What Is 9Uppa.com – Is 9Uppa.com Scam or Legit? – The ‘9Uppa’ Review

By | February 15, 2019

Find Out What Is 9Uppa.com Really About – ‘9Uppa’ Reviews.

Having problems with late orders? Need to know What Is 9Uppa.com at www.9uppa.com about? Is 9Uppa com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive and no good or Is ‘9Uppa’ legit, real, safe, genuine and trustworthy? This www 9Uppa com Review is going to shed some light here on this site. They are already reported as being a fraud online. We will do our own review to see why that is so. Those that have their own ‘9 Uppa’ reviews are welcome to place them in the comments below. 

Many dishonest shopping sites are streaming out of China all the time. We have to know some info about this company and one piece is where they are from. Typically, when such sites turn out to be unsafe, they send out goods that are not what was advertised. These goods tend to be shoddy, inferior, cheap, damaged, sometimes counterfeit and perhaps you may find stolen goods in your delivery, if they deliver anything. What Has Your Experience Been?



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9Uppa.com Review – What Is ‘9Uppa’ and What Is LittlePlayLand Ltd.

So, there appears to be other sites reportedly run by the owners of 9Uppa.com. One such site is called DreamBlessing.com and the other is called Mofashshop.com. That ‘DreamBlessing’ is a link to our review on them, for those interested. Anyways, those that were scammed by ‘9Uppa’ are now advised to contact your payment providers. They will or may say to cancel your card and so do put in for a refund.



Beware of www.9uppa.com!


We are now going to find out a few things about the site in question. We begin with the registration date and we can see that they registered online in 2018/10/30 and one year is all they have done so for. 1 year online as a business is normally not that legit. Real sites tend to invest longer and so that is our first legit scam sign.

A PO BOX from PANAMA is another scam site because that is an incomplete address. It is also common for scammers just to put ‘PANAMA’ as their ‘address’. Clearly, and already, something is desperately wrong here. Real and ethical sites that sell online do not mind leaving such basic information. Actually, there is no reason to even hide it as customers expect to find that data.

support@9uppa.com is all they have by way of contact. No real world location provided. No phone number available. There is a company name by Ningbo Zhongxin Electronic Technology, and also on their site, is a company called LittlePlayLand Ltd. ‘LittlePlayLand Ltd’ has nothing BUT COMPLAINTS about them all over the net!! 

There is no founder name either and already, with the little research into their site, we can call them a suspicious.




‘9Uppa.com’ Scam Signs.

  • Where ever you see that side-pop-in spinning wheel offer, you should probably be very careful. That is characteristic (in my experience of exposing online scams) of fraudulent sites. I see it often to connection with such fake sites.
  • Prices are too-good-to-be-true and that is something to always watch out for. Where you see reductions of $100 and more then you have to pause to do some research. Especially when it is on most of their products. It is nearly always a sign of a fake site.
  • There are reviews of their products to the right of their site. Please beware that the chances of those reviews being legit are very slim indeed. Always look for reviews on site, but more importantly, off site as well. Some places may only allow positive reviews and delete negative ones.
  • There are other sites in connection and could very well be run by the same scammers.
  • No founder name.
  • Address of their biz is not available anywhere online. How are we supposed to trust them if we can’t find their real location.  
  • There are no social sharing icons that you would typically see on legit selling sites.
  • The trusted seals of approval from the likes of McAffee, Norton etc, are not present on their site. That means that anyone’s payment information may be sold onto scammers. Worse still, with that information, random charges may be made to your card. Please watch your accounts like hawks and contest any withdrawals not approved by you, if you handed over payment details. But, that is only a big concern when we know without doubt they are a scam – that is not the case here.





How The Scam Could Be Perpetrated On Anyone.

Many times people have complained online about getting scammed by an ad on social media. Many times. And yet there are networks out there earning fortunes from such ads, and when they are reported, they do absolutely sweet— nothing. Not OK. Time we all did a one day strike on social media…

This typically how online shopping sites that are bad will behave – any of the below sound suspicious to you?

