What Is AdMoney.XYZ – Is AdMoney.XYZ Scam or Legit PTC Site?

By | October 7, 2018

Your Guide on What Is AdMoney.XYZ and are They Trustworthy – Paid Advertising Viewing System Exposed!

You REALLY need to know What Is AdMoney. XYZ because they don’t have your best interests at heart at all! Those asking is AdMoney XYZ fake, scam, fraudulent, dishonest, crooked or is Ad Money XYZ real, genuine, legit, honest and paying out? You will find out in this AdMoney Review that they are indeed extremely crooked and they are only scamming people. They go by ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System‘ slogan and ‘Jemma Ricker’ is a fake member featured many times on their page 1 snippets to their sites. Below is my research, culmination of over 1 year exposing these sites, for you to decide for yourself.

For some, the intro will be enough and won’t read any further. I like to save people time. However, I have two alternatives for you. Some will not want to know because after coming out of a scam you will be too deflated. I know because I have been there many times in the past. The 1st Recommendation, for those interested, is called Wealthy Affiliate. They are an online platform dedicated to showing people how to earn money online for the long term. Set up your website (x2) and learn to earn from it like I do. The second one you will soon see clearly displayed in this article. Lets begin!




Need More Info?





What Is AdMoney. XYZ – The Full Answer Revealed.

OK, let us now find out What Is AdMoney. XYZ so there is no confusion as to why you should stay well clear of their sites. You may notice below, that there is an image of a few sites that are looking very similar? Well, that is nothing compared to the thousands they have made, retired, and continue to clone. They simply copy and paste the source code – change site name and URL – and they got a new site. This is so when their old URL’s get a bad name, then they start a fresh, and now Google thinks they are a good site until complaints start to come in. 



Thank you to the creator of this image. 1000’s of these sites exist!!


Lets find out the owner (don’t hold your breath) and website credentials. The founders name for any of their sites is never revealed and this is so in the case of AdMoney. Their site is new and created 05/10/2018 with only 1 year registered online. 1 year is not long enough for any online business to get up and running and be successful. However, these PTC (paid to click) are the exception. They are able to pull in a great number of people even when new and so they are the biggest and most dangerous paid to click site I have ever witnessed. 

Their websites real world business address does not exist. They don’t add any real info to any of their sites and so no one knows who they are to arrest and stop this network.

Q&A Time!

What is the work on offer?

Not that it matters, but they offer people too much money per click. Usually for work like theirs you only get fractions of a cent to 1/3 cents – usually no higher. This is such low value work you have to consider it a pure waste of your time. I hate PTC sites because I have wasted too many hours trying to earn one lousy dollar! Forget about and reach higher for earnigns. There are ways so stop the lazy work for big  (they are only scams) and think outside the box. There are companies out there screaming for you to join them and earn big money. Of course, the choice is yours. I had to be scammed for years before I decided I have to work to make a living in reality.

Click ads and fill code – that is the bulk of your work.

Daily Earnings?

ZERO $! But they say that members are earning, for 3 to 5 hours work a day on average, anywhere up to $300. That is nonsense. As mentioned, these actions you take on their site can not generate such a high income. If this were true I would not be blogging about them but instead, ERASE MY SITE, and work for them instead!!!

Monthly Earnings?

ZERO $! However, they tell more lies by saying you can earn nearly $5000 per month to your chosen account. Their whole site is riddled with lies.

But, they have a table of payments to members!

THAT is a fake table and the member names are fake. They don’t pay out. You can check out my YouTube Channel video Exposing another of their scam sites below.

This video below exposed AtMoney – Another of their sites by the scam artists! 


Click to Play Short Video Explainer of the ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’.


Scam Signs – What to Watch Out for on Any Site.

  1. Their Terms and Conditions is in Russian. I have seen similar on other sites that were without doubt scam sites.
  2. Spelling errors through their site/poor English.
  3. No payment proofs.
  4. Multiple copies of the same site running the same website work from home offer without mentioning those sites in all of their sites – if that makes sense 🙂 .
  5. No Owner ID!
  7. Complaints of no payouts from their other site members.
  8. They will seek to defraud cash out of you!
  9. They are a phishing site.
  10. They sell on your personal info for profit.
  11. Could of downloaded malware to your device.
  12. Payouts are too high for to low value work.
  13. Many negative reports by other bloggers exposing sites from the same scam network.
  14. ETC!

Have You Seen A YouTube Video Telling You How To Cash Out?

Take a good look because those are the scammers behind all of these horrible scams. You can’t cash out ever.




How The Scam Works.

They don’t just waste your time and efforts as they also try to get money out of you to release your earnings.

So, you make the minimum payout of $300 and you apply. You will be asked for about $9 if you have not made 40 referrals and they will give you 100 fake referrals.

They will then ask you for around $20 to cash out. This is some nonsense about processing fee. No legit site ever asks you for money to cash out. That is a sure sign of a scam site.

Once you pay all the monies, or make the referrals and pay the cash out fee, then you are locked out of your account. Should you not pay then you can’t go any further and are stuck where you are.

Stop sharing your referral links as well with AdMoney as you are only helping to grow their scam network! They were never going to pay you 50% of your sign ups earnings anyways.





My Second Recommendation!

Wouldn’t it be super nice if Facebook decided, when they first started, to share 50% of their profits with their 1st 1 Million Members who helped grow their site?

Well, they didn’t! Obviously. However, I was privately invited to take a look at something called WebTalk.co.

OK, so WebTalk is a New Social Network that is offering the 1st 1 Million Members, who help grow their platform by sharing your links and making sign ups, 50% of that platforms earnings for life!


This is only open to the 1st 1 MILLION!

Right now, at time of writing this post, they have extended the time scale for this. You have about 2 or 3 months to become part of the first wave of members. This is an opportunity that has never occurred online before and WebTalk is set to either rival or overtake Facebook in 2/5 years – YOU REALLY DON’T WANT TO MISS THE BOAT ON THIS ONE GUYS!

The work, as said, is simply to refer others to them.

Who Can Join?


Those from Nigeria can join as well. I say this because I get a lot of people from Nigeria to my site and they are always asking me for platforms that support their country.


Well Guys, WebTalk is Supporting You AND Everyone Else May SIGN UP HERE or sign up by clicking the image below. Alternatively, you can read more about WebTalk in this review by this website right HERE.




Social Network Rewards Prog

Click Image Above to Sign Up to Web Talk for Life Long Earnings Anywhere In The World!



That concludes my second recommendation. This is an Invitation Only Network for Now – YOU MUST BE INVITED TO JOIN THEM! So, no point running off to sign up through their website, they won’t accept you right now. Sorry bout that, but good news is, you will have me as your referrer and I can expertly guide on how to make plenty of money with these guys as well as with Wealthy Affiliate 🙂 . You can join one or both  – the choice is yours and its free to join both of them as well.





Final Thoughts.

I hope you found that informative and helpful. I certainly hope now, that there are many Nigerians hitting the roof with delight, as I have had to turn away too many people from Nigeria in the past because WA don’t support Nigeria. So, be happy guys and do refer everyone you know to the second recommendation. Regarding AdMoney, they are just another boring scam site! Stay clear of them.

Anyone have questions on What Is AdMoney.XYZ? You are welcome to ask me below. Got questions on my recommendations to help you earn from home and for life? I show others how to earn online every single day of my life and have been doing so for some time now. You are most welcome to seek my Expert Help and Advice in the comments below or at my sites email address bottom right of this site. Thant you all for coming here and I am looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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