A List of Scam Websites [1100+]- 2019 to 2020 Scam Websites List!

By | December 11, 2019

Here’s a List of Scam Websites – Do Not Follow These Links!

Welcome to our List of Scam Websites where we have found some of the Worst Online Shopping Scam Websites. Do Not Follow any of these links. If you own one of these sites, and we have made a mistake, let us know and we will take another look. Those that know of more Scam Websites are welcome to report them to this List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame Scam Sites List 2019 / 2020. Our current List is more specific to online shopping scams and is more up to date.

Those of you that were scammed by any fraudulent website are invited to take a moment and report them in any forums of our site also. Should you wish to upload any images of what you got, compared to what a site was advertising, then feel free to use our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE.

Hit ‘CTRL’ + F5 on Your Laptop and then type in the sites name in the grey box that appears. If its in this huge list of online shopping scam site stores, it will be highlighted for you. If Not – we would really appreciate your help by letting us know what site defrauded you OR has you suspicious. If scam then we will add it to the list below.



A List of Scam Websites 2020 / 2019!

A List of Scam Websites 2020 / 2019! – Please add your own!




1100+ Online Shopping Scam Sites / Scam Facebook Ads! A List of Scam Websites To Avoid – Please Add Your Own.

The vast majority of the sites below are online shopping scams. We have compiled a List of Scam Websites for 2019 / 2020 and we passionately hope you add to this list in order to help warn as many people as possible before fake sites have a chance to cause financial harm to others. Thank You.