  1. Anyways, however you got to the site in question, those that purchased, may or may not have noticed a few things that made them first suspicious. 
  2. Did you receive an email receipt? Sometimes scammers do not seem to care if you find them out so soon and simply will or may not bother to send you a receipt.
  3. Taxes paid on your purchase? Yet again, this is a basic requirement and sometimes they will not bother including taxes in the overall price of your order.
  4. Tracking Code! This is where so many complain they were giving a fake tracking code for their order. You can simply check with 17track.net, enter your code, to see if it is real or not. Where scammers tell you that USPS (or who ever) has your parcel. Then you go to that site and they say they do not have it, something is wrong and the e-store is most definitely lying.
  5. Perhaps the 5-7-12-20 days delivery time has elapsed? Well, these fake sites have been known to take up to 4 months to deliver anything. Common more is 2 months, and you be lucky by the sounds of many online reports, if you get yours in 6 weeks! – That is if you get anything at all.
  6. What was the address on your parcel, for those that got one, from the supplier? Many times its an address somewhere in China and with a returns address to Israel or somewhere else entirely.
  7. Perhaps you order was damaged? Poor quality? This is to be expected from fake sites. They are not in the business of producing anything of merit and certainly not close to what you paid for it.
  8. No matter if you friends or families tag you to see a promotion, always look for reviews. Just because you see it on a platform you usually feel safe on does not mean those ads are being vetted. Because, they are not!! No one checks if they are safe to the many millions of users on Facebook for example. Even when scammer gets cash out of unwary people, these platforms benefit from the fee’s paid, and the only one losing out is everyone else!





Final Thoughts.

That is about all we have on that site. They have intentionally hidden all identifying information about themselves and that is always a crucially bad sign. Anyone with reports, reviews, are welcome to leave them below in the comments.

For me they are suspicious but I can not call them a scam. Will leave it down to the reports of their members.



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And so that almost concludes this article. I am very much looking forward to hearing from you and others about the site just reviewed. Those that still have some questions on What Is 9Uppa.com are welcome to ask below. I respond to all comments personally and usually very fast. Everyone is welcome to REPORT ALL ONLINE SCAMS HERE or on any article at scamwitness.com. Just please be sure to leave the full URL to avoid any confusion with legit sites. Looking forward to your comments to come, and before you go, you can check out our very Latest Scam Alerts Here! Take care for you and hope to be speaking with you all in the comments.






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34 thoughts on “What Is 9Uppa.com – Is 9Uppa.com Scam or Legit? – The ‘9Uppa’ Review

  1. Starry

    I have placed my order for a mini cam one month before and still not received. Tracking details shows no response.

    I won’t know wat to do.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      If they have not delivered per their delivery promise then you have the option to contact your payment provider for advice. Thank you for your 9Uppa.com Customer Review Starry.

  2. Hans Larsen

    Here is my “story”. I placed an online order with 9uppa on Jan. 28, 2019. I immediately got the order confirmation with the follow up email about the Chinese New Year delay. I sent numerous emails with order number and tracking number with no replies back. The tracking number did not work on their tracking website. Then out of no where this past Friday, March 25, 2019 the product, a dog harness, showed up via USPS at our door. It was the exact one we ordered and are quite happy with it.

  3. bill j

    I ordered an ear wax remover over 45 days ago. It still hasn’t arrived.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry to hear this Bill and yes that is too long to wait for an order. Perhaps it is time to alert your payment provider? Thank you kindly Bill for your customer review on 9uppa.com.

  4. Suzanne K

    I placed two order with 9uppa on January 23rd spending over $130. I received a confirmation email for both orders. About a week after, I received a message saying there woild be a delay due to Chinese New Year. Several weeks later, I sent several emails to support@9uppa.com. I have yet to hear back from anyone from this “support” service nor have I not received my purchases. I feel so betrayed and duped after they were so quick to take my money and never sent products. I paid through paypal and will file against 9uppa.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Suzanne,

      Thank you Suzanne for your report on 9uppa.com. Let us know if you get refunded or not if you have time when resolved. Thanks again Suzanne.

    2. mark

      I also went through everything you have.
      I put in a dispute & claim through PayPal. due to none delivery etc.
      Then all of a sudden they replied to PayPal with a sent .tracking number for a royal mail special delivery
      I tracked the number which said it was a parcel force tracking number …contacted them .they informed me it was a False tracking number !!!!
      Because they supplied PayPal with a tracking number PayPal declined my claim ???
      And stated parcel sent.
      Totally let down by PayPal…..

