What Is AlmMoney.Club – Is AlmMoney.Club Scam or Legit?

By | September 25, 2018

What Is AlmMoney. Club and Are They Real?

Good job on clicking on this article because now you will find out What Is AlmMoney. Club! Is AlmMoney Club safe, legit, good, genuine, real or is Al Money Club fake, scam, crooked, dishonest? This AlmMoney Review is going to show you why they are just a fake site that will never pay you. I will show you that their is no ownership details, no assigned address for their online company and certainly how they will try to steal money from you under false pretenses. Below is my research to help you to determine your own mind on this site.

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What Is AlmMoney. Club and how I know they are running a Scam Network!

AlmMoney.Club Exposed!

Regarding What Is AlmMoney. Club I am afraid there is no good news to tell you. I can assure you I am not wrong in this assertion. I can also tell you that out of their 1470 identical sites of the same scam not 1 person has ever been paid. Of course, if you don’t believe me you are welcome to find out the hard way on your own.

So, to prove to you my dear reader I will show you my exact steps in determining the legitimacy of a site. OK, ready? Shoot off to WHOIS.COM! Type in the URL of AlmMoney Club without the ‘www.’ or ‘https’ or ‘http’, what ever applies to whatever site you are applying these upcoming method to.

Now, look for a legit Founder Name! You won’t find any for AlmMoney, and I haven’t even checked myself.

...And I was right. There is an ‘address’, if you can call it that, stating ‘PANAMA’ as their business location. Scam address, means nothing and only a cover up to hide real location. When scammers do this, it is only to hide from angry customers, members and most importantly – the law! There is serious jail time to be had for the Founder if he ever caught because he – she – they having been product these exact sites since 1014. They come in Russian (this entire scam network is from Russia), German and English. Of the English copies there are 1470 – with some shut down. 

The ones that shut down will only last a year. When exposed by sites like mine they will be lucky to last 3 to 6 months online. When their site’s reputation deteriorates so bad then they just close it up and replace it many more. Or, they simply redirect that old site to a new copy.They are identical except for the URL and logo of their sites. So identical that their wording, their errors, admin names, testimonies, monies paid out, member names, Russian Terms and Conditions and everything else.




What They Offer as Real Work and How Their Scam Works.

They say you can sign up and it won’t cost you a penny. All locations on Earth are welcome. You probably signed up with your best email? That is a problem for you now but more on that later. OK! So, here is another test to see if a site is a scam or not.

Enter a fake email address when you first sign up, if they just let you in, then you know they are a scam site. No good and honest site behaves like that. ALSO! Should a site NOT ask for an email confirmation then that also is a sign of scam site.

Moving on

The Work they offer is clicking on advertisers ads. Then doing a code. You can also make referrals for half of your sign ups work efforts. AlmMoney, and actually all of their sites say, you can just simply have 50% of the peoples pay that you refer to them. That is nonsense. If all people are promised 10c a click where is the other 5c coming from to pay your sign up? You see, already their logic is whack and not computing sensibly.

Minimum Payout is $300 and so that is too high. Usual pay out is 1c up to only $100. So when you see sites going above that number then you are to question if they are real or not. I have personally witnessed sites setting minimum payout at $20K and that is all I need to write them up and index that article in Google to tell the World it is a scam.

Daily Earnings is another false hope where you are set up to make $300 per day and even $4800 a month! That is not true. Should you pause and think about it, how does click on an advertisers ad make you 10c? Those that spend $5 on advetisements with the likes of Facebook for example can get between 200 to 300 clicks. At 10c a click with Alm Money you are only getting 50 clicks for $5 and so the advertisers make a huge loss in revenue. That is not making sense either and another excellent sign of a false site.


How the Scam Works!

So, when you have reached $300 then you are to cash out, right? No, you are asked for around $20 processing fee after being told that you got to wait 3 months. That 3 month waiting period is only to have you worried because you want the money NOW! The scammers know this, and so they create what is known as ‘Cognitive Dissonance’. ‘Cognitive’ to do with mental faculties and ‘Dissonance’ meaning to be out of accord with something. Just means they are trying to upset you emotionally and cause confusion, and so in your desperation for the cash, you will pay so little in comparison to the amount that is ready to be cashed out to you.

Should their system crash at the exact moment you paid, just know, sometimes they will pull that trick on you to make you pay again. Don’t do it twice, at least.




Final Thoughts.

They are a fake site and they will never pay you a cent. The owner is expert at hiding his online ID so well that not even the authorities, or very finest scam detecting software’s known to mankind, can locate this person(s). They are no fools but they will play you for one if you let them. Do report them below if you have fallen for their scam.

Have questions on What Is AlmMoney. Club? Go ahead and ask me in the comments section. Need some help to find good and paying online work. Ask me below and tell me what kind of work you are looking for. For those interested you may find out here How to Get Started Online and For Free. Alternativey, you can still collect your free starter account HERE to learn how to make a website like mine and earn a very good income from it. Thanks guys for stopping by and hope to hear from you all out there online.


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2 thoughts on “What Is AlmMoney.Club – Is AlmMoney.Club Scam or Legit?

  1. Abee

    Hmm, a friend share their link with so I need to ask if they are for real but thanks for all this I really appreciate.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Abee,

      No, AlmMoney. Club is not Legit or Safe. Tell your friend that they are a scam site and neither one of you will get paid and actually get defrauded if you continue.

      In my opinion, it is the biggest online PTC (Paid to Click) network online. Good work on doing your own research before proceeding.

      Here to help to recommend legit ways to earn online.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).


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