  1. officevest.com.
  2. peneyes.com.
  3. remixro.com.
  4. yoyowow.com.
  5. slickhot.com.
  6. kitewow.com.
  7. neotata.com.
  8. rollkid.com.
  9. rohereshop.com.
  10. poprink.com.
  11. wheelci.com.
  12. wildthe.com.
  13. mvipbsell
  14. longfeelshifon
  15. qiqamta
  16. rbzsa
  17. mp3db
  18. LHZSTORE.myshopify.com
  19. LHZSTOREmyshopify.com
  20. giovanilavoro
  21. coingain
  22. vonlinestore
  23. nikc
  24. refurbishedpalace
  25. MOMOM
  26. startingearning
  27. luxuryys
  28. bogseshops
  29. bibidress
  30. onlinestorestock
  31. hellohyve
  32. uswntsoccerjersey
  33. petalprim
  34. sollover
  35. ocrisrgoods
  36. superje
  37. finemare
  38. supergaes
  39. myphotowallet.com
  40. stylegos
  41. emythall
  42. meineuhren.mobi
  43. suremoney
  44. mydesert
  45. greatopy
  46. koroutlet
  47. woodsunglass.club
  48. nnktmd
  49. nowwecycle
  50. decenniumstruggle
  51. reeboa
  52. saleservicecenter.com – fake email used by scammed within online shopping scams. Avoid all sites using it!
  53. Yeesonefans
  54. perfectmoments.club
  55. cbjkshvds.myshopify.com
  56. sosogo
  57. novahook
  58. yeswevibe
  59. lbagssale
  60. psoyvj.myshopify.com
  61. shopsoka
  62. catshoes
  63. Yukonwell
  64. marinart
  65. nik.red
  66. jowstore
  67. mrphonedeals
  68. salecb.com
  69. Yolikeshop
  70. kiklucky
  71. meditica
  72. circleoutlets
  73. YopopStyle
  74. casefetish
  75. dayunity
  76. rrloutletshops
  77. Yumelove
  78. dgwarm.com.
  79. beliefbuy.com.
  80. activityfast.com.
  81. funerallove.store.
  82. kertylife.com.
  83. worthyit.store.
  84. fansjobs.store.
  85. harmweb.store. 
  86. shopmkoutletfr
  87. itpumashops
  88. Youngtags
  89. koio
  90. Wotraway
  91. perfectsavingstore
  92. photowallet.mobi
  93. Yankia
  94. goloveu.shop
  95. savingsenroll
  96. 01x8e. com
  97. goloveyou.mobi
  98. thegiftnecklace.com
  99. Yoyoever
  100. Wowsclub
  101. beaucici
  102. myphoto.mobi
  103. modlala
  104. miuzora
  105. cozycora
  106. modestmint
  107. rbhsm
  108. Yumelove
  109. joeinx
  110. chicfavor
  111. nnksho
  112. upgrademybiz
  113. rudapper
  114. usfinestore
  115. hotsale buzz
  116. modelands
  117. binsenly
  118. junhunsale
  119. gexpressltd
  120. walverhampton
  121. zwinz
  122. hueboots
  123. jackacanada
  124. jbleshops
  125. martinboot club.
  126. woshes
  127. customyeezy
  128. acelote
  129. ashoes club
  130. buekue
  131. sminbuy
  132. worklele
  133. pinkwithin
  134. mindysize
  135. lannadecor
  136. cifore store
  137. wonderster
  138. comfyfree online store
  139. shopkud
  140. gettvibuddy
  141. paradisehellfire
  142. stylefashionforever
  143. begundy
  144. shoppana
  145. disneyaccount.com
  146. opkixone
  147. outcraze
  148. smmpro
  149. skyparka
  150. wanreo
  151. crazeful.myshopify.com
  152. warmbody shop
  153. speciatime
  154. fitbiteshop  – stolen fitbit brand name and stolen images.
  155. eyourf
  156. hitsaver
  157. hinschic
  158. topsalewkx
  159. timberlandodfc
  160. adbagshop
  161. ugoboots club
  162. zzjacketen
  163. happywilk
  164. yzcbseoshop
  165. 6dshop
  166. avtenkushop
  167. premiumoutlets
  168. wzuggshopping
  169. boostu club
  170. shopingnova
  171. perfectlyputogether
  172. lynchshop
  173. moyastyle.com.
  174. greenbobs
  175. fitbitusoutlet
  176. fitbiteshop
  177. fitbitxstore
  178. worldlotm
  179. highfun store
  180. jerseyeasy
  181. purdypa
  182. diywant
  183. rhsfty
  184. Wodeeu
  185. muckoutlets
  186. muckustore
  187. ontrys
  188. rosaliafedesa
  189. fcozy
  190. lavellehk
  191. witchandwooo
  192. shareue
  193. timbershoesshop
  194. gladeals
  195. tactilax
  196. joanoms
  197. patagoniaoutlet
  198. larrycloth
  199. Wocrazeshop
  200. purewaterfiltering
  201. rosaliafedesa
  202. azcozy
  203. wooderful.club
  204. vanezas
  205. Winoday
  206. shopxax
  207. spicyredpeppers
  208. torchexpro
  209. qumoper
  210. namenecklace.mobi
  211. iwatches.club
  212. bestbuysale
  213. goloveyou.com
  214. zodyshops
  215. needsnugshoes
  216. rhsfty
  217. thebobo de
  218. neltha
  219. faqousshop
  220. perfectsu
  221. logmodels
  222. parntercos myshopify
  223. devaleg
  224. poloxc red
  225. suepas
  226. masonoe
  227. giconshop
  228. lovetossya
  229. weonw
  230. thenorthfacemh
  231. shoedarken
  232. icamaer club
  233. gooseclothes
  234. bestinterestab
  235. cmarket
  236. lasrn
  237. shoppingugg
  238. thenorthfacecloth
  239. mshows
  240. flowershave
  241. cattigirls
  242. aeijstsale
  243. foxgarb
  244. westwind shop
  245. expnm
  246. romanticshe
  247. tstoreonline
  248. youthislikefire
  249. jollytee
  250. rosesimin
  251. drmartensoutlet
  252. youthisikefire
  253. shopdollyfashion
  254. wotoba
  255. umacstore
  256. Vvvhoo
  257. cocogira
  258. habatim
  259. twistedxoutlet.com
  260. upyoyo.com
  261. prettylittlewish
  262. whalegot
  263. tiamokx
  264. wincity w
  265. cbindagoods
  266. rbbog
  267. Holiyays
  268. Free Shell Gas 55469 – Fake Shell Gas Offer of $250 Text Messages.
  269. Remelala
  270. Lifespace
  271. rebordollsshop.com
  272. Dressiu
  273. Fashionmeiu
  274. Irelia.Store
  275. ty-hen-aberdaron
  276. Next2dayToanycity
  277. aztook.
  278. costcz
  279. windyfree
  280. cutetoyus.com
  281. lustreach
  282. galoshena
  283. curveundry
  284. crumplece
  285. sweaterie.com
  286. blazeraus.com
  287. soiltoo.com
  288. bodeam.com,
  289. harzew.com,
  290. trousves.com,
  291. boozmn.com
  292. cartermany.com,
  293. zoowna.com
  294. bounkitork.com
  295. wearule.com
  296. matawey
  297. charmsma.com
  298. blazerlily.com
  299. smartruary.com,
  300. haltervlo.com
  301. guessetvamp.com
  302. forturist.com
  303. ctshirital.com
  304. collarors.com
  305. walteravie.com
  306. bbapple9181.myshopify.com.
  307. exposurery.com
  308. shrinkbe.com
  309. voilebirch.com
  310. irhomes.com
  311. Everyshop55
  312. shopfity.com
  313. antabuy.com
  314. Zarawn.com
  315. zarazn.com
  316. mufflerply.com
  317. costamy.com
  318. neckarm.com
  319. flannelkup.com
  320. snakebra.com
  321. viewriol.com
  322. acrylicozm.com
  323. anorakojet.com
  324. rompevors.com
  325. skirteep.com
  326. Zorionsu mail
  327. costcutten.com
  328. classicraftdesiqn.com
  329. poprean.com
  330. ciarwn.com
  331. west louis
  332. Zendesk
  333. newmuy.com
  334. dalimua.com
  335. 5minutedeals.com – not sure, waiting on reviews.
  336. wewmea.com
  337. yanzom.com
  338. incitefe.com.
  339. cuteace.com.
  340. pranem.com
  341. tomswn.com
  342. perfectlyputogether.com
  343. zoemiss
  344. weheartshoes
  345. tallertn.com
  346. auntents.com
  347. wowmry.com
  348. myntrw.com
  349. deepeven.com
  350. cookumbar.com
  351. amandau.shop.
  352. baxcationtl.com.
  353. dreamstore.store.
  354. delightfulshop.ltd.
  355. justdoit1.com.
  356. only8me.com.
  357. lifeharbour.shop.
  358. upupgrow.net.
  359. sunmar.in ——–>nicksuperfly.com
  360. motos-relais.com
  361. nikemenscloth.com
  362. cristalesrovski.com
  363. geceindia.com ———>cheapmax2019.com
  364. salomonzapatillas.es
  365. worldpandora.com
  366. seht.es
  367. goojeun.com
  368. wholesaleandb2c.com
  369. increeny.com (fake address and phone number)
  370. adequae.fr
  371. olicopy.com ——->firekickshoes.com
  372. allstarshoes.uk.com
  373. vansworkshoes.com
  374. pandoracharmsoutlet.es
  375. rounny.com.
  376. ladyzone.org.
  377. zumieb.com
  378. Zulily
  379. Zatki
  380. larkandbuy.com
  381. nurseger.com
  382. cushionwera.com
  383. galoshmart.com
  384. buckramusa.com
  385. universony.com
  386. merinorry.com
  387. Zaful
  388. Zeoray
  389. weheartshoes
  390. sharpkiney.com
  391. peliseurce.com
  392. tennisock.com
  393. pulloverze.com
  394. wenddingdress
  395. zolucky
  396. volleyler.com
  397. mamerry.com
  398. wejustchic
  399. zaloray.com
  400. wegochic
  401. vyvilone
  402. wadeel
  403. wadola
  404. 3hourjob
  405. 8Banana
  406. Aacan
  407. Aakasha
  408. Adicats
  409. Admireadultcuddly5
  410. Affluentgarmentsuk
  411. Ahsley
  412. ygtyg.com.
  413. mrsmila.store.
  414. copurple.com.
  415. iamacts.com.
  416. curylab.com.
  417. geohost.com.
  418. Ah-shley
  419. Aitoflash
  420. Alipatten
  421. Allinlot
  422. Allingirl
  423. Allingirl2
  424. Alltimegood
  425. Alluringcloth
  426. Alonemystore
  427. Ameri_academy
  428. Amomory
  429. Andreasdresspride
  430. Andynzoe
  431. Aneorose
  432. Aniedream
  433. Anniecloth.com
  434. Anniehousy
  435. Annvalasale
  436. Anywellshop
  437. Anywellshopnew
  438. AreaLook
  439. Ashley’s Commissions
  440. Asmuses
  441. Atirego
  442. Attirego
  443. AU.Deramores
  444. Gossby
  445. Azokoe
  446. Backlily
  447. Baezshop
  448. pickablegift.com
  449. safeirbags.com – waiting on reviews
  450. kazublack3
  451. Balania
  452. Balanla
  453. Barbring
  454. Basicismy
  455. Be-singer
  456. ikiha.com
  457. Beacenter
  458. Toyquick
  459. Beachsidebunny
  460. Beach sissy
  461. thekeilas.com
  462. Beaffy
  463. Beaholly
  464. Now-Here
  465. Beattydress
  466. Beaucici
  467. risequalities.com
  468. Beautyniki
  469. ladamustore.com
  470. Beautytata
  471. Beautythee
  472. koimeny.com – received one scam report to our site. Waiting on more reviews to know for sure.
  473. Beelemental
  474. Vlightlook
  475. Vlovezone
  476. Voguelily
  477. Vosnala
  478. Vrl.co.
  479. Bellbloomclub
  480. Bellefairy
  481. BelleLily
  482. Belletaka
  483. Bikabon
  484. Bikabon.vip
  485. Bikyway
  486. Bildalano
  487. Bilissoca
  488. Bioyoli
  489. Birthjune-fashion
  490. Biutiflow
  491. Blesspretty
  492. Blicheer
  493. Bliss
  494. blltb.top
  495. Blongdays
  496. Blosweet
  497. Bluefantacy
  498. Boboladedress
  499. Bohobylon
  500. Bohofactory
  501. Bohointrend
  502. Boholady
  503. Bohoshow
  504. weenshop
  505. Bomshe
  506. Bonboho
  507. BonBonDay
  508. Boobeauty
  509. Boohot
  510. Boomomo
  511. Bootsbagsheaven
  512. Borrent.store
  513. Boutiquefeel
  514. Bravowill
  515. Bshshs
  516. Busestop
  517. Busseshop
  518. Buykud
  519. Bunowo
  520. Buzzyly
  521. BuycGogo
  522. Callbeau
  523. Canalwiki
  524. Candyrod
  525. Carbon38
  526. Carnie-store
  527. Castts
  528. Cectus
  529. Chamski
  530. Charmcoco
  531. Charmeci
  532. Charmeric
  533. Charmoul
  534. Chaseer
  535. Charmoul
  536. Chiagitation
  537. Chicalisa
  538. Chicboho
  539. Chicbohodress
  540. Chicbd
  541. Chiceternal
  542. Chichola
  543. Chicic
  544. Chicilady
  545. Chiclando
  546. Chickeep
  547. Chiclila
  548. Chiclilac
  549. Chicmandy
  550. Chicme
  551. Chicme-Unique
  552. Chicmolly
  553. Chicnico
  554. focusjam.com.
  555. fringeair.com.
  556. rubysong.com.
  557. coldright.com.
  558. rainchoice.com.
  559. alloystyle.com.
  560. sayactive.com.
  561. Chicnora
  562. Chicnova
  563. Chicnowa
  564. Chicollection
  565. Chicpopo
  566. mypetsgift.com
  567. Chicsayofficial
  568. Chicslook
  569. Chicswear
  570. Chictale
  571. Chictogether
  572. ChicV
  573. Chicwish – we we are unsure about this one – waiting for reviews.
  574. Chicyme
  575. Chicyoins
  576. Rblx.gg – Roblox / Robux scam site!
  577. Chicyoinsdress
  578. Chililook
  579. xjduptom.com
  580. baroconcept.com
  581. Chilinana
  582. vdctt.com
  583. Chimagination
  584. Chinext
  585. Chiquedoll
  586. Chocoandcream
  587. Choicemeup
  588. Choies
  589. Chookicshop
  590. Cicilady
  591. Cicilookshop
  592. Ciliove
  593. Ciciway
  594. Ciciway_official
  595. Ciftershoes
  596. Cindymod
  597. Ciquedoll
  598. Citibird
  599. Citibirdfans
  600. Citywoos
  601. Chkdress
  602. Cleverclad
  603. Climdress
  604. Clotheslot
  605. Clothkey
  606. Clotheswithgood
  607. Cockeley
  608. Cocogira
  609. Colabingo
  610. Colonme
  611. Color-light5
  612. Colortheworld
  613. COM-COMondress
  614. Comeladys
  615. Comfyfree
  616. Comfyluv
  617. ComfyMod
  618. Comingal
  619. Coo – Scam
  620. Coolightbox
  621. Coolila
  622. Coolmeu
  623. Coolyfunny
  624. Coramoda
  625. Corbeau
  626. Costway –
  627. Couleurdream
  628. jwphlp.com – looks to be a phishing customer support site to cancel memberships from other sites.
  629. Cozycottagesfree
  630. Cozyfree
  631. Cozyfree2
  632. comfortablelifedress.com
  633. Cozyfree3
  634. Cozyshe
  635. Crosshearts
  636. Crossnicestore
  637. Crytech
  638. Crytech-beauty
  639. Jsieu.Myshopify.com
  640. Cupchic
  641. Cupseek
  642. fxfqmase.com
  643. Cuteelva
  644. CuubarDailybuy.store
  645. cyufe store
  646. Daphnysalefashion
  647. Darkly Gothic
  648. Dat-chic-dress
  649. Dayproud
  650. Dcnmk
  651. Deanjohns
  652. voloes
  653. Dearweaty
  654. Dekorhea
  655. Depway
  656. kortee.com
  657. Devmakeup
  658. Devoteddogs
  659. Dewview
  660. Discount Coupon
  661. Distress
  662. Ditzydonkey
  663. Divasruby
  664. Divaslily
  665. luudshop
  666. DMCshop
  667. Doatie
  668. Doicys
  669. Dreamactual
  670. Dreambost
  671. Dream Fitting
  672. Dreamfittingfashions
  673. Dreamlipshop
  674. Dressiup
  675. Dressindaily-dress
  676. Dresslikeflowers
  677. Dresslily
  678. Dresslim
  679. Dressshelike
  680. dressinstore
  681. Dresstours
  682. Dresswe
  683. funwd store
  684. Dresswiwi
  685. Easyonefit
  686. solomoneoutlets – fake Dr. Martens and other brand name rip off.
  687. Eavah
  688. Ebookmore
  689. Eclipseberry
  690. Echopretty
  691. Ehalloshop
  692. Elchloe
  693. Elegchic
  694. Elelydia
  695. Ellafancy
  696. Ellament
  697. Ellamett
  698. Elleromance
  699. Elmily
  700. Ellutadesign
  701. Emonaqueen
  702. Emparating
  703. Enparating
  704. Enjowe
  705. Epopcloud
  706. EQchoice
  707. Ericdress
  708. Eschill
  709. Estinana
  710. Estudyforclass
  711. Evagal
  712. Evahair maybe a scam maybe not.Waiting on reviews.
  713. Evaskiss
  714. Everydayview
  715. Eveyou
  716. Ezchicshop
  717. Fablestylestore
  718. Fadressup
  719. Fairisle
  720. Fairyfeel
  721. funeralbest.store.
  722. tourfloat.com.
  723. codsink.com.
  724. honestvip.com.
  725. theharden.store.
  726. teephoto.com.
  727. peacerepair.com.
  728. krccompu.com.
  729. Fairyfille
  730. Fairyladies
  731. Fairylookdress
  732. Fairyloop
  733. Fairymooc
  734. billingproblem@amazon.com (billing-problem@amazon.com). Fake Amazon Extortion Lab Bot Hack – Scam!
  735. Fairyseason
  736. Famagicab
  737. Famoshion
  738. Fancewe
  739. Fancydo
  740. homelandstore.net
  741. Fancyjoke
  742. Fancynlove
  743. Fancynora
  744. mercurvyvernal
  745. FancyNova
  746. Fancypobs
  747. Fannyu
  748. hallexcess.top
  749. Fanova
  750. Fantacylady
  751. Fantamia
  752. Fantasis
  753. Fanysun
  754. Fashineu
  755. Fashionaha
  756. Fashionfacy
  757. Fashionintheshop
  758. Fashionstheshop
  759. Fashionkelly
  760. Fashionlish
  761. Fashionmeu
  762. Fashionmia
  763. Fashionmoew
  764. offerliving.com.
  765. bravecredit.com.
  766. gfbring.com.
  767. wearhost.store.
  768. sienth.com.
  769. honestmaster.com.
  770. cosycoach.com.
  771. Fashionrest
  772. Fashionneverrest
  773. Fashionnova – mixed bag it seems per reviews.
  774. Fashionnweb
  775. Fashionria
  776. Fashionsecret
  777. Fashionshoes
  778. Fashionuna
  779. Fashionzaro
  780. Fastchics
  781. Favorins
  782. Felistist
  783. Fenfashion
  784. Feriland
  785. Fervidgirl
  786. Fifthwear
  787. Fillezone
  788. supportttshop
  789. fivishop
  790. Findstylish
  791. Finenee
  792. lofude store
  793. Fivesixco
  794. rosebushgardenshop
  795. Flaymook
  796. nflfanjersey
  797. lormirss
  798. Floraltoned
  799. Florasomos
  800. fivebzi
  801. aephelide
  802. Floryday
  803. asbetregoods
  804. Fly to the Cloakroom
  805. Fofront
  806. Fonsanycosmetics
  807. alleysfuel
  808. Footballape
  809. Freespirit
  810. Freestyledress.official
  811. landsuce.myshopify.com
  812. Freevivi
  813. Freshdesk
  814. Freshstartfree
  815. Freshstyle
  816. FSJshoes
  817. Funfunlifestyle
  818. Funkoc
  819. Funnygirly
  820. Furoshop
  821. Gachic
  822. kimixeren
  823. teetung.com
  824. Gachichome
  825. tafmoney – work from home scam.
  826. Galalinlin
  827. Gegallery
  828. Genius Mind Toys
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  1618. newbalanceshoes.us.com.
  1619. fruito6.com.
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  1621. resshoescool.com.
  1622. balenciaga.org.
  1623. purrmatix.com.
  1624. soccer101shoe.com.
  1625. bapecanada.ca.
  1626. timerlandtoyou.vipfasion.org.
  1627. imagineartsinc.com.
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  1629. mobiletan.me.
  1630. cheaponline4you.com.
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  1633. hnhs.com. Redirects seprun.com.
  1634. zagraonline.com.
  1635. webwuxmall.com.
  1636. Valuekiss
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  1638. iconsong.com.
  1639. equipink.com.
  1640. howwayforsh
  1641. Vancolours
  1642. Vasehomeclub .
  1643. ladifit
  1644. Vernabeau
  1645. Veryvoga
  1646. pitemo
  1647. Victoriasqueen
  1648. clientservicehome.com – associated with many fake e-stores online. avoid all sites using this email address.
  1649. foryourdears.com
  1650. Vigorraccoon
  1651. techlinky
  1652. Viola
  1653. Viviwall.
  1654. Gussetole.com – thanks to Blaze Johnson for this report.
  1655. homedeals.vip.
  1656. bloombuy.net.
  1657. ccmeiwei.org.
  1658. nicerepetry.com.
  1659. dressupyou.net.
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  1883. hannaeything.com.
  1884. calosa.ti.com —–>nicksuperfly.com
  1885. hydrprodipz.com
  1886. febbuy.com (fake address in Brooklyn NY, proven to be scam by onlineyhreatalerts)
  1887. succeshop.com
  1888. justincooper.com
  1889. tiendaonlinedepromocionsuperior.xyz
  1890. ventadesellosenlinea.xyz
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  1991. lovermorer.com.
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  2020. northaug.store.
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  2115. wokten.com.
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  2117. anestionoric.com.
  2118. inocse.com.
  2119. medlarly.best.
  2120. carcooptools.com.
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  2122. gooryou.com.
  2123. alex-gifts.com.
  2124. beautyzone.shop.
  2125. worldwidedsg.com.
  2126. cherryaa.com.
  2127. sayhiyou.com.
  2128. overera.com.
  2129. sausagesave.rocks.
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  2131. hunterstel.life.
  2132. meuin.com.
  2133. diquen.com.
  2134. baitijo.com.
  2135. paulsmes.com.
  2136. 2019goodgifts.com.
  2137. amsk.store.
  2138. cnsoue.life.
  2139. findaugust.com.
  2140. unconceivable.shop.
  2141. mencutter.com.
  2142. ivests.com.
  2143. myphotomugs.com.
  2144. salsafiestagrill.com.
  2145. rosewig.store.
  2146. rocywig.shop.
  2147. dcipik.com.
  2148. glimmerconnect.com.
  2149. curtyer.com.
  2150. vibrantneo.org.
  2151. tomosushi.it.
  2152. jastore.co.



