What Is 705-716-4812 – Is 705 716 4812 Scam or Legit? – SCAM ALERT!!

By | April 17, 2019

Find Out What Is 705-716-4812 About – Our 705 716 4812 Fake “Canadian Treasury” Phone Call Warning.

Nice work doing research on 705-716-4812 as it is a fake call from cyber-crooks. 705 716 4812 is not from the “Canadian Treasury” and one report places this number from India. Is 705-716-4812 a scam, fake, fraudulent, advanced fee fraud and phishing attempt or Is 705 716 4812 a real, safe, legit call? 

So you know that they are fake and you should not respond to them at all. There are many phone numbers like this floating around trying to trick people out of their hard earned cash. These fraudsters are trying to inject fear into you, as they are threatening court action, and so when we get emotional they are hoping you will make a mistake.




New Phone Scam!



705-716-4812 Is an Untrustworthy Number.

  • People that have received this phone call, or a text message or voice mail, are asked to report them below. This number appears to have called many people and who knows how many have actually fallen for it. The Canadian Treasury is never going to call you and make threats like this. That is not how they operate and would be very unprofessional, to say the least.
  • They are saying that if you do not do what they are asking of you then you could end up standing before a magistrate or a judge. This is a bogus threat and one you should take seriously. Now that you know it is a fake number, and if you comply you could end up out of cash, and so all shares of this warning are welcome.
  • Those that handed over payment information to these cyber-crooks are advised to contact your payment provider. Now the crooks may have your payment information and so you may need to cancel your card. This will stop any fraudulent attempts on your account. 
  • We further advise you simply block that number if they persist. You could also say that they are being investigated by local authorities right now and so that may scare them off from calling you any more.
  • Such cyber-crooks calling from 705-716-4812 may be asking for other personal information. Such data could be your full name, home address etc, they can then harvest this information. This means they may place your data on a list and then sell that list.
  • These kinds of lists are sold on the Deep Web on Auction sites. Those that pay the most will have the list. Now, these other fraudsters will or may try to send you fraudulent emails or texts. If you do not know the company and report as spam and delete. No not take any action per their fraudulent purposes.
  • Per a report online the name that has cropped up, calling from 705 716 4812, is Jayson Devlin with an employee ID# 453751 calling from the “Canadian Treasury”. Reports further state that the person calling speaks in a threatening and rude tone. This is to make your upset and compliant. Do not fall for such threatening behavior as the Canadian Treasury would not speak to people like this.
  • If you take the seriously, then they may ask you for some cash in order to resolve this ‘criminal’ matter. One way to make this happen is to hang and ignore them. It is not real anyways and so you are not under investigation from anyone real from this phone number.
  • So now you know that the people calling from 705 716 4812 are not real. It appears they could be calling India, per one online report. When you first answer they may be rude and aggressive and demanding you respond or else you will face a Grand Jury, Judge, Magistrate, if you continue to ignore them.
  • We know this is only to illicit a mistake from you and the cyber-crooks, gaining your payment information, to make fraudulent charges against you. The intention of the people from this number is to gain your hard earned cash. Never fall for threats of this kind from texts, emails or voice mails. Even if you are speaking to them yourself, then hang up, and call the location they say they are calling from. 
  • This way you can verify if that organisation is ‘after you’ in some way. But usually they will say it is not them an warn you against such phone calls. Other ways you can keep yourself safe is to ask them some questions about you. 
  • If they are real then they should know your full name and home address. Since they may not have this information then that is a good early clue you are dealing with crooks. Hang up and ignore them.



How Did They Get Your Number?

