are asked to leave them in the comments. This will help everyone get a clearer understanding as to the real nature of this e-store. If dishonest, then it will protect others. If legit, then we can shop there in safety. 







JamaAccessories.com Back Information.

  • We begin to know more about JamaAccessories.com by seeing if we can locate the founder, how to contact their business, address of their location and when they have registered their online property. Where it is obvious this information is not visible then we can know legit businesses do not hide this.
  • There are times that e-store owners are people that work for themselves from home. Where this is so it is of great use if such people would express such within their sites content. This is will stop others suspecting you as there are just too many fake stores doing the rounds right now.
  • WHOIS displays a registration date of 2018/12/24 and only a year they have registered that property. So that is another worrying sign. Why so little time to invest in your own online shop? It is very normal for honest businesses to register stores for many years to come. 1 or 2 years is indicative of a hit-and-run scam site.
  • But, it could be a founder just wants to see how their business will do in the first year and see if it is worth renewing for longer. 
  • Guangdon, CN (CHINA) is all they have put in for their address. That is another worrying sign. Why is the address not complete? Have we reached a ‘new normal’ where businesses do not feel obliged to give business transparency. Personally, I must have all this info before I could be at ease handing over may own payment information.
  • Things worsen when we see there is no founder name listed upon their sites registration. Why? This is a cover up and unnerving so far.
  • Heading to their website we can see if they have redeemed themselves for this kind of information. If not, then probably you should stay clear of them. I have seen many legit businesses and they always have a section detailing founder, dept heads stories, and give verifiable information as to whom they are.
  • Contact Information is practically non-existent. Email of custserv5465@foxmail.com is all they have. Also, do you notice that their email has absolutely nothing in name to do with their own websites Site Logo of ‘Kendra Scott’ and URL? It is usual for online businesses to have a company email address with the same words as their brand name.
  • We have 3 points of contradiction about their actual name! All must match, and where they do not, is a classic scam sign. No founder name or business address, or customer phone number, on their own website.
  • Their ‘ABOUT US’ section is highly Generic and actually does not tell us a thing about who they are, where they are from, and only a sales pitch. 




Final Thoughts.

Finding so many problems akin to a scam site we are not recommending them for now. I fear I may be sending people into a bad experience. However, since we may be wrong in this determination, it is better we wait on your customer reviews for a better picture.

So, those that have had a purchase experience with this website are now asked to contribute your knowledge. This will vastly help others in their own research. Thank you for coming by and that is all for now on What Is JamaAccessories.com. Looking forward to your views below 🙂 .




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