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By | January 15, 2019

Find Out Here What Is – #1 Review!

Welcome to this swift review all about found at Is AliveeWP com crooked, fraudulent, scam, dishonest, fake or Is AliveeWP good, genuine, legit, real, safe, honest? This Alivee WP Review is a warning to others to avoid the site in question. They are not real and only fake. They have other sites that use the same wording in their About Us Section. Cyber-crooks after your payment info and so contact your bank to secure it. Seek a refund from ‘MOBLIFEMALL’! Please leave your scam reports below to help alert others – thank you.

Too often we see many fake shopping sites that are originating in China. We will see if that is the case with the site in question. These fraudsters make their cash by pretending to be selling the high end gear on their site. But actually those images are only stolen and you will receive low quality, shoddy, inferior and even counterfeit items for your cash. These items maybe so poor that they are nearly worthless in monetary value in comparison to what you paid for them. Find out more below in this AliveeWP Review.


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 Review – Fraud or Real?

Clearly we have already established the answer to What Is – they are dishonest and very bad. They have other sites that have the same wording as AliveeWP and so that is a real clue we are dealing with fraudsters. We are going to be doing a background check on their site and see what turns up. Where we find out that information, data that is basic for e-commerce sites to have disclosed, is missing or false or incomplete then we can assert further how crooked they are.


Don’t trust!


Cyber-crooks registered their domain URL in 2019/01/08 and is only for a year. That makes no sense because we should assume, if they are a legit site, that they have made huge investments in their business as a whole. Why then is it prudent to spend less than $20 to register your online business marketing efforts to just 1 year? That is a sign that we are dealing with a deceptive site.

Their address of 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 255, Phoenix, 85016, USA, is NOT their address! That is already in use by 100’s or even 1000’s of other online fraudsters and tells me for sure they are not legit. How can they claim this address if it already belongs to someone else? So we can see they are hiding behind information that is not their own.

Their phone number is +1.3478717726. I doubt that it even works.


Heading to their site we will now find out if they have left any legit information.


I see an email address of Anyone get a response from that address?

I checked Google for duplicate content regarding their About Us section and another site showed up having the same word for word document. That site is called and so do stay clear of that one as well. They are no doubt owned by the same people as the one in question.

There is no name or address for returns or where they are from on their site. That is an intentional black-out of their identity and there is no reason for this other than they are being deceptive!



AliveeWP Scam Signs.

  • Often times people will encounter such sites on Facebook and other social media sites. Even when people complain to such platforms about those scam ads then we see complaints that they do  not do anything, well, that is per reports online. Platform benefits from advertising fee, scammer gets free illegal earnings and the unwary customer is the only one that loses their cash in this transaction online. Where did you find out about ‘Alivee WP‘?
  • About Us Section is copied from their older sites. That is a good indicator of a scam network by same owners.
  • Prices are a little too good to be true, and so where you see too good offers, then you should look for reviews to verify if they are good or not. Many more negative reviews, than positive ones, then you know they are not to be trusted as most the net can’t be lying about the one website.
  • Images they use to sell from their site are not their own and only to make you purchase. What you may receive is going to be so poor that it may not be usable. What has your experience been with your order?
  • Why are they referring to themselves as ‘MOBLIFEMALL‘? That is the name of the former site they probably just shut down, copied and pasted the whole site to the current URL, and now they have forgotten or just too lazy to make those errors right. That is also common with scammers.





Do You Have A AliveeWp Scam Report? Please Leave Your Reports Below To Help Warn Others – Thank You.













Final Thoughts.

Have other sites pulling the same con on unwary customers. They have zero identity online. Images are not their own. Contact your bank to cancel your card and get a refund. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. Please report them below to help warn others. Thank you.

That is all on So do stay clear of and also please do leave additional data you may have not covered in this article. Thank you for trusting us with your research and looking forward to all of your comments to come. Please collect your 2 free websites below as by way of us saying thanks to you for reading the whole article. Take care 🙂 .


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5 thoughts on “ – Is Scam or Legit? – Scam Alert!



  2. Viola Johnson

    Saw the inflatable bed on facebook. Needed one for a fam reunion. That was January. No product, no responses from inquiries.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Viola,

      Since you may have made reasonable attempts to contact them perhaps you should contact your payment provider and seek their advice? Thank you for your report about – it is appreciated, and wish you well for a positive outcome.

    2. Terry L Burss

      Saw the inflatable bed on Facebook. Needed one for a camping. That was January. No product, no responses from inquiries.

      1. Keith

        Same here Terry & I gave them the benefit of the doubt on time thinking it was being shipped from China. I got a “has been shipped” notice the same day they took the money from my account. Since then, nothing!


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