255 thoughts on “A List of Scam Websites [1100+]- 2019 to 2020 Scam Websites List!

  1. Jay

    I assume this site is a scam since it has a lot in common with what I am seeing.
    I figured it was a scam but felt like testing the waters anyway.
    I had a prepaid credit card that I have down to a certain balance and then placed the order which was just under the total. I got the message that there were insufficient funds (which was false) and then I checked the balance of the prepaid card. Sure enough a charge was pending and not just a charge, but an attempt to put a higher amount that seemed to be equal to the Chinese Yuan exchange amount (5x). I checked again today and see that the the original approved amount has been removed so now I guess I contact the card company and dispute the charge to see if I can recover it.
    Site prompts you to register and even sends a follow-up email to you but nothing since, even after contacting them for support as to why the payment failed. I never let them know I have seen the amount go through.
    In this instance I assume that there is no crappy knockoff coming to me.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Jay but we do not see the website name that you had this experience with. Could you pleae provide the full URL so we may be able to expose them? Thank you Jay 🙂 .

  2. Wang Huang

    Alsti Club is actually a fraud merchandize website. Don’t believe them and never buy anything from them and you will disclose your bank account information. This is a gang of cheater located in China.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      If you were cheated then you should contact your payment provider immediately. So if you paid by bank card, PayPal, etc, then contact the relevant payment provider for a possible refund. Thanks for the heads-up 🙂 .

  3. Philipp


    I recently came across this webpage: joerzess.com

    I would have liked to buy there something as prices are quite cheap, but the page is not well written in german and there is no imprint I could find. The only contact I found on the whole webpage is “mike@paymentvipservice.com”. That’s why I found your page, where somebody wrote that another scam site uses “alice@paymentvipservice.com”. Of course that must not mean anything, but the whole site seems to be suspicious. Furthermore, I couldn’t find any rating of shop orders, nor any comment about this site in the www.

    Does anybody has any experience with this site? Do you also think it’s a scam site?


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Philipp,

      The branding of the email is the same as Alice@paymentvipservice.com, which used to be Support@oxborder.com, which used to be Service1@vinayotap.com = all from this same scam network.

      The style of the email is too unique to this network that makes Joerzee.com a scam with their Newest Scam Email of Mike@PaymentVIPService.com. All the same people. Hope that answers your question Philipp and we are her eif you have more.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

  4. egbe rapheal

    pls have u hear of notbadlly.com,is it a scam site pls really need to knw.

