What Is AlMoney.icu – Is AlMoney.icu Scam or Legit? – Can’t Cash Out?

By | February 15, 2019

Find Out What Is AlMoney. icu Here – AlMoney. icu Review.

‘Welcome To Paid Advertising Viewig System’ – that is the same slogan they use on all of their sites. Good to see you here and we will be discussing What Is AlMoney. icu. Is AlMoney icu legit, safe, real and genuine or is Almoney a scam, deceptive, bogus and a pile of cheaters? So, this AlMoney review is to show you if they are crooked or not, and try to help you understand, why you will never get paid by them. All that cash for such easy work? – NOPE, none of their offer is real.

Feel free to help out to warn others by letting everyone know your experience working on that site. I bet there is even not one person that will ever show evidence of cashing out. Why? Because this network has been operating online since 2014 and we have exposed 100’s of their sites. 100’s! The founder of that network has never refuted a single work said by us. That alone is enough to know we are not dealing with legit sites.



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Almoney. icu – ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Is Still Expanding – Review.

A review on one of these sites is a review of them all. Almoney. icu is number 1845 of 1846 copies that have been made since 2014. They come from Russia originally but they come in English, French and German, per other online reports. They waste peoples time by getting them to fill out capchas after watching ads and making tons of referrals. THen they want people to pay to cash out – BIGGEST SCAM SIGN EVER! Never pay anyone to cash out your own earnings. That is only a scam site – Stable Datum (N.B.!)



www.almoney. icu is a fake!


Registration for this recent copy was in early February 2019 and lasts for only 1 year. Sites that are serious about offering work from home jobs will normally register for much longer. So 1 year is a scam sign and that is something to watch out for.

They have hidden all information surrounding the founder, where they are really from, contact information is not real and all the reviews on their site are utterly fake. They make copies every two weeks to replace old sites that have shut down due to being reported on or just a lack of interest. There is no way of knowing why one site is more popular than another. 

Looking to their website we can see they have left no founder name and no address of their business. That is not good enough and usually I would just say not recommended. But in their case, since they are nothing but a huge scam network – SCAM!




The Work – Why It Is All Fake.

Free to sign up and all are welcome. You may have noticed that you needed not to have used your real email address, a fake one would of signed you up perfectly. What you actually filled out was a phishing form. The point of the form, is to get your email address, but also you password.

You know? That password you may keep on using for ALL OF YOUR ONLINE ACCOUNTS?!! Well, scammers know this all too well and now you could have spam-fraudsters hitting you inbox forever.

10c a click is also laughable. Places that are not scams, only offer out 0.00005 to 0.0005 per click. The higher paying out sites may give you that up to 00.03 per click – if you are lucky! 

50% of your referrals earnings is also a huge lie. So if we are to believe you get 10c per click, and then you take 5c from all referrals, then how is it then that your referrals STILL gets 10c per click? You see the lie? NO? OK, good luck on their site so.

Clicking ads, filling captchas, making referrals – CASH OUT!

If only it were that easy…

No one ever cashes out except the crooked sites from your efforts and also they will try to get cash out of you. That is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve.

Anyways, they want you make them referrals to increase their chances of scamming even more people. 

Once $300 is reached, which by the way is far too high, you will find that they want you to pay them to complete a survey, or some useless task, where you will be charged for it. Then they will get some money for that.

But also, before that happens, they will ask for 40 referrals. This is not mentioned anywhere on their site and only comes up when you have all the work done.

So, you are not going to have those referrals, and now they will ask for $9 (thereabouts) so they can give you 100 referrals. That is 100 referrals that you can skim half of their future pay from – see how they are playing on peoples laziness and greed yet? NO? OK, good luck on their site -once again. Some folks gotz to be learning the hard ways…

Lastly, those that paid will now still never get their cash. Contact your bank and secure your payment information and put in for a refund, if possible.

The last one of their copies that we exposed was ApsMoney. Club and you may see how that works out in our verdict.

What Is ApsMoney.Club – Is ApsMoney.Club Scam or Legit?





Here Is A Video Walk Through Of How They Scam People By ScamWitness.com Founder – ‘Me’.

That video is 2 mins long and gives a good overview of how they are a scamming network. Don’t mind the name of the site, they are all the same, and so a review of one is a review of them all. That ‘AtMoney’ by the way was a particularly damaging site. And it is still running.






Final Thoughts.

My #1 Recommendation may not be any good to you as it will require you to do some real work (hehe 🙂 ) – I AM KIDDING! LOL, but, if you are interested then Wealthy Affiliate is a very good site that will show you how to earn online for the long term. Its not all free but certainly free to start. HERE is our review and you can sign up HERE to have a look around for yourself. That is all on What Is AlMoney. icu and look forward to you comments and or questions about anything said here today. For those that are about to ask – YOU CAN’T CASH OUT!!! Almoney is going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.


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