  5. Duane

    Ordered dog harness 2 months ago. Money was taken out of my account 2 days after order was placed even though website said funds would not come out until order is shipped. Have been sending emails daily without any response from them. How can I get my money back?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Duane,

      Simply contact your payment provider and tell them about this. This should investigate and then you may receive a refund. Hope that helps Duane.

  6. Nota 9uppafan

    I placed an order on January 23 for an ear wax removal tool. They sent an email that it had shipped. They provided a tracking number that provides no tracking information. Inquiries to support@9uppa.com have gone I unanswered. When you say “ put in a request for refund”, can I assume that you mean from PayPal in my case (this is the manner through which I made payment).

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thanks for your report Nota and yes please put in for a refund with PayPal if that is your form of payment to 9Uppa.

  7. Lorraine E Hobbie

    I ordered 2 detangling dog tools. I have sent many emails trying to locate them. Chinese New York was also “Observed” during this time. I get NO Response from these people.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you John for your complaint about this fake company. Put in for a refund if you lost money to them. Thanks again John.

  8. Dave Wright

    I also ordered a dog harness on 27th January – nothing has turned up. No replies to multiple emails.
    Have put in a request through paypal resolution centre.

    This reminds me of Wish and other similar sites where you get either nothing or something of very poor quality.
    Personally, i would stay well clear of this site.


    I made an order on 9uppa on Jan 25th got one e-mail saying my order would be late due to Chinese new year. I Told them I didn’t want it the next e-mail I got was it’s on the way.. they said it would be here around the 15th or 16th of Feb. I’ve been trying to get in touch wit them now no response. Bad thing is I spent over $50. I really needed them for my puppies. So heart broken why do people have to be so cruel I don’t under stand. Thank you for letting me vent.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You are welcome Donna to comment here anytime and I am sorry they did this to you. Put in for a refund if you have not received a anything.

  10. Aurore

    Hi! Ordered a dog collar from 9Uppa a month ago and although the money was taken out, I never received that collar. Emailed them twice, didn’t get anything back. I followed the tracking number with Fedex who told me that tracking no didn’t exist. A bogus tracking no has to be scam…

    1. Jack

      Ordered a harness for my dog, tracking number is fake, numerous emails sent and no response. I’ll be contacting my credit card company to dispute what I paid them. They are con artists.

  11. Lily

    I ordered something almost a month ago. Haven’t received it, and wrote 3 emails to them with no reply.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      3 months so obviously far too long. Put in for a refund and let them know you were scammed. Thanks for your report Lily.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Aguilar,

      Sorry to hear this. I had already reviewed DreamBlessing Here and so you are welcome to write about them there.

      You have the choice to put in for a refund with your payment provider, if you feel that is so warranted.

      Thank you fro taking the time to report on those sites here to help inform others. Much appreciated. If the products do end up arriving, and all is well, you are welcome to update us all on that situation.

      Thanks again Aguilar 🙂 ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

  12. Tricia collier

    Wish I had read your article before I ordered anything. I ordered 2 items from 9uppa 3 weeks ago. Got an email saying one of my items has been delivered and would I like to leave a review. I haven’t received anything yet and now feel I maynoti found your article accidently trying to find a way of contacting them. Haven’t had any luck in that department. Will however get back to you and let you know if my order ever arrives Ms t

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Tricia,

      9Uppa is an interesting e-store. Some got their products and are very happy indeed. I initially thought them a scam, but I must be careful as I have viewed many, and so sometimes it can be difficult to know for sure.

      However, there are reports that are negative as well. I really do hope you get your order Tricia and you are most welcome to update us all anytime you know the outcome of your situation with 9Uppa.com.

      Thanks again Tricia and look forward to hearing back from you 🙂 ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

  13. D Douglas

    Just received my order of a dog harness from 9uppa it is as promised no problems.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Douglas,

      Due to your positive report on 9Uppa I was forced to take another look at their site. On doing so then thought better and have said they are suspicious given the reasons located in the above article.

      Thank you for helping contribute to a more accurate article on this site and it is very much appreciated. I am happy also to hear you had no problems with your order and you got exactly what you ordered.

      Much appreciated Douglas 🙂 ~ Philip (Scam Witness).


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