  5. Kathy Mattie

    This website posted a phenomenal deal for LEGO sets but my order is still pending and they are not responding to emails that have been sent. Luckily, no money has been taken from my account but the company is definitely fraud. The website is us.brickto.com/index.php?main_page=index
    They go by the name of ToysHouse and use the LEGO Brick House emblem and items.
    I hope they have already been caught and closed down their operations.

  6. Mrs Kathryn Bax

    Another scam website falhagal.com They make out that they are a Dutch company but they are based in Cambodia. They use the same alice@paymentvipservice.com email. I would have been caught had my bank not denied the purchase. I went back into their website to look at my purchase history and they have 3 more orders lined up pending to be charged to my credit card. Stay away from Falhagal they are a scam website.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you for your report regarding the site in question. We have already exposed three sites today using the same email address and now must try to expose other networks scams. We have no doubt your report will show up in Google to warn others. Thanks again Mrs Kathryn Bax 🙂 .

  7. Marc

    I came to that link about Facebook. This side ist very confused. Please check this out:


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Marc for your report about Logotoyso.com. We see they are a replica of other scam lego stores running 80% off, same email, number and address. Thanks again Marc for helping to warn others.

  8. Sky

    Just wanted to chime in with
    all part of the topcustomerservice088@hotmail.com ring I wish googling topcustomerservice088 would come back with this site higher on the list for more people to be informed.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Sky for your lovely words and every comment submitted to our site supports us tremendously in rankings and so we are very grateful for them all.

      Thank you also for taking the time to share your own research.

      We have now exposed the ones in your list. For those interested, please view our ToniGuyj.com Review Here, Gympharmv.com Review Here and our Fpitias.com Review Here.

      Oh, and our Bsukainas.com Review Here.

      Thanks again Sky 🙂 and feel welcome to our website anytime going forward.


      Philip ~ Scam Witness.

  9. Josh

    I can confirm Alsti.club is a scam. I ordered a Rachio Sprinkler Controller for a ridiculously low price of $60. Yes, that price was too good to be true but I assumed Paypal would provide buyer protection. I started a dispute a week after the order when the tracking number was still invalid. Within a few days an updated tracking code was provided and a package arrived today. A fake product… they sent less than $1 in disposable paper masks instead of the electronic device I actually ordered. No doubt an attempt to trick Paypal with a shipping label that can be tracked.

    I took an unboxing video and uploaded it to Youtube. Unfortunately the Paypal dispute process will not let me update the claim until after they have ruled. So there is no way for me to send them the Youtube link. I even tried Paypal’s Contact Us link but the automated bot says it will take several hours before an agent can talk to me.

    Lesson learned… If the price is too good to be true, it is probably a scam.

  10. Ahmed

    Hello, I just wants to thank you guys for sharing all of this info which will save alot of people from scammers however they are everywhere i tried to place an order through lkayouyi.com but for my good luck an error was coming out which says “Sorry, payment is failure, the reason is: Channel not open” idk if they saved my card info but till now nothing got deducted from my account guys be carfull from any website carries the email sarah@aipeck.com

    its fake

    Thanks be always careful god bless all of you

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Linda for your report regarding Evemblogi.com and we see with the cached version they have the Sarah@aipeck.com email. Going to their site now we see the notorious scammers email of TopCustomerService088@hotmail.com. All part and parcel of this networks fraudulent emails and we have also spotted them changing emails in order, in vain might I add, to hide their crooked ways.

      Thanks again Linda 🙂 .

  11. Ryan

    Be careful of homfuly.com they are scammers. Ordered some car parts from the site thru PayPal, they are deceitful. They gave PayPal an order number different from the one they emailed me. I would guess they did that because the tracking no. they issued to PayPal was tied to that order no. Here’s the funny part, these clowns issued a tracking no of a package that was delivered 18th June 2020. I just made purchase 17th July 2020. PayPal needs to do a better job with who they allow to use their payment services. Same thing happened to me 2 years ago. PayPal took forever to refund me, even denied my request multiple times. I reported PayPal to Better Business Bureau. Next thing I know, a PayPal exec called me home. She was nice, apologized and see to it that I was refunded.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      We have just Reviewed Homfuly.com Here today and thank you for your report. I have often said that people should start reporting PayPal to the BBB.org and I am delighted that you have detailed your experience in doing so Ryan.

  12. Josephine Johnson

    Please can some tell me about Fencoco.com if you know this website.I ordered $ 205 .00. dollars worth of outfits on May 11 2020 they have been promising that my order is on it’s way haven’t recieved it yet 7/10/2020 I also requested a refund haven’t gotten that either.
    Is this company a Scam from China ? Want my refund!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Put in for a refund Josephine! Their site is already gone. We see De-reviews.com wrote about them and they are saying that Fencoco.com was “smartly scamming people”. Hope this helps and feel free to let us know if you get a refund.

      1. Noelle Martines

        Help! Have you heard anything about Xanifilms.com? Site is up and running as of this writing. I ordered on June 21 and haven’t received my package. No tracking provided. Sarah@aipeck.com email provided in the confirmation email that was sent for my order…

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hi Noelle,

          Getting onto this now. If you have not received anything then contact your bank for a refund. We will write them up today. Thanks for the alert Noelle.

  13. Robert Peachey

    Chinese site, masked as an American site. Sell on facebook. Do Not use.


    I ordered pots and plants from hadatcoms.com (service1@aipeck.com) on May 19, 2020. I got an order confirmation from hadatcoms.com and even wrote them a note on June 7, 2020. I have never heard from them asking for an estimate time of delivery. Looking at your site, I feel they are a scam. I saw service1@aipeck.com but did not find hadatc or hadatcoms. I cannot get the website–server IP address could not be found.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Their site is now gone. Scamming sites can come and go this quick at times. How did you pay Louise? That is then the company you call for a refund. No way a company shuts down their site without fulfilling orders and still legit. You may reference our research if you like to help with your claim.

  15. Randle

    You have reported on Fgmnbaer.com as a scam. They have now popped up as fqomabstore.com email is the same defejklw@gmail

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Marvin and to us it appears that Owholtv.com is down currently. If they are were using that email address then there is no doubt then they were a scam. Thanks again Marvin 🙂 .

  16. Margie Davis

    I ordered a filing cabinet on May 23, 2020. 4 Drawer vertical with lock . when the tracking number was provided, I then discover that it is being shipped from CHINA. Already, NOT HAPPY upon discovery of that!
    It took 38 days for the package to be delivered yesterday, to the discover that my package was left at/or in the mailbox. (Townhouse mailboxes are at a different location) I thought who in their right mind would leave a large bulky package at the mailbox station? I called the post office and just so happened to catch our mail carrier there at the end of the day to learn that my package was in fact a 2 oz package. up on opening it contained FACE MASKS! PLAIN WHITE FACE MASKS.

      1. Margaret Schultz

        ordered 2 sewing machines from Fasciny.com and went through PayPal for 89.74 GOT A EMAIL AND A TRACKING NO. WHEN THE PACKAGE CAME it was little gold ring. Can’t get hold PayPal or the company. the package had that it was a sewing machine. I know that was wrong because the pkg was very small. I want my money Margaret Schultz

  17. Isa

    Hi, acaminhus.com (shop “Acaminh”) sent me a welcome email signing as sarah@aipeck.com. The website has the same logo font and layout as Fluxtaimall. Thankfully I didn’t finalize my payment. The website is in French, Paypal recipient had a Russian email address and they were going to charge me in dollars. Be careful!

  18. RM

    Wanted to report mtileman.com. Their welcome e-mail comes from “sarah@aipeck.com,” which is an address associated with other fake online stores.


    please remove my name & address. from previous post

    I received an order confirmation from suppor@findushelps.com. stating my order was confirmed. I tried contacting them regarding my order & was told that wasn’t an active email address. Please add this to scam website

    Sat, May 2 at 1:16 PM

    ORDER #4527
    Thank you for your purchase!
    Hi , we’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.

    If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at suppor@findushelps.com.

    Visit our store
    Order summary
    New 2020 Invisible Lift-Up Bra × 1
    L/XL – 11CM – Fits D – DD cup size / BLACK / 3 pair
    Customer information
    Shipping address

    United States

    Shipping method
    Standard Shipping

    Payment method

    If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at suppor@findushelps.com

  20. Sharon Hamilton

    Website: JLABCESHI.com. Online shopping
    Prices extremely low and no matter how many products I put in my cart….massive discounts
    Are applied and the total due always remains the same $98.00

    To reset my password the contact given if problems was to email “sarah@aipeck.com”

    Sent a request via their contact link and have never received a response.

    No phone number is given under contact

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you for your report Gary and we see that there is somewhat of a lack of information about that current site. We wrote about Tokblk.com. They are identical. There may be other ‘Tokblk’s’ flying around online. So please feel free to view our Tokblk.com Review Here. Thanks again Gary 🙂 .

  21. A P

    Want to report fabrac.club

    Their contact us shows
    1926 South 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106

    I ordered a $67 part for kid’s swing set. Instead, got 5 “N95” face masks from China.

    Good thing I paid through PayPal and have involved them.

    Paypal shows this
    Seller info
    艳龙 焦

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you AP and so the comments here is all the one list and so now your report of Fabrac.Club is on our list. Thank you kindly for taking the time to help alert others to this scam.

