What Is 800 516 4992 – Is 800 516 4992 Scam or Legit Phone Number?

By | October 23, 2018

What Is 800 516 4992 – Need to Read If YOU Got A Cellphone Call From This Number.

Despite the very convenient and streamlined ways of scamming people online, scammers still favor ringing you up out of the blue, and trying to phish out your personal info and money. Their tactics involve scaring you to bits before offering the solution – for a price! They can have you on the phone for hours while they try to get you to give them access your device – don’t let them!! What Is 800 516 4992 anyways? It is a Scammers Number proven to be bogus and has popped in the Florida region and reported to ARRP in 2018/05/26. The following will detail the complaint and the tactics used, what was asked, and the end result. If any of what is to come sounds familiar, then do report that number to your local law enforcement agency. Is 800 516 4992 a scam, fake, fraudulent, legit, genuine, dishonest, good, bad, real? Well,  you can decide for yourself below.

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Have You Received A Call From This Number? What Is 800 516 4992 – Florida Phone Call Scam Alert!

That is a Free Call Toll Number comes with no Reverse Look Up History or Name attached to it. You already know that it is a fraudsters number but now let us see what this number is about in detail. What Is 800 516 4992 is now going to be answered in detail. What is it they are after? How are they trying to get money out of you? Are they after personal information out of you? Lets find out for sure, and if you are currently receiving a phone call from them, just hang up

As mentioned, a report was filed to AARP.Org regarding this number to help alert everyone else. I see also that they are generating a few queries online, telling me, that the number is becoming a real nuisance to people living in Florida. But, how did they get your phone number to begin with anyways? We will cover the possibilities of that shortly in this article.


800 516 4992 SCAM NUMBER

800 516 4992 SCAM ALERT!


The report goes that a lady by the name of Kathleen Behrmann received a call from a male supposedly from Duke Energy. The call was regarding an overdue payment for their electricity supply. Payment had to be given within the next 45 minutes or their electricity power supply would be cut off. No doubt, a very alarming threat, that some would of fell for quite easily. These threats are to create what is called cognitive dissonance. Soon as you get upset, then some will take the actions dictaed to remove the problem – even though its not a real problem.

Should you be in doubt, simply ring your own power supply provider and confirm this call is from them. However, they will not know what you are talking about regarding this issue. When Kathleen told the scammers that the police were actually recording this phone call, the scammer asked for their Social Security Number to verify their account. Thankfully, this lady knew better than to hand over that very sensitive data and the scammer was wholly unsuccessful in his fraudulent attempt. 

So, we see that this number wants to get money out of people and their Social Security Number. We also see that there is a threat to try to confuse people. And lastly, they have used a well known company name to tail-gate off of that companies good reputation to convince others they are a legit caller from such a company. All very clever, but easily debunked, with one quick call to your supplier as mentioned.


How Did They Get Your Number In The First Place?

This simply can not be known with 100% certainly, however, here are a few likely ways they could of got hold of your personal number.

Perhaps you left his number as visible on some of your social media accounts? That is bad news if so and you should set all of your personal data to private in such cases. Maybe you filled out a form you thought was real but actually only a phishing form? These phishing forms that look like your banks forms, your local super store forms for redeemable offers, or perhaps you tried to sign up to a fake work from home opportunity? There are dozens and dozens of ways they could of got hold of your number.

Maybe, unbeknownst to you, your device picked up a nasty bit of software known as malware that could of searched you device for its number?

Either ways, who ever got your phone number first, then it is certain, it was put onto a list to be sold to the highest bidder. These scam auctions are held on the deep web and such lists, depending on the amount of illegally obtained data, can fetch for $250 and upwards! SO, perhaps this scammer paid good money for your information, along with many 100’s or 1000’s of other phone numbers, and now is spending all of his/their time ringing up people impersonating legit companies for your money and personal information. 

Simply set all such data to private on all of your social network accounts. Don’t respond to any emails or text messages where the sender is unknown to you. Should you believe it is from your local store, bank etc then simply give them a call to see if their requests/promotions are legit or scam. 


Per Washington Post nearly half of all cellphone calls will be from scammers. SO, do be very vigilant as many people are simply falling victims to such, at times, very sophisticated phone call scams.

Such scams may be include the following:-

Tech Support Scams – They will pretend they are from Microsoft, or other such reputable companies, that will seemingly prove there are multiple threats on your device. They may ask for permission to access your device to fix the problems. They then may go to work on you by asking you for money for the service by purchasing some products. Reports have shown that they can crash you device so you can’t trace their location.

Local Super Store Promotion Scams – a simple looking text message saying that you qualify for very special promotions reserved for loyal customers. They may ask for you password, or make a quick purchase right now on their fake (name of your local stores) website. Always check the URL of such offers, and if it is a scam attempt, the URL will not match that of the legit company. 

Sports Draws Text Scams – I have persona experience with this one. I had received a text message saying I had won 1.8 million euros in some euro football event and that my cellphone number was the lucky winner. I still have no idea how they managed to get that old number. Anyways, they wanted some nominal fee to process these winnings to me. After having done a Google Search, I soon realized it was a scam. Honeslty, I was convinced and panicked with excitement. That was years ago now and so know a little better on these things. That is how those sports scam texts go.

I.R.S. Text Scams! – In this text message scam (also known as Smishing) it appears you have received a text message from teh I.R.S!! Yikes, the message may go that you owe money and that you must pay up now or risk going to prison. They can appear very legit and professional. Simply ring up the I.R.S. My research shows that this organization will simply NOT operate like this should you owe money. 

There are many and so many more being made by these scammers all of the time. A family got a phone call from a gentleman that says he was working for Microsoft. I asked him where he was located and told me he was located in London. The scam was, he told me that my laptop had a expired Mircrosoft key and I was to pay to update that. That is bogus. Microsoft comes with that program free and it has done since the 90’s. I don’t use the program anyways, so maybe now there are paid packages. Ultimately I called him a scammer, as he refused to give me his exact address location, and so I hung up. I later Googled the number and saw that he was located not far from me. 








Did You Receive a Call From 800 516 9442? Report That Number Below And What Happened To Help Warn Others – Thank You.






Final Thoughts.

So long as you do not send payment, or any personal information, then just hang up the phone on this number. It is not from Duke Energy and they will try to get money out of you, your Social Security Number to verify your account, at the threat of cutting off your electricity supply. Don’t believe anything of that nature and report the number as soon as you get the chance to. On the off chance you did sent payment then simply contact you payment provider for a charge back of those monies. Do also, keep an eye on your account for charges to it.

Have you any questions or stories on What Is 800 516 4992? You are very welcome to place those stories or questions in the comments sections below. I genuinely hope that this article helps a great number of people to avoid this particular scam numbers intention towards you. And remember, just ring your provider always, to confirm or debunk any cellphone calls of this nature. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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