What Is AlluMad.com – Is AlluMad.com Scam or Legit? Scam Allert!

By | January 8, 2019

Read Here To Find Out What Is AlluMad.com – Please Report Them Here.

Good work to those that have sought out reviews on What Is AlluMad.com at www.allumad.com . Is AlluMad com good, real, legit,safe, honest, genuine, trustworthy? Or Is Allumad com bad, fake, dishonest, scam? This Allu Mad Review is to warn you about that site. You may read here about the Amelia Cotton Quilt Company that is the name given to their operations. Typically they are known for selling fake quilts. I see at this version of their site they are selling cloths. Either ways, I don’t believe they are real and safe. Those scammed are welcome to report them below.

The sites that we have already exposed, believed to be connected to the same cyber-crooks, are GigiBlanket.com, Amelia Cotton Quilt Company, CottonZily.com, Sleepious.co, Sleepious.com, AmeliaCotton10, EmmaCotton09, LalaLandy.Net, CottonBlanket.Net, CottonColor.Net, SkullnMore.com, GeemaLand, NanaThread, FarmZily, KenShinArt, HobbiLaunch, and still there are more. So many fake shopping sites are out of China and is a point to research. The site in question ‘Allu Mad’ may not send you out anything for your money. Or, they may send you out a ‘flimsy rag’ as some unwary customers phrased about their other sites.

Also be consciousness about the fact that cyber-crooks are always looking for your personal info such as banking details. These details, if you bought from any of the sites listed, maybe at risk from fraudulent attempts. Simply contact your bank and alert them you were scammed and seek a refund. Also you may need to cancel your card for a new 1.




What Is AlluMad.com and Why They Are Not Recommended.

So do beware of HobbiLaunch, FarmZily, KenShinArt, GeemaLand, NanaThread, AmeliaCotton10, Skullnmore, EmmaCotton09, CottonColor Net, LalaLandy Net, CottonBlanket Net, Sleepious.com, GigiBlanket.com, Sleepious.co and CottonZily. The Amelia Cotton Quilt Company linked review above is the one that covers the whole scam networks operations including possible owner names. For now we have to work to prove further why AlluMad.com is not real and only a scam site.


Allumad.com Review

Don’t buy from www.allumad.com!


1). Online registration for their URL was in 2018/12/06. Usually with cyber-crooks they will only register for only 1 year. This is weird because legit businesses will nearly always want to keep their site going for many years to come. And so 1 year is a typical trait of a scam site.

2). Anui, CN is the only address they have submitted at their sites registration. That is an incomplete address and now we don’t even know for sure where exactly they are from. It is common for scammers to give out false, incomplete details or even nothing at all regarding where they are from. That address is from The Peoples Republic of China.

3). On their site there is no founder name, email or contact number. That is an obvious and intentional attempt not to be known and so now you could be giving your cash to an unknown entity, actually, this is exactly what some people have already done. Once again, seek a refund! Contact your payment provider and alert them to this situation.

4). Regarding Scam Signs they have many sites that are nearly identical. The wording in their About Us section is what gives them away even more. The BBB have been trying to contact the owners but to no avail. The consensus is that the whole operation is from China.

5). Prices are very cheap and really a new site could not afford such discounts so early in their online life.

6). No identifying information of any kind and also no customer support. This screams to me that they are hovering all over Facebook, and other social media platforms, capturing clicks from advertisements. You can complain to Facebook but they seem not to want to take any action but only to collect advertising fee’s. They may see that they do not violate our policies. That is not acceptable, and I imagine if they continue, they could be fined all over again for letting this happen.

7). “For over 40 years we have specialized in…” that is the same intro they have on so many of their other sties!

8). Their scam network has to have 1000’s of complaints by now. You can read the article on What Is AmeliaQuilt.com. That has 250 comments regarding that one version of these sites. 

How The Scam Operates.

Here is a quick run through on what could be your experience with Allu Mad.

  • Find them on Facebook or other social media platform? Many complaints of unwary customers clicking on scam adverts and the social media sites wiping their hands of any responsibility, at least per Facebook’s response to such complaints.
  • When you are on their site then it is possible you may have bought something? Now they have your banking info! Watch your card to ensure they are not making unauthorized withdrawals.
  • Typical delivery time is 1-15 days but in truth they may keep you waiting up to and beyond 2 months! Once you keep on making contact with their support then they will now show their true colors. They won’t be helpful and say for you to be patient, that time will pass quickly, to understand their difficulties about your order and perhaps also to sympathize with them. All insane responses for a so-called legit companies to behave.
  • Perhaps a delivery came for you and you see that the product is very low in quality? It is not uncommon to receive something for your cash that is so low in quality that it is not even close to what you paid for it. That is a common complaint regarding their scam network and scam sites in general.
  • Received nothing and still waiting? We would love to hear from you.





Do You Have A AlluMad.com Scam Report or Review? You Are Welcome To Leave Those Reports Below In The Comments To Help Warn Others – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

They have many sites and are not trustworthy. I wish to thank one of this sites readers for reporting on many of their sites. Allu Mad is just one more. Typically they will or may send you out too low quality for you to be happy with paying what you paid for it. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. Please report them below.

That is all there is on What Is AlluMad.com. Those seeking more info then do have a read from the reviews already left in this article. Those with addition data are welcome to leave that below as well. Even if you just need somewhere to vent, rant and rave about your experience then of course you are welcome to do  🙂 . I respond to all comments. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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