    2. Alan Pontious

      Yep. Me too. Same vendor. I ordered an inflatable swimming pool on May 25th and they gave me a fake tracking number through a fake courier (EMS) web site (so I could have something to track), which ultimately delivered a package of 5 N95 masks on June 15th. I immediately requested a refund via PayPal (before contacting vendor). Vendor offered to re-send in a private e-mail but offered a settlement via Paypal Resolution service (of which I declined). I accepted to have them re-send it (skeptically). If they were to screw me again, at lease I have a case already opened; if I receive the item, then I’ll cancel the dispute. They give me another tracking number through another fake courier whose web site expired in mid-transit. I asked the vendor about it and he gave me another tracking number for another fake web site. Finally on July 14th (1 month later), after the item tracks to my home state, then my city for a couple of days, then “out of delivery” for 2-3 days, until “The delivery status of your item has not been updated (Your package may have been lost during the transportation period. pls contact sender)”. I notified the vendor and he offered to re-send or give me a 90% refund for parts and labor. I told him, neither. I want a FULL refund for wasting my time (almost sure this would be honored either way because of the dispute case that I opened. He then responded that I would need to ship back the original package of masks that was mis-sent to me and then I’d have to wait a long time for a refund.

      Although I strongly suspected from the get-go, I can now confirm that this vendor is a scam artist.

    3. Lora

      that address and phone number is associated with ponch.club. I purchased a product from them back on 6/20/20 they shipped it on 6/24/20 from China been in Wuhan the whole time ,I got paypal on it right now ,crossing my fingers Ponch.club is not on your list

      1. Lora

        1926 South 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          OH Yes, Ponch.Club is just another copy and that is one of their common fake addresses and number. Thanks for reporting that copy to us also Lora.

  22. Amber


    Is there a way someone could look into this website? I purchased a set from them before realizing it wasn’t actually “LEGO”. Their “about us” says they’re a start up company in Hong Kong. Their “contact us” page says another location.

    Here is what their “contact us” page gives:
    Service: milepick@milepick.top

    Address: 921 e 52nd St. Los angels California United States ,90011

    Tel: 3232167777

    I’m so disappointed in myself for not paying attention.

  23. Paul

    alsti.club is active right now. I didn’t buy anything. Something didn’t seem right. Thanks for providing a place to share this.

  24. UV

    Please add kaayeev.com that uses the “support” email: support@oxborder.com

    I bought something there, didn’t received any email confirmation and then in my credit card report I saw a strange transaction that I suspect links to this site.

    Thank you!

  25. Christian Roland

    The website annjolili.com is a scam infringing oo my copyright. They have taken the pictures of one of my products, and put on their website, even though there is now way they are able to sell my product. Effectively hurting my brand, and scamming people thinking they will get the real deal

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you for letting us know Christian and apologies for the delay. I have no doubt your complaint will rank now in Google for the site of AnnJolili.com to help warn others.

  26. Bev

    Shoes4gal has had my money since the day of purchase..April 22,2020. I have sent emails asking about the delay in receiving my order and was told “It will get there” So after 41 days I sent an email requesting a refund and their 1 word reply was “Why”. What am I to do. I feel so helpless. I’m going to say they are a scam. A true business wouldn’t treat the customers that poorly. Thank You

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Bev, why don’t you ring your bank for a refund? How’d you pay Bev? So that is the company you contact to get your refund. Please take a screenshot of that ‘Why’ response from these cheeky people and surely that alone should get you refunded fast. Let us know how this turns out some time and good luck also.

  27. Laura Ferguson

    I came across ltoypark.com today and the prices were so crazy cheap for braided rugs, it was obviously sketchy. The images they are using are from eBay, they don’t have an address or phone number to reach them. Just a contact form to fill out. But they do have an email address which is being used by several sites that are sketchy. topcustomerservice088@hotmail.com. I saw somewhere else on this site to come here and list the name of any websites using that email address. Just trying to do my part. Thanks for all that you do.
    This one came up for me as well dmerkuri.com with email address support@oxborder.com. That email address is also being used for other scam sites. I am lucky in that I did not buy anything from them, but if the prices they had listed were more believable, who knows? One other thing I did notice, as I added an item to the cart, it was keeping a tally of the weight of the items for shipping charges, and the weight showed up as 00.00. So they are not as smart as they think they are. A little detail the criminals overlooked. If you have any questions, let me know.

  28. Les B

    Not sure if this site is a scam. Price is really cheap.
    I just purchased a watch from Caranmc.
    What do you know about them?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Les and thank you for your question.

      Caranmc is in our list above and they do look suspicious. You may need to contact your bank for a refund in time if they prove untrustworthy. They look like some of the other sites I regularly write about also per their site’s template style.

      The INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS section is just blank, at the date of my own comment here. What professional company has that section blank when it is there on their site as an option?

      Their email is lihao4322@kokoerp .com. Why is their email not a business email? Why is it not reflecting their companies brand name? That alone is one of those scam signs to watch out for.

      In their Privacy Policy Page then they have another email of jamerialgivjjoh@gmail .com. This email has nowhere in it, just like the last one, their own company name/e-store name.

      Googling their first email we see their Facebook page of facebook.com/pg/Caranmccom-101513817973077/posts/ . They are promoting a website called Lordreme.com. Why is Caranmc.com promoting Lordreme.com on its own Facebook page?

      They look very similar by the way and that too is very suspicious.

      I hope you have not been scammed but in case you have been, and you do get a package, be sure to record the information on the package and the contents clearly displaying what was sent.

      If so scammed then you have video proof for a refund case.

      Their phone number is 1-877-2534927. Googled that number and came to one of our own reviews about Bhodomtivy.com You may read our Bhodomtivy.com Review Here as we proved, beyond doubt, that they are a scam. So it must follow if Caranmc.com is also using this number – they too are a scam? Well, why would a legit company be using a scammers number?

      Good luck Les and I hope this pans out positively for you.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

      1. Nichole Cotugno

        flockek.ru is a scam site!! It just popped up. They have the same phone number and address that is used on other scam websites. Also their email address is CLEARLY NOT a business email. Here are the details
        1926 South 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106

  29. Djain

    justbek.com is also a scam site, add this to the list as well.
    It uses scam email address at the bottom – TopCustomerService088@Hotmail.com
    My credit card charge description says – EPL*JIXINKULING BEIJING CHN and they charged more amount from what I ordered. I already disputed it and got refund.

      1. Scam Witness Post author

        Sorry for the very late reply. Too much going on here at times and traffic leading to many comments over the lock down period. Thanks again for your report and we see that this site is no longer avialable.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thanks Djain and we see that site is no longer around. Thanks for the report and sorry for the late reply.

  30. Sheikh Habib

    What about bigliam.com/?
    I think it’s fraud website. I did not found any address of this company. Actually physical location or contact no or email.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Here is our Bigliam.com Review Sheikh and we wrote about them just a few days ago. Thank you for your question also Sheikh.


      I ordered a single item worth $3.29 from Bigliam on 30-May-20. I was charged over $100 for 37 items which I did not order. Debit card was charged without asking for pin or one time password. I have been cheated.

      1. Scam Witness Post author

        Excuse me Shikh. Ring your bank for a refund in this case. Do not let this go. Fight for your refund now.

    3. David

      copoir.club/ – We believe this is a scam website. Their phone number led me to this site! 12563695004
      Thank you!

  31. Dody

    I ordered a pair of Vionic sandals from skzuaileyua on May 7th and have not received them as of May 27th…does anyone know anything about this group…..Of course it showed upon my bank statement….now what?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Dody,

      Could you give us the full URL, please? – We can have a look to see if they are a scam site that we may know of. If we know they are fake then we can advise accurately. Thanks.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you kindly Kristi for reporting on Fkasaeian.com and yes that is just another copy scam site. Even their site name of ‘Fkasaeian’ does not make any sense at all and that is a huge scam sign. What company just creates a name like that and expect not to come under suspicions anyways.

      We see the same format of their email that is the same for so many of their other emails of Topcustomerservice088@hotmail.com. They keep on changing their emails because we keep on exposing them thus costing them their illegal earnings. This is a very good sign when we see scammers doing this as we know, because of your report – and others reports, are doing serious damage to their network.

      This is the power of customer reviews for sites like http://www.fkasaeian.com and so thank you for taking the time Kristi to report on them.

  32. susie

    usfitwear.com is also a scam website. I purchased an item that I have never received

  33. Benjamin Smith

    I too, have become a victim of “Uecotemp.com”
    Thankfully, i used my paypal account, so i just have to wait for the dispute to finish. (19 days) but i wanted to add that the seller was listed as “Donessia White “ convers178173@gmail.com. Hopefully, this will save others pain and anguish. They need to prosecute these people to the fullest extent of the law, no matter which country they are in…..

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Benjamin for your review. I think international law is very complex and so a barrier to prosecuting people from other countries.

  34. Chad

    Feel like a giant idiot for falling for this, but canvas.club is a scam. Just ordered a greenhouse. Should have done my research before ordering. Now gotta fight to stop it from happening

  35. Genevieve Lizee

    I tried to report a scam because I suspect uecotemp.com is one? I ordered some vehicle parts on my MC and no receipt was emailed to me. So, I saved the order as a Favorite. 5 days later, I checked the saved order and Avast aborted the connection because of Phishing. I looked up my MC statement and tried to Google the Merchant…nothing. Called MC, I have to wait 15 days to call again to contest the charge. My MC statement said the Merchant is EPL*QIKEJIXIAME, BEIJING, CHN 100000. I then found uecotemp.com on my cell, and found my so called order. At the bottom is a red envelope and beside in in red capital letters is SERVICE1@AIPECK.COM.