  1. This is the biggest question I had when I received a text message stating I had won nearly 2 million from a football draw. I Googled that number and read that it was a scam. The next step for me would have been to send them a processing fee. This may seem very reasonable to the amount I have ‘won’.
  2. We have to be careful the online forms, requesting our cell / phone number for verification purposes, and so always look up reviews before you do this. There are too many scam sites and so looking up for reviews will usually protect you.
  3. Perhaps you have your number set to Public on one or more of your social media accounts. It is important you set all of your personal information to private. This is important in case you add a friend or family member to your network, whom may already be part of your network, and so that may be an impersonator.
  4. When impersonators gain your friendship with our social media accounts they can sift through your information to harvest. As said, this can be used to make big and easy cash. Such sensitive data is always being hunted for, so much so, there are software’s roaming the net look for such unprotected information.
  5. Perhaps one of these software’s found you number within  your device’s cache? Never save passwords, phone numbers, to your device. If your device gets infected with one of these virus’s they can easily steal that sensitive information.
  6. May be you were on a free movie streaming site, or a free trial site of some kind, then it is common for those sites to be requesting your phone number and also your banking information. They will be convincing enough to say that it is to make sure you are over 18 years of age. So we see this verification scam trick at play and we advise you never fall for this. This is only a data harvesting / phishing scam.
  7. I see it so many times that people will actually leave their phone number / cell number out in the open on Facebook etc. Usually this is in respond to a scammers enticing ad for quick and easy cash for next to no work and usually very little to no investment. 
  8. This is very bad practice. Even we receive comments with peoples personal email address that we must delete for their own online privacy protection, at times. You must treat this information the way you would treat your house keys. Keep it protected at all times.
  9. Perhaps you were talking to someone in your PM’s online. Maybe you have been talking to them for weeks or even months before handing them your phone number. This is another bad practice as they could be cyber-crooks. This typically falls under the romance scam sections of fraudulent behavior.
  10. Really, only you can know where you have placed your own number online. You can block such numbers to stop them from harassing you for cash. 




Final Thoughts.


Now you are 100% sure that 705-716-4812 is not a real and honest call from the Canadian Treasury. You are asked to share this article to help warn others. Particularly, we are worried that senior citizens may fall for this scam after being successfully panicked into making a payment.

Even when payment is made to such threatening numbers as 705 716 4812 then it is possible these scammers may ask for more cash. There is no way of seeing how they would stop asking for more cash until you take action to make them stop. 

My own mother got a phone call from ‘Microsoft’ from a gentleman called ‘Charlie’. ‘Charlie’ was calling from London. I asked ‘Charlie’ for his address and he stumbled terribly. He had not been expecting me to ask him this.

He said that the laptop in our house Microsoft Package needed to be paid for. That is grossly untrue as my mother did not have a laptop and there is no routine payments for such. I told him this and further stumbled and really he made no sense. Just kept saying he was calling from London.

I called him a scammer and told him if he calls this number again I will put a trace on it and report his location to the local authorities. Of course, I was bluffing but he never called back. I Googled his number and saw that number was making a number of fraudulent calls in my local area. It was not from London.

I say this, because one elderly family member got swindled into a more expensive contract after my help was denied. I was mad because now their bill had more than doubled for a service they did not need. We must watch out for our elderly family members as of course many may not be tech-savvy. 

You can easily ask some of the questions from above when dealing with unknown crooks requesting cash for some dubious reasons. Also, ‘Charlie’ could not give me the reception number of his building. So ask for that, if they give you one, put the crook on hold and call it, and see if their business is located in that building.

Chances are, you will be told no such business exists within their building. Confront the scammer with this information and threaten them with the law enough to ensure they will not call back.

We are very much looking forward to your own reports on What Is 705-716-4812. Additional information surrounding 705 716 4812 are also welcome. Thank you for coming by and now that phone number is going into our List of Internet Scammers. 


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!





6 thoughts on “What Is 705-716-4812 – Is 705 716 4812 Scam or Legit? – SCAM ALERT!!

