What Is Ahereto.com – Is Ahereto.com Scam or Legit Wig E-Store?

By | April 13, 2019

What Is Ahereto.com about – Our ‘Ahereto’ Review.

Hi and you are welcome to our short review about What Is Ahereto.com. www.ahereto.com has been online for a while now. Is Ahereto com a scam, fake, fraudulent or Is ‘Ahereto’ wig store safe, legit, real and genuine? Our review has come across a scam report about them. But, does this mean they are not real?

Those that have stories about this site are welcome to report them below in the comments. This will have the invaluble service of distinguishing legit sites from fake sites. There are far too many fake wig stores online, where they offer high quality wigs, just to send out to customers something akin to unwearable plastic versions. Is ‘Ahereto’ such a store?




Is www.ahereto.com a scam?




What Is Ahereto.com Really About – What Has Your Experience Been?

Ahereto.com was created in 2017/12/26 and 3 years is the registration date. WHOIS says that they are from China. That is a bad sign as most fake online stores are from here. Of course, not all e-stores from China can be fake. We do not see a founder name and obviously they have supplied an incomplete address when they  registered their site.

On their own website we see that they have not updated their site since the New Year of 2019. They are still wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Bad sign. 

SCAM! Just seen their prices being reduced from nearly $100 down to just under $20. That is too-good-to-be-true and so if those original prices are real then they are simply making a loss with all of those offers.

Where we find discounts like this then that is a good sign of a fake site. Always look for reviews. I will be very surprised if we get many positive reports about this site. Already, they have the hall-marks of an illegitimate site.

I recognize one photo of a model getting a hair cut that is from another site. So, it maybe they have simply stolen these images archived online, or from a legit site, and passing them off as their own.

“Ahereto.com would like to send you notifications…”. There is the options of ‘OK’ and ‘Thanks’. Where is the ‘NO’ Option? So that is another scam sign. Just do not even touch that notification that comes up asking you to let them send you notifications.

In their ‘Contact Us’ page we have final confirmation they are indeed a fake and only a scam site. Mariki Hill and Yi Zhang have other scam sites.

They have a QANDIES LTD address of 617 Crown House North Circular Road London England NW10 7PN. Other sites are using that address as well. As a general rule, where you see ‘QANDIES’ then it is normally a scam.

It is likely their phone number of +852 5907 1965 does not work or you will not get a response from it.


Final Thoughts.

We are convinced they are a scam site. We are not placing them in our List of Internet Scammers. Those with reports are welcome to report them below. That is all on What Is Ahereto.com and check out the comments for more data, if any.

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