What Is 8332642915 About – Legit or Fake Social Security Number?

By | May 24, 2019

Received a Call from 8332642915 From ‘Social Security’? Fake Social Security Number of 8332642915 EXPOSED!

8332642915 is a Fake Social Security Number Call made to people to dupe your sensitive data into greedy scammers hands. This number is already considered to be a scam call number and should be ignored at all costs. What is 8332642915 anyways, is it a scam, legit and a genuine Social Security Call? Well, you already have your answer…

Those that have received calls from this number are advised NOT to call them back. You are welcome to leave your own experiences regarding this number, or any other number you believe is fake and a phishing / advance fee fraud scams, in the comments below to help others in their own research. Thank you.



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Beware of Phishing Fake Social Security Number of 8332642915.

8332642915 is a Fake Social Security number and that is that! But, having searched Google I could see all the search returns were all videos. Many people in the last two days (see date of this article) have already exposed this number. Shame on the bloggers! LOL! So, here is what trying to be done by the scammers with this number.

There are some few forums with some few reports. The You-Tube videos are also getting some reviews as well. The more reviews that there exists on this number the greater chances people will not be duped into this phone scam. 



The Point of the Scam – What Are They After? – How Did They Get ‘YOUR’ Number?

  • Should you answer when they call first time, or you give them a call back, they will pretend to be from Social Security. They may sound very professional and courteous as they ask for your name, social security number, place of residence etc. 
  • Do not give them all of this very personal information. I mean, they already have your phone / cell number and so now they are engineering a full picture of your identity. With all of this information they can generate fake ID to commit fraud in your name.
  • With this ID they are now free to rinse your good credit for real world physical goods that they can ship internationally for profits. Perhaps they want a drivers license, birth certificates, a mortage, car rentals etc and so this is the point.
  • Alternatively, with you number and all of that information they are asking you for, it is also probable they will sell on your personal information for a profit. I have seen people advertising ‘lists’ of such sensitive information for around $2500.00 and so this is relatively big cash that can be sold very fast.
  • So those are the two main reasons for ringing you and pretending to be from Social Security. Where people pretend to be what they are not, in order to get your sensitive information, this is called phishing.
  • So those worried they have missed a call from Social Security have nothing to worry about. It is only scammers trying to pull-a-fast-one upon unwary people.



How Did They Get Your Number?

Short answer is, it is all down to you own online security regarding where you have left your number. Perhaps you signed up to something that required your number online?

Maybe one of your social media accounts are not set to private? Maybe you were phished by someone pretending to be a friend or family member from cloned social media accounts?

Really, there may not be a real way of knowing. You could check your browser history and see what comes to mind. Then review the sites that appear to be the one that makes you feel they may not be legit. 

Ensure all of your accounts are set to private, for with number and all of the information some may have given these people,they could be in a position to manufacture ID with it for fraudulent purposes.

So be more suspicious of any site asking for your number by looking for reviews. There are plenty of e.g. free movie sites that may ask for this as ‘verification’ of ‘you’ but really only a phishing site.

Or perhaps you were duped another way by some site pretending to give you something for free for your personal details.

Let us know below in the comments and we will look into them. If scam then will expose them page 1 of Google for all to know to help prevent more instances of this from occurring again.



Final Thoughts.

Full credit for this exposing of this number goes to Francine The Scammer Slayer on You-Tube. We would embed that video within our article but that is no available on that video. They video contains a lady calling the number and so you can see how the scam is trying to be perpetrated.

That is all on the 8332642915 Fake Social Security Number and looking forward to your comments below. You are welcome to report anything you see suspicious online or any other numbers in the comments below.




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