  1. Ajiri

    As much as I love the internet, I think the internet can also be a problem. There are a lot of scammers and hackers online that can go in and out of any system without being detected. These people are able to devise means by which they can make use of to scam people of their hard earned money.
    In this case they have come up with an idea of using fake canadian treasury phone number in calling citizens. A lot of people have fallen for this and you were absolutely right when you said the elderly are more of the victims because they are not tech savvy.
    For those that know their way around technology they can very much easily spot a fake phone call because they know exactly what to do to find out if the call is legit.
    Thankfully some of the processes to follow to know if these type of calls are fake have been listed above.
    I hope those that might be worried about these calls and threats are able to find this article so they can be enlightened on what to do to avoid these scams that can rid them of their hard earned money.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Ajiri,

      Thank you for your kind words in this article. It is true that the elderly may more be at risk due to the potential convincing nature of such calls, and the fear aspect, to excite mistakes.

      You are welcome and it is really nice to see you appreciating this warning on 705/716-4812. Much appreciated Ajiri.

  2. Yvette Clayton

    Wow! What a great article! I was not aware of this particular scam, so thank you so much for the heads up. I have also learned the importance of making sure your phone number is set to private in your social media sites. I didn’t even think of that and checked my profile right away after I read this. Thank you so much for sharing that piece of advice.

    I am so glad you were there for your mother. It’s terrible what these scammers do on a general note. But then to pull these ridiculous scams on the elderly is beyond horrible. What an awful thing to do. You are absolutely right when you say we have to take care of our elderly family members. They are sometimes just not aware of all this is going on out here and I totally agree with you. It’s unfortunate your other family member didn’t want your help and I’m sorry to read they were scammed. That’s awful.

    When I don’t know a number that comes across my cell, I decline the call then block it right away. Last year, I had so many blocked numbers, my list got full! I had to delete numbers in order to put more in…that’s how many spam calls I receive. It is so totally ridiculous and annoying. Another thing I do if spammers do get through is tell them to take my name off the list. I have noticed they hang up before I can complete the sentence. I’ve heard if you physically say those words, by law, they must remove your name. Is that true?

    Your articles are always so enlightening. Thank you so much for all the great information you share with your readers to help us stay safe and protected.

    Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Kind regards,

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Yvette,

      Thank you kindly Yvette for your comment on this scam number of 705-716-4812. It is just another doing the rounds. Many types of scams and these phone scams are pretty malicious. Watch out for the elderly members of your family that may pay thinking this is legit.

      Thanks again Yvette and thank you kindly for your comment. It is appreciated.

  3. Wanda

    Oh my goodness, how do people live with themselves scamming people like this, especially the elderly! So sorry that it had to happen to one of your family members as well…

    I am currently at a stage where I blatantly ignore ANY incoming number that I don’t recognize. I don’t care who you are, if you really want to speak to me and you know me or are providing me with a service, you will have the other methods which you can communicate to me with. So, that’s what I do. Ignore any number I don’t recognize.

    At one stage I used to Google the numbers too, and once established as a scam, I would then block the number permanently.
    I really like your idea of phoning the places that these scammers say they are connected to directly. Even more fuel to use against those scammers.

    I can’t even begin to rant enough about companies who sell your number or give away your number to other companies. In my country, I know many of the cell phone providers like to do this, and many places where you open an account with them. These types of calls and unsolicited SMSs etc start to come after you’ve signed the contracts with these places, so it’s pretty obvious that it is them doing it… and it’s extremely frustrating for exactly the reason that you are explaining in this article – the stupid scammers! I found a “National Opt-Out” Database for my country, and I submitted my number there for protection however they don’t seem to be operating anymore and the calls and SMS’s have started to trickle through again.
    This is why I finally decided to just IGNORE any incoming call where I don’t know or recognize the number that is calling.

    THANK YOU for bringing these scamming calls to light!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Wanda,

      Thank you kindly Wanda for your indepth review of this number. Certainly your advice to ignore such numbers is the best advice. Thanks again Wanda 🙂 ~ Philip.


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