    Found this website and the saw SERVICE1@AIPECK.COM is part of the scam. Oy!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Very interesting read that was Genevieve and thank you kindly for alerting us to Uecotemp.com. We see that ‘Uecotemp’ is not a secured website. The usual nonsense of fake social media and too good to be true prices. There is no contact name, address, number that is real and you will not get a response from that email that will be helpful, we wager.

      Thanks for your report again Genevieve about http://www.uecotemp.com – much appreciated.

  36. Andy

    hi i tried to buy a car part from camejobsm.com for 61 usd and got charged 86 usd instead.
    i tried to contact the customer service on service1@aipeck.com but guess what, no answer whatsoever.
    i ve also filled a claim in paypal for anauthorised transaction and these smart people working over there decided that it was a correct transaction and now i cant do anything about it.
    its not about the money but i feel ready to explode…

  37. Toni

    Appears I have been scammed by “lemonwearing” who advertised on Man of Many e-mail newsletter through Google ads.
    Sent an e-mail to them but no answer and no-one takes responsibility for these scammers ads. There should be government legislation that provides refund from site or Google for allowing scammers to advertise and take advantage of innocent purchasers.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      That is a good idea Toni. You can call your bank and request a refund if you did not get your order after payment. We have written on LemonWearing already and we wish to thank you kindly for your review here today. So whatever the payment provider you used to try to make a purchase, is the company you call for a refund. Keep us updated if you wish Toni and good luck with this!

  38. Jonathan

    Thank you so much for this work tracking down these fake e-stores (sisiphysian of a task as it probably is!). I’ve generally been good about looking out for red-flags such as outrageously low prices or no contact/policy information, but am kicking myself for making a purchase of some coloring pencils that were only about 15% cheaper than regular retail (and showed up in the top two Google shopping search results on the name of the product – not even using any additional key words such as “cheap”) by this ostensible retailer plackeat.club . Amusingly, only after the Paypal recipient didn’t match any of the store purchase/details, did I realize the elaborate SSL/returns/privacy policies were all likely lifted from other sites, as well as the address (which amusing changed between the time of my order from the Ann Arbor, MI location to the Omaha, Nebraska location you listed second). I haven’t had any luck getting Paypal to refund my money yet, but it’ll be some consolation just making this scammer’s job at defrauding more hapless customers even a little bit harder..

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Its not easy some days but there are worse jobs than mine. Thank you kindly for this invaluable data Jonathan and I am glad you appreciate the efforts.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thanks Vincent for your report here and we see others have exposed this one. Thanks again Vincent and so now it is added to our overall list in this forum in this comments section.

  39. dm

    another scam site using 3893 Research Park Dr Ann Arbor Michigan 4810 as an address

  40. Jason K

    this site appeared on a google search for chargriller grills, they have one listed at $50 usd, my anti virus blocked the site, then upon searching the phone number this site came up to report them.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      MilKNet.Top appears to have no home page Jason and so do you have the link to that offer they were running? Sometimes scam sites will take out the home page but leave in the content of their site and promote via social media to pull people into other parts of their site. Thanks.

  41. Leslie

    Paragus.club is using the same scam phone number and address. The prices looked too good to be true and I stumbled across this website when searching by the phone number.

  42. Chase Dalton

    I read from one of your previous posts that combsdrum.top is a scam. The about us section of their website showed that their business name was Cabfashion. I found a new name they are operating under – coughsunion.top. Same parent company same deals.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      It seems the site is now gone Chase but thank you kindly for your report. We saw that a coughsunion.top on SlickDeals.Net, but they removed that ad, for not meeting their quality standards. Thanks again Chase.

    2. Elizabeth Krause

      Thank you for the list! I’ve only bought something once off an ad on Facebook. I have had a lot of luck Using the BBB site, yours was the only only one naming “Jungole”. I see they have two pages; offers.homesteadia.co and offer.jungole.com
      Just a small suggestion? Is there any way to put your list in alphabetical order? It would help a lot!

      1. Scam Witness Post author

        Will certainly will have to spare time to do that Elizabeth. Very hard to have the time when works have to be done, life, and then things like this also need to be done. It is tough but yes, it would be worth doing.

        Thank you kindly for your comment also Elizabeth. It is much-appreciated 🙂 .

      2. Eric Newman

        Jungole.com and homesteadia.com is one in the same. Scam alert !!!!
        I ordered an item 5 May 2020 and still haven’t received it. I ordered the path maker and never got it. They gave me a tracking number after I emailed jungole.com. The fake tracker even showed the item here in my town waiting to be delivered.
        SCAM ALERT.

        SCAM ALERT

  43. Donald Buckley

    It would be great if you could alphabetize the list. Right now it is a dogs breakfast and impossible to zero in on what you are looking for. Otherwise, I really appreciate what you are trying to do . Thank you

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Oh, I KNOW. I hear you Donald lol. No time, next to other works that needs to be done, only one person can do so much on top of life’s ordinary daily tasks. So, if you are on your laptop then hit ‘CTRL+F5’ and a grey box appears. Then into that box type in the site name. It will appear in yellow highlighted if it is on this list. If not, we don’t have it. Hope that helps a little Donald.

  44. susan L mattucci

    I purchased a pool from OLESUO for 144.77 on 4/22/2020 and never recieved it . They never answered my messages. There is no way to trace my package.

      1. Shae

        Yomifashion is a scam. . . Placed an order last month and haven’t received my items. . . The email that was provided is yomifashion@tomailme.com. . . Also I saw a statement on the page that reads. . . We are nigirlike.

  45. Christina Christian

    SCAM!! Website looks legit. Items are well priced. It has taken almost three months to receive our item. The run around from “customer service” has been a joke. We have exchanged over 20 emails and still have no product. Trying to get a refund and nothing!

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Thank you Bernie and please see our Ohorola.com Review Here as we have previously written on that. Thanks again Bernie and we are always here if you find any other sites you may be suspicious of. ~ Philip, Scam Witness.

  46. Jamie

    Hello there,

    Thankfully, I didnt end up buying anything. But after reading this and doing some digging, it appears that formater.top is a fake site. Use the same address and phone number as previously marked scammers. The refund policy is also identical. They did get an SSL certificate for secure checkout to look trustworthy. clever… Any who, hope this helps!



    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Jamie for your report concerning Formater.Top and that is now another one people can beware of. Thanks again Jamie.

  47. Jay

    Please add postate.club into scam list. its a clone of chabaut.top site and both operated by same scammer and has same contact address.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Jay for taking the time to report those two sites to us. That is two more now people know about. Much appreciated Jay 🙂 .

  48. Paul

    if your not sure, pay with Paypal as you can reclaim your money with them. working with them now, it forced the vendor to reply.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Very true Paul but even with PayPal we have had reports that people lost money to scammers so it seems it is not a guarantee. I even know people where I live that lost money using PayPal. So it seems there is no 100% certainty no matter what. I hope you win your cash and feel free to let us know either ways. Good luck Gary 🙂 .

  49. Aleksandrina

    I was scammed by ladyseardrops.com. Ordered a pair of shoes 3 weeks ago, now I can’t even log in in my account, says it doesn’t exist. Tried contacting them on 1-877-2534927, it’s not even their number?!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Aleksandrina for your report about LadySearDrops.com. Ring your bank and ask them to do a charge back to your card i.e. a refund. Thank you kindly for letting us know and you are welcome to inform us if you get a refund or not Thanks again Aleksandrina.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      There are sites that maybe not a scam and so we have said we are looking for reviews where people believe they should not be on this list. So we are not saying they are all scams, and that list is a composite of our research and two other listed sources, so if a legit site owner sees their site on that list it is not to say it is a scam. We are simply looking for reviews on them as well.

      Thanks John and take care – stay safe.

  50. Francesco

    I ordered on errantssale.com two items. After four weeks and 4 emails i got no answer back. I think I’ve lost my money, sigh.

  51. kaytee


    Is a scam selling faucet half price of anywhere else and FREE shipping from Europe to US?!?!?!

  52. k

    Warning scam fraud webshops!
    Warning scam fraud webshops!

  53. Greg W

    Probable scam site came up in google shopping searches:


    1527 fruitland dr
    BELLINGHAM, WA 98226

    +1 8456360200

  54. Patricia Harvey

    I left a comment last night-4-10-20- about safemasks that I ordered on 3-11-20 from safemask.com and later had the name maxdeals,ltd for support. I had not received the 3 masks ordered and called the number given for USA many times. Did get a live person the first time, and she said I should receive them in a few days. After not getting them I made more calls but never got through to someone.
    Well this morning the masks were in my mail. However they are not like the ones shown on the site. They certainly are very overpriced. Also the directions are in Chinese. Just wanted to update. Still believe they are a scam site as the merchandise is not worth the money.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      So you received inferior goods it seems per your report. Thank you Patricia for your up date, it is very much appreciated.

    2. Terrible Service

      I too had the same problem with a bait and switch on masks. Fortunately I paid with PayPal. They got a full refund for me! PayPal is your friend!!

