What Is 424 327 3684 – Is 424 327 3683 Legit or Scam IRS Number?

By | November 4, 2018

What Is 424 327 3684 – Fake IRS Caller Warning.

What Is 424 327 3684 about? First off, if you just got a call from that number, please don’t panic and just ignore! Its not the IRS looking to jail you in days if you don’t make a payment. Its a rampant hoax-scam caller trying to fleece you. So, deep breath folks – you are not in trouble! Is 424 327 3684 fake, fraudulent, crooked, dishonest, scam or Is 424 327 3684 genuine, legit, honest, good caller from the IRS? This 424 327 3684 review is going to compile the evidence to call that a scam number. I stumbled across their number while viewing a report at the BBB.Org. What is to follow is to help you make up your own mind, and most importantly, to save you your money from heartless scammers.

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Pay Or Not To Pay? The Full Answer To What Is 424 327 2684.

As mentioned, full credit goes to the BBB.Org for this article as this is where I initially stumbled on a complaint. We already know What Is 424 327 2684 and so just know that is a number pretending to be from the IRS. There are plenty of scam numbers doing the rounds and some are more rampant than others. Lets now check out the initial complaint filed against this number.

Complaint #1.

The initial report complains of someone pretending to be an IRS Agent ringing for payment. If payment is not sent in 24 hours than that person faces immediate jail time. The IRS will never ring you and make such claims. That is not how they do business. You should always ring and confirm the call is coming from where the caller says they are coming from. Also, this ‘Agent’ was rude and aggressive not coming across like he works for such an organization. No dollars were lost on this attempt though its not uncommon for people to be tricked into handing over $100’s to $1000’s to an unknown caller.


Scam Number!



Complaint #2.

Another complaint, claims a message was left on her device. The voice claimed they were from the IRS and that they were allegations against this lady. She had to act fast or face the cops showing up to arrest her. The lady called this person back, where she says this man could barely speak English, and she just laughed and hung up! <<– LEGEND 🙂 !! LOL. That really is how you handle such calls. Hang up, report them and forget about them.

Complaint #3

Another message left on someone else’s device claims there are “four serious allegations” against their name. These allegations to seem to always come in four. Same threat of the cops being called after 24 hours if they do not act to resolve this situation. The situation, is of course, to settle up your bill with the IRS but as we already know this number does not belong to that agency.

Complaint #4.

Another message left said, very bluntly, that if this man did not settle up the four outstanding allegations (debts) that he would be arrested by cops in 24 hours. That is the format of the scam. Nearly all the complaints state that their English is very poor. Even when this man called back, a lady with poor English asked why ‘you’ keep calling this number and then she began to sing (weird…).

Complaint #5.

Another complaint speaks that a man, again where English is clearly his second language, said this man has counts of tax fraud against him. Apparently, he made the scammer so mad that the scammer started to shout at him in his own language. Even swore! So, clearly we can see no professional IRS Agent is going to be behaving like this even if there is a disagreement.

Incidentally, 424 327 2684 is calling from California, Beverly Hills.

Complaints #6.

When someone got this call, which appears to me to be an automated ladies voice talking about your four outstanding fraud allegations against you, they believed that the actual location is somehow India. Typically, scammers tend to work overseas and so quite protected by international laws.

Continuing from the idea this number is actually from India, even though we recognize the area code as Beverly Hills, a comment left on a forum is certain that the number is actually a spoof USA number! They get these fake phone numbers, call from a call center in India, and by the time you see the number you have little reason to doubt that the number is from California somewhere. 

Unfortunately, there are a number of sites online that offer out the service of free fake cellphone numbers and I can’t really believe that is a legit and on going service. Anyways, that is something that has turned up researching such fake cellphone numbers.

Ever Heard of Blue Cross Health Insurance?

If you ever get a phone call from the number being exposed in this article then know they are the same people! This number has also been known for selling car insurance, Viagra, health insurance, car warranties, pretending to be from HP SUPPORT, Microsoft Support etc.


The list of phone numbers used by this or such call centers are:-















Do be wary of all of those numbers as they are known as fake numbers trying to sell you something bogus, or trying to get you to buy fake debts or bills, and so do report any experiences connected to any of these numbers below in the comments to help warn others. Apparently, the Indian Government are said to be fully aware of this practice and does nothing about it.



How To Block These Robo-Calls!

Simply ring your phone provider and get them to set up a robocall blocker! They are the ones providing the means for scammers to ring you, and so the legal burden falls onto them to protect you, when you request such action. There are a variety of cellphone call blockers available as well and so you should consider researching on this.

Here is the advice of another site, that I will simply link you to them HERE, for they have a number of excellent tips and suggestions to help you block these calls, and incredibly, how to Sue a Telemarketer! That link will open in a new browser should you wish to come back here.



How To Recognize Scam Calls.

  • Verify the caller is calling from where they say they are calling from before following any instructions.
  • Organizations in general don’t just robo-call-you with a jail sentence if you don’t comply in 24 hours.
  • Scammers have poor English.
  • Scammers are rude, aggressive and extremely impatient.
  • Where there are clear negative reports online about a number, its probably just a scam then.
  • When relatively vast sums of cash are demanded of you instantly. As we all know, most organizations will jump through hoops to help you pay, by setting up payment plans or at least more reasonable for the time scale.





What Is Your Experience 424 327 2684? Report Them Below Or Any Other Number You Are Suspicious of – Thank You.






Final Thoughts.

The entire point of this article is to firstly let you know you are dealing with a fake IRS Agent Number. But more importantly, is to reassure you that you don’t have the pending/outstanding ‘allegations’ from the IRS, as these heartless robo-calls state. For some, that message may have hit home with a shock and I can easily see how many would just pay to alleviate themselves of that worry. So just ignore them, report the number, and carry on living a scam-free life.

For those that have questions on What Is 424 327 2684 are welcome to ask int he comments. Those that got a call off of any other number are very welcome to report that below. As mentioned, there are tons of fake numbers like the one(s) covered in this article. You can simply see ‘the signs’ as listed out above to know the attributes of a scam caller. Of course, you can always and very simply ring the company they are saying they are calling from to confirm or deny the callers legitimacy. It has been a real pleasure to write this article and I hope it clears up everything about this scam number. Should this article been of use to you then I would deeply appreciate all of your comments. Take care for now guys, and if you do get a call coming with too-good-to-be-true offers, of ‘allegations’, be sure to Google numbers instead of being ‘triggered’ into paying some call center in India.


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