What Is ‘Alley Tonaro’ about – Is AlleyTonaro.com Legitimate or Scam Online Store?

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Where Is ‘Alley Tonaro’ Located – Our AlleyTonaro.com Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Thank you for choosing us for your researching needs and we will look into ‘Alley Tonaro’. There are quite a few scam signs and even we are not convinced their address of 233 Raintree Boulevard Kokomo Indiana 46901 United States for AlleyTonaro.com. We will look into every scrap of info about them online before coming to our conclusion. Feel welcome to share any URL’s you think are scams to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2000+ 2020 / 2021 where we may review them.

Those with additional information not shared in this article, or simply wish to leave your own experience, are welcome to do so in the comments section provided below. We moderate all comments and always on the lookout for fake reviews as well.

Time to detail our quick research to help you and others decide if they are legitimate or simply fake. See the comments for real customer reviews and should there be no reviews currently then feel free to share what you may know about ‘Alley Tonaro’.



www.alleytonaro.com was registered on 2020-02-21 for three and sixty-five days One or two years online is considered to be suspicious for it may tell us they are a hit and run scam site. But not always.

We see that, per WHOIS.com, they are from Vietnam and not from the location stated on their site. Why are there two locations for the same online business? Where we encounter multiple locations for an e-store then that may indicate our order is coming from overseas.

There is no completed address when they registered their site, only their general location. No contact data and also where is their own founder’s name? Does their founder not want to be famous for that person’s goods and services from their own business? 

Very suspicious start so far. On their site is the address we stated in the intro. We see that location is only a residential locale. So why would they supply a fake address? We do know those trustworthy companies have no trouble in proving their own location and this is of course a major scam sign. 

Worse than this, with a simple Google Search, we see other websites using that address. So how is it feasible that separate online companies share the exact location when there are no stores there anyways? This is all adding up to a major problem if you have tried to purchase anything from their site, potentially.

Click Here to see if you can see them in Google Maps. Their phone number of 765-210-2971 is indexed in Google but only phone directory sites showing up. No scam reports attached to that number. So that is a positive.

Support@alleytonaro.com is a business email and that is another positive. Many fake e-stores simply use generic emails that we can easily find out if they are located on other websites. Many times scammers will just reuse the same old business information is one way we can locate a hornets-nest of fake e-stores.

However, we do find that their email has a warning attached to it from a source that has been online since 2012, and is a trusted scam busting source. They very rarely get it wrong. So that is a major discouragement from purchasing from this website.

There are categories at ‘Alley Tonaro’ that do not contain any goods or options. So that is another scam sign and why would a legitimate company not complete their own site set up? So this indicates a rush-job in the creation of their site and of course, good companies would not allow this to continue.

There is also Ipsum Lorem Text on their site. This is Latin Dummy Text to show website creators where to insert relevant information for their own visitors. Where we see this then that is another bad sign that not enough care was taken. Once again legit companies would not let this continue. We see this in their ‘Contacts’ section.

We see they possess social media icons but when we click on their Facebook Icon it only reloads the home page. So that is not a good sign for a business not to have social. I for one do not invest time in social media as there are simply not enough hours in the day.

But for a business not to have it then this indicates a further problem with their site. It may indicate they have no intention of being around for a long time and so do beware of that scam sign on e-stores also.

Even their own Return Policy Page is very suspicious. We know per WHOIS that their site was registered on the 2020-02-11. That simply can not be disputed. 

On their own copyright, at the bottom of their site, they are saying 2019. So that is easy to prove an outright lie. Worse still, on their Return Policy Page, they are saying they published that section of their site on the 10/28/2015 updated it 2015

It is impossible to update any content before it has even been created. So they are simply lying to you and others to make it like they have been around for a very long time. This is only to garner undue trust leading to potential sales.

People who may view this may think how can ‘AlleyTonaro’ be a scam when they have been online so long. So that is the only intention they have when they lie about their site’s age in these ways. I have seen this trick many times and of course, legitimate companies simply do not misrepresent themselves in this way.


What about their Prices?

It is more than common to see bargains in real-world stores and on e-stores. This is to entice in people in the hopes they will make further sales, potentially, for pricier items where they can make good profits. So where we see all goods discounted is only losing their e-store owner too much of their profits.

This simply is not a good way to run a business and so there is just too much is involved in the creation, storage, delivery of goods, to ever justify giving away too much of a discount across your store. 

Another thing that may be very easy not to notice is their variety of goods. Genuine companies will tend to focus in on a type of merchandise. Scam Sites will pretend they can quite literally get you anything. So that is not possible and the only place that does this the best is Amazon.


Payment Information – Possible Refunds.

On another source, which we will list below before we end off here, there are four scam reports about ‘Alley Torano’. So that is not a good sign to see an e-store already get bad reports so soon after opening their own online store. 

Per one unsuspecting customer report, the number being used at ‘AlleyTonaro’ has been stolen. The company that is dealing with phone calls have nothing to do with this e-store. What has your experience been in calling their number?

The other reports confirm each other as legitimate as they are all saying ‘scam’. 

If you have ordered from ‘Alley Torano’ then you may need to contact your own payment provider. Do not wait as cardholders or at least some anyways, have only sixty days to put in for a refund. 

PayPal offers 180 Days and so do move fast if you have not received anything, from any e-store, for your own payment.

How did you pay?

Those that paid with their own bank card then simply call your bank and see what they say. Those that paid by PayPal then of course just contact them for a refund if nothing has arrived.

Please take a picture of your Purchase Order Page! If anything does arrive then make a video recording of the info on the packaging and what is inside that package. If so scammed then you have an ultimate proof for an undeniable refund.

Your payment provider may say to try to make reasonable attempts to contact this company. If you have done so already then take screenshots to prove you have covered this step already.


We have gathered all the available information that we noticed and compiled it here. We see their business information is not checking out as legitimate.

NO founder name. Contact phone number reportedly belonging to another company which has been reported, by that company, to the BBB. org.

No social media. Discounts on all items. Lying twice about their site’s age. 

Ipsum Lorem dummy text located. 

No legal documentation, or links, to verify that they are allowed to sell any of the items they are advertising.

Many online saying they are ‘untrustworthy’ or ‘not recommended’ or simply saying ‘show elsewhere’. We will be more direct than this, given our research.

Customer Reviews surfacing saying they have been scammed and putting in for refunds. 

Website composition for business appears to be quite shoddy and that is a scam sign indeed. 

Grammatical errors located in places. 

Two locations for their business. One we have proven is not genuine and the other is just a general location of Vietnam.

Facebook Icon reloads their own home page and that is always a big scam sign.

Disproportionate variety of goods in comparison to genuine e-store owners.
















list of scam websites.



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