  55. LSparkles

    You can find more Turnnacy sites with googling this number: Tel :+1 8456360200

    and here is a site to add to your list crotchdart.top/
    I didn’t purchase I was doing research on the company to see if they are legit. They are not.


    Do not buy from this seller they send a cheap item (in my case,Eye Glasses). You contact them and tell them the item you received is not the item ordered. They then message you that they made a shipping error and are sending the correct item. When you contact your Credit card company (CitiBank) they say you need pay to return the item.. Unfortunately it is very expensive to return the item, so you wind up eating the cost of the original item.. And the do not ship the original item ordered..

  57. ryan allen

    On 10/23/19 I ordered a single light fixture and paid for 2nd Day Air delivery, after not receiving shipping tracking information or the merchandise on 10/28/19, I followed up with phone calls and emails requesting a refund of the expedited shipping fees and to get shipment tracking information. Neither of which were ever received, EVER. In fact the light fixture was never received and I never received any shipping confirmation or tracking numbers. I have literally made dozens of phone calls and emails to resolve this issue and still over five months later, the best I can get from the company is a canned email that says “We sincerely apologize on the delay of your case, we are still working on your case internally and will get back to you with an update shortly. Please bear with us, 🙂 Thank you very much for your patience”. It is almost impossible to ever get an actual human on the phone or for a real person to return any of my emails. I have never received the merchandise or a refund. They are defrauders.
    This is by far the absolutely WORST company and customer service I have ever seen. Do not do business with them, ever!

  58. Mike

    Hi everyone,
    The following website is also a fraud that shows the same email address (cs.choogogo@gmail.com) as their only way to contact.
    I ordered some items, but after not receiving any response, I tried to contact them via the above-mentioned email address which is, obviously, not valid.
    However, I sent a message to an email address which they have registered on PayPal (pqo00o@126.com) and, unbelievably, they replied!
    I asked them about my order and they started to waste time till several days and, finally, when I told that I am going to report the issue to PayPal, they sent me a fake postal tracking code and did not respond any more!
    Here is the website:


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Mike,

      Thank you for your report regarding DepritoMall.com. For anyone interested here is our DepritoMall.com Review and so now it is listed within this forum as a 100% scam. Thanks again Mike and sorry for such a late reply.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you very much Polly. I believe I responded to another comment of yours? Please see there for the reviews we have done thanks to your comments. Much appreciated Polly 🙂 .

  59. Andreas Kähsler

    Hello, I came across a website which is probably a scam!

    Shop name:


    Contact address from the shop:

    Have made an order there, do I now have to watch out or fear any negative actions?
    Greetings from Germany

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Greetings from Ireland Andreas 🙂 .

      My sincere apologies for such a late reply. Had some personal life situations that were challenging. They have but passed now. Their site is now closed. Contact your payment provider and get a refund and also cancel your card for a new one.

      Thanks for your warning Andreas as I did not know about that one.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

          1. Nazer Baradaran

            you need to put a search bar for list of scam sites so people can simply search them by putting their web site address. zakarayo. com is another one

          2. Scam Witness Post author

            Simply type into the search engine, top right of our website, and type in any website name.

            For those using their laptops – please hit ‘CTRL=+F5’ and a grey box appears. Type into that grey box the name of the site.

            Thank you for your report on Zackaryo.com and so please see our Zackaryo.com Review Here Nazer.

  60. Ramon Miguez

    I placed an order for three N95 masks on February 27, 2020. I was charged 89.97 and to this day have not received anything. Please help me so I can recover the money. Evidently I was a victim of a scm by this company.

  61. Lisa

    Itporionline.com is a scam website also. I was stupid enough to buy something 3 weeks ago & still haven’t heard from them to this day(3/18/2020). I’ve been putting this website on all the scam websites I find. Hope this helps someone out 1 day. Thanks.

  62. B

    Another one using “1527fruitland dr,BELLINGHAM,WA,98226” = veloulora.com

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you kindly B for your report about Veloulora.com using that address of 1527fruitland dr BELLINGHAM WA 98226. Here is our VelouLora.com Review so that will soon appear on Google to help warn others. Much appreciated B and please feel welcome to bookmark our site so you can stay in contact with the ScamWitness.com Community 🙂 .

  63. Dena Heath

    I ordered a sunflower necklace for my granddaughter over a month ago from STEVEY. I’ve emailed them numerous times. I’m on disability and this upsets me. Can u help

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Dena,

      Did you pay with your bank card? PayPal? Whatever payment you used Dena simply contact their support there and I am sure they can held you.

  64. Rene Henrard

    I ordered n95 masks from em general on line. They cashed my money. Their phone # is 616-419-8342, a female recording says to email at emgeneral/help.com is a fake address . unable to contact them for the status of my ordser.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Kenzie. ScamAdvisor.com though has given them a trust score of 21% and so I would be very interested to hear about other peoples views on YesWeVibe.com. Thanks again Kenzie.

  65. Kim

    Thank you for being the scam witness.com.
    I went back to Gabonz several times, but I just wanted to check it out. I know if Joann’s doesn’t have it, then it’s usually not real.
    Then I found your website!!! I wish everyone could see this web site.
    I do wish every web site is in alphabetical order….

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You are welcome Kim but its terribly hard to have the type to collate the information and provide content and of course deal with the every day things of life. Thanks Kim for your comment.

  66. DS Ward

    EmGeneral / emgeneral.com is a scam. I ordered N95 masks and can’t get a call back or email regarding a confirmation or when the masks will be shipped. No communication whatsoever! The phone numbers associated with them 616-4198342 and 800-913-8548 either ring continuously, have busy signals or a recording comes on instantly. No, I didn’t see their whole website before I ordered.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you DS Ward for your invaluable review here today and certainly if nothing turns up for your cash then perhaps seeking advice from your payment adviser maybe the best option here. Let us know how this turns out something DS Ward anytime.

  67. Linda

    I don’t know for sure but I believe that Sheesible.com is one of the scam sites. They list the address:

    109 patch St,Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613

    Their prices looked to good to be true and when I researched I landed here.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Linda,

      Thank you very much Linda for your report about Sheesible.com. So here is our Sheesible.com Review Here and so that is another warning to help others avoid one of their scam sites.

      Thanks again Linda and feel welcome to report any site you may feel is suspicious and we will always do our best to get back to you quickly.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you so much Pamela and these are the kinds of reports that are the most useful. So now here is our own BlueWWO.com Review. BlockPater.com is showing up from one of our lists on page 1 of Google we see, with other warnings, and so we feel that is sufficiently exposed.

      Thanks again Pamela and feel free to bookmark our site for future use 🙂 .

  68. Ray Minias

    I think there is another website that is claiming to supply masks. Please be aware that it is a scam and I just got scammed for $99.99. MDE Commerce Ltd. 29, Triq il-Kbira Hal-Balzan BZN 1259 Malta | VAT-Reg: MT25615312 | support@maxdeals.ltd | Tel: (888) 743-8103

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      We have Reviewed MaxDeals Here and also a site called MegaDeals Here and so thank you very muchRay for helping to warn others about that / those sites.

      If you or anyone else finds sites to similar to the ones listed in our list above or in our comments then do feel welcome to let us know anywhere on our site.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

  69. Pamela Webster

    Hi Philip.
    We ordered from Rosesimin, 2 pairs of the same pants in different colours. One pair was good, the other was a different style & terrible. I got the usual 10% refund offer & decided it wasn’t worth the trouble to take it any further.
    The order acknowledgement was from service3@honwin.net
    The payment referenced Michael Tim (info@daoqon.com)
    The refund arrived promptly, so I had no further complaint.

    Now, I find Rayonar.com which has similar offers:
    In their Refunds Policy I find this “Messroy guarantees total customer satisfaction with the items you purchase from rayonar.com”
    Then in their FAQs I find this “Note: Messery will not be held liable for any loss or misroute parcels. ”
    So I Google ‘Messery’ and find a scam report for messery.store
    And guess what, I get to the same page as I can see on Rayonar:

    1. Scam Witness Post author


      Very sorry for the long delay in my response as had to deal with something traumatic.

      Thank you kindly Pamela for your review here and so here is our Messery.Store Review Here. Feel welcome to always report to us anything suspicious online and we will only be too happy to expose it.

      Thanks again Pamela.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

  70. Vincent

    I found holebrk.com could be an scammer is using and number the does not work and address use on other scammers , 109 patch St,Fort Huachuca,AZ 85613 , adn prices are not to believe, when credit card is access they request to contact them by email

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you kindly Vincent and it is very good to get your report. Having checked the list we see that we have that one but your report is the 3rd report today we have got about this scam network using that address. We have since located other addresses being used by this scam network.

      PO Box 52436, San Diego, CA 92195
      3607 Menlo Ave #3, San Diego, CA 92105
      3257 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107
      306 seagull ct, richmond va 23294
      4481 41st St, San Diego, CA 92116
      PO Box 7313, San Diego, CA 92167
      PO Box 152436, San Diego, CA 92195
      PO Box 16592, San Diego, CA 92176
      26955 Holly Grove Ct, Murrieta, CA 92563
      1507 Larkin stHigh PointNC 27262
      2306 seagull ct richmond VA 23294

      and of course the one you reported above. Wherever these addresses pop up online then that is probably going to be a scam site.

      Thanks again Vincent.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

  71. Ramon Gonzalez

    I buy some products in grainnak I pay by PayPal and ever have a confirmation for the shipping… two weeks ago..

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Ask them for a receipt Ramon. Record all communications with them and also ask them for an update on your order. If no response then inform your payment provider for a possible refund and to cancel your card for a new one if this situation persists.

      If you receive something in the post then record yourself opening that package. This is the best way to ensure that your payment provider sees that you did not get what you ordered, if that turns out to be the case.

      Good luck with this Ramon and feel free to let us know how this turns out.

      Regards, Philip – Scam Witness.

  72. John Wyatt

    I thought your list of scammers was fantastic. As a 90 year old user of websites I use it to do thorough checks on my new pages. For my own use I have put the list in alphabetical order. Do you publish updates of new sites so that I don’t need to compare the whole of your current list with the one I’ve saved?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi John,

      Is it a new list or have you put the list above into alphabetical order for everyone? If the latter you are most welcome to land that in our comments. If an entirely separate list, relatively speaking as there maybe duplicates and that is fine, then you are welcome to land that info in the comments and I will submit it to the list above.

      Thanks John in either event as it is very much appreciated 🙂 .

  73. Mira

    I got scammed… I ordered some boots from Deepeven.com, it was the first time I ever ordered from this site…I wish I would have done my research first, And instead they sent me a Very Cheap pair of plastic sunglasses.. please be aware and notice the Red Flags when ordering off line, I know better now and to stick to my regular Major Department stores… I’m working with my bank Now to get my Money refunded back to my account…

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thanks Mira and we see that we are on Page 1 already of Google to show others they are on a list of scam sites already. Thanks again Mira.

  74. Pablo

    Weteranmarket.com and sunboosale.com seem to be a scam. Both of them use the SERVICE4@VINAYOTAP.COM email, one used by other sites included on the list.

    I also found kwcljvudesign.online, which isn’t listed but I found lots of bad opinions and scam accusations through a quick google search. The search of their email – BUSINESS@CUSTOMERSERVICESGLOBAL.COM – led me to cafesyfotocopias.com, szxtdqudstore.online, and MANY more that use the same mail and looks scammy too. There’s a whole lot of stores associated with that mail, so it seems worth checking into.

    Thanks for your work on the list! I could only confirm my suspicions about Weteranmarket.com being a scam because I found SaelbdMarket.com too when I was browsing for an item on Google and they have the same layout and design. After my search for Weteranmarket didn’t bring any information (apparently created 20 days ago and there’s no articles or opinions or anything online- big f’ing red flag) I searched SaelbdMarket.com just in case and it brought me here. So here I am, reporting several stores about scams for the first time in my life. I had never encountered one and it scares me how many there are, but at least I hope I can prevent some people about these four.

  75. Pix

    callfordress.com is also Scam. In the About us, they even say this at the end of their description: “and together present collections of creative, trendy, high craftsmanship fashion on callfordress.com. Simply put,We are nigirlike”. And, it’s a copy of nigirlike, which is a known scam site

    1. Edna M Mayes

      I just ordered 3 pair of boots from these people and can’t get a email back from them. I will have to depute the charges!!! These people are everywhere!! BE AWARE!!!

      1. Craig

        Callfordress.com is most definitely a scam site. Just look at the grammar in their return policy.
        “it may take some time before your refund officially released.”

  76. Dav

    I also got scammed last month by homelandstore.net, {Line 681}
    now I see their website don’t work anymore, they will probably open tomorrow under new name

    BTW don’t put trust when a merchant accept paypal
    I used paypal for homelandstore & they provided false ups tracking that was showing delivered 9 days prior to purchase, & paypal denied my case twice, until they noticed that the seller has a red flag that’s when I had them review the case again (don’t worry I had to spend a few hours with them on the phone)

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Gina,

      I see that MomoMark.com and Onesgos.com have both been sufficiently exposed on page 1 of Google by others. Thank you kindly for your report and now they are added to this list in our comments.

      Thanks again Gina and sorry for the late reply as we got busy there.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

  77. Laura Williams

    A company called MOSLYNA is ripping people off. Bad Scam! They either do not send the item you order or they send you a horrible cheap imitation. To add insult to injury, they even send the wrong size! There is virtually no way to get your money back. I placed an order and sent an email wondering where my item is and they will not respond. Of course, there is no contact number. They are not located in the US apparently, so the BBB cannot pursue them in any legal manner. They may in fact be located in London, England. To make matters even worse, Facebook is running their ads. That is how I and so many other have been affected. There are many horrible reviews about this company. Do not attempt to order anything!!!

  78. Jens Wärme

    I just found out that i’ve been scamed. I thought I bought a watch but I ain’t got no watch. Been 6 weeks now. Saw the company name in your list. I paid with my Paypal. Guess that money is gone.

  79. Robert Sydney

    Is therichnet.com the same as Number 785. therichnetwork.com (IRICHLIFE)?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Robert,

      Go to their site again and see in their sites tab they call themselves ‘IRICH’. So they too are scammers. Thanks kindly for your report and now you have added another a fake site to our list here in the comments.

      Please come back again and I hope you continue to use our site in order to answer any questions you may have going forward about any site online.

      Thanks again Robert 🙂 .

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

  80. Kelvin Ly

    Hello, i just got scammed for my order. They have not sent me a link or a confirmation to my gmail to track my order. I have contacted them and that have not replied. What should i do?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Custom Paper Writing,

      Sorry for late reply but ohhhh I so needed a break! Yes, we have to prevent them but hosting providers seem not to have very secure identification processes and so it is very easy to get online through the ‘back door’. Millions of scam sites are created daily and so it is a losing war right now. Very bad and I estimate, if the tech guys and gals don’t solve this now, our Internet will be lost to scammers.

      That may seem hard to believe but last I checked around 38% of all online advertisements are from scam advertisers! Shocking and disgusting.

      Thanks again and you are welcome back anytime.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

    1. Scam Witness Post author


      We have extended it now up to 1300+ but it truly is a full time job to always be adding new scam sites to this list. There truly needs to be an army protecting the people from online scams but it costs too much, or so I am sure the excuse goes for not doing so, but it costs eye-popping MILLIONS not to! Shame, all we can do is become better Internet users and learn the scam signs so we don’t get caught by bad folks.

      Thanks for your comment and it is very much appreciated, but also, very sorry my response time was so delayed. Usually much faster but its the time of year and too often I simply forget to take a break.

      Thanks again, Regards ~ Philip, Scam Witness.

  81. Thomas Blaz

    I was scammed by Wizziz and only found this out when enough time had gone by and my order never arrived. Upon investigation, my credit card company verified that Wizziz is in fact fraud. Welcome to the wonderful W.W.W. people. Of course I had to cancel my credit cards and go thru the holidays W/O the ability to purchase gifts while waiting for new cards to arrive.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hi Mary,

          I was utterly confused by your comment and so I had to think on this. You have been on Nora Cora’s website – Yes? And so you are being tracked by Google ads. Nora Cora is advertising their site and so that has nothing to do with myself. I hope you understand this.

          Of course, I have zero control on what Google ads decides to serve to you as an ad in this event. You are welcome to report scam ads to Google Here and give some brief details of your concerns.

          So we are clear:- I am not – NOT – promoting or advertising any scam sites 🙂 . But I do indeed understand why you would think this given you saw their ad on my site as Google has served it.

          If you need further clarification then please do feel free to reply back Mary and thank you for alerting me to this also, as the ads we see is solely determined by online behavior on what sites we visit etc. This is known as Big Data.

          Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

          1. Mary

            Hello Philip – I appreciate you sending me info on how to report sites to Google although I really wonder what results would come from it since they are mostly obsessed with manipulating search results and filtering content for the masses. Since they can ban, shadowban and shut down at will, how can they claim to not know what scam companies are consistently buying ads?

            Nora Cora and similar sites are constantly running ads on sites I go to…they won’t go away. Hoping that there is some expiration to the madness.
            I really appreciate the work you have put into this site; it is so informative.

          2. Scam Witness Post author

            Hi Mary,

            I spend many days looking at scam sites and then reviewing them to help alert others. Point being, can you imagine how many scam ads I see daily online? Its is many!

            When we go to a site, and that site owner is running ads online be it with Google or Facebook, then what is happening is that we are being re-targeted to try to get us to go back to their site for sales.

            I hear what you are saying but there appears not to be an algorithm that can handle this situation for us i.e. that flags fake sites when they come across. While there are some software’s that do this they tend to get it wrong too many times.

            Hosting providers have not the necessary security measures to enforce and so that is how so many scammers can cheaply set up online and scam for ages and then shut down before any law enforcement gets wind of them.

            Its a bad situation, and if the Internet does not stop being super greedy at the cost of its users financial safety, it will be left in ruins. We won’t be able to buy anything with any measure of peace of mind. Millions of scams are uploaded — DAILY!

            Its ridiculous.

            Thanks Mary for your valid questions and your lovely words above.

            Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hmm, that is the second report we have received today about Gussetole.com. We will make it our next article Blaze Johnson and thank you so much for your report.

      I am actually up dating this article right now so that was good timing and I be sure to put Guseetole.com in there once we take a swift look.

      When we complete it then I will land the review link here.

      Cheers Blaze Johnson and feel free to return to scamwitness.com anytime with any questions etc you may have going forward about online e-stores etc.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.


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