3Sale.Net Reviews – Is ‘3Sale Net’ Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store?

By | December 12, 2019

What Is 3Sale.Net – Our ‘3Sale Net’ Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Not sