What Is 4Nome.Net – Is ‘4Nome’ Scam or Legit? – REVIEW / WARNING!

By | April 10, 2019

What Is 4Nome.Net About? – SCAM ALERT!

Good to see  you found our review on What Is 4Nome.Net (www.4nome.net). We have some questions about that site after seeing their offer. Is 4Nome Net a scam, a fraud, being deceptive or Is ‘4Nome’ real, trustworthy, safe and legit? In this www 4Nome Net Review we are going to show you why they are not legit and only a scam.

Those of you that have your own experiences with this site are welcome to report them below. This really will help others know the truth of this review and save themselves some cash. We have encountered such sites before such as Cupone.Net, Euros.Net, PRTO, GoldRise.Net, LifeOK.Net. There are others.




www.4nome.net scam alert!




What Is 4Nome.Net Actually About – Background Check.

Let us being this 4Nome.Net Review by doing a background check. We expect to see failed information i.e. information that simply does not check out. We are asking who the owner is of 4Nome Net, where is their business located, have they got a contact number and site’s registration date. 

They say they are an investment company and so we will be asking how they can predict how much their members can earn. When we invest in markets the chances of success are only ever 50/50. Even with the worlds best software the chances do not increase. There are simply too many variables that simply can not be predicted.

We see that their own website went live online in 2018/12/22. Their domain is up for renewal in 2019/12/22. What is wrong with that registration date? Well, they are a supposed major investment company and yet they have only invested the registration for just 1 year?

That piece of information on its own should indicate to you a hit-and-run site. Surely we all know that setting up a business for one year is simply far too short a time period. There are occasions where founders set up for little time to see how things go with the option to renew.

This is not the case here as we have already said we have exposed these kinds of sites before. Forearmed with much prior research, we know by ‘sight’ alone, they simply are not legit.

Their website registration details shows an address from Russia and a Founder Name of Nikolaj Kutyak. From memory I believe that is the same name attached to the sites we have already reviewed. We highly doubt that is the real name as the cyber-crook(s) behind these sites are committed much fraud.

They have an email address of support@4nome.net. Telephone number is +44 201 823 312 and that is for users. It is the same number for traders except it is the number 3 for the last number already provided.

Business address is different than the one we located in WHOIS. That address is 4 Earl Street Cleator Moor CA25, United Kingdom. So first they are from Russia and now they are from the UK. You beginning to see some ‘cracks’ in their set up yet? 

To further prove they are not legit we Googled that address. We see there is an address of 4 Earl Street Cleator Moor CA25 5AU, United Kindom. Notice the ‘5AU‘ end of the post code. So it seems, though they have not completed the post code with their address on their site, that is a residential property.



‘4Nome’ Scam Signs.

  • ‘4Nome’ says they are working with Foreign Exchange Companies and yet where is there proof of this? Where is the proof of the instruments / tools they use in order to generate minimum of $40 per member per day? They have provided no documentation of this nature.
  • All legit and honest businesses will present to their members a business registration number. We are not able to locate such a number and so that is another red-flag to concern us.
  • A glaring scam sign we almost missed. It is worth checking out sites Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Sometimes we find there is a dummy text written in Latin. That is a huge scam sign. In this case, we find that those sections of their site is written in Russian. Never have we come across a site with such a scam sign that turned out to be ethical.
  • Signing up to ‘4Nome’ will only ensure you will be spammed for as long as the site exists, and who knows, maybe longer. It is common for scam sites to sell on personal information for a quick and usually healthy profit. Never give out your payment details to sites you are not sure of. Always look out for reviews like this one you are reading now.
  • The Tasks within their offer are non-nonsensical, and how any company is expected to make money from their members doing these fake tasks, is wholly unclear to us. 
  • All reviews on their site are not real. We often see fake reviews on scam sites and so always look elsewhere online for reviews for unbiased reviews. But also, there are plenty of times where cyber-crooks will ‘plant’ themselves in major review sites and give fake reviews. Good review sites will notice this and erase them.
  • Where are their payment proofs? They have none and no one is getting paid from this fake site. It matters not how much cash you gave them or how hard you worked as they keep all revenue. They are simply looking for a free work force and free money. Do not share their fake opportunity. If you have, please share this article to nullify that mistake.
  • Here is why their money making biz model is full of holes. You can see they say you can earn somewhere between 14% and 49% per investment level within a single days. As said, there is no human or software on the planet that can 100% guarantee you even a 1c return of profits in that time frame. They offer $1 with out investment. All you have to do is click on their ROI Options and the use that $1 they give you to invest in such plans. Where companies get the cash to just give away to allow members to earn is unclear. Actually, no company that is business savvy, and wants to stay in business for any length of time, would ever do this. Their accounts department would have a complete melt down as that is simply giving away free money. Looking at their offer in the cold light of day they prove that they are not legit and only a deceptive site.
  • Their site makes cash for themselves in another way. They show ads and in this way they get paid. Not a lot per ad, but if they get enough traffic, that revenue does add up rather quickly. Of course, showing ads on sites (thought maybe annoying) is a valid way for sites to sustain themselves and to allow their service to be provided free of charge to their readers / members. But to drive traffic with sole intentions to load ads without providing a legit service is wholly unethical and only selfish motives are involved here. There is no value being offered to their members and they will only have their time and potentially cash wasted.
  • Anyone that has handed over payment information to this site are advised to contact your payment provider at your earliest convenience. The cyber-crooks may now be in possession of such valuable and sensitive information. This means there is potential for them to make random charges to your card. Or, as said by selling on your information, other fraudsters could try to do this. Your bank may advise you cancel your card to avoid this unpleasant scenario. 
  • All statements of legitimacy on their site is only false claims to excite peoples emotions into taking action. Action, that adds value to ‘4Nome’s’ website but not to their users. Beware of sites that offer such ‘opportunities’ and yet have no business registration number and also where there is no information about the founder on Google. If they were indeed a major investment company then newspapers etc would have written on them by now, I imagine.
  • One of the first things we see on their site is displays of copious cash. We see a full briefcase of cash and a plant growing out of money. So these kinds of displays of wealth are typically associated with fake sites. This is only to play on peoples need for quick and easy cash. Do not be tempted by these false displays and report all such sites to our comments or the link clearly labelled bottom of this article.
  • There are other sites online offering the same fake work from home opportunities. Where sites offer work whereby there is little effort for big cash reward then you must always suspect their claims. Think on how money revenue simple tasks are generating and see if that relates to your ‘cut’. Where pay out is too high for too easy work then that is an excellent sign of a fake site.





Final Thoughts.


Those that have read every word of our research above will now be clear why the site in question simply can not be legit. We are in no way recommending them as legit and they are only a scam site. For the reasons stated, they are now going into our List of Internet Scammers.

Those of you interested to earn online then you have come to the right place. There is ample opportunity to earn online whereby you are not asked for a sign up fee. After trying out almost all ways to earn online, we have to come to our own best #1 Conclusion.

We recommend Wealthy Affiliate because they offer a free sign up. Free websites. Free Training (phase 1 only) and 7 days free Premium Test Drive without providing card details upfront – only an email sign up is required.

Those interested to learn how to earn online from home by blogging then you are advised to read our #1 Recommendation Here. Blogging is not a difficult task to do. There is no ‘techy’ training to have had before joining and you will be shown all necessary to be a success online. 



We are very much looking forward to your own reviews below. Those with questions on What Is 4Nome.Net are very welcome to leave those questions in the comments below. We will be more than happy to further assist. Thank you for coming by and looking forward to hearing from you and others about anything written here today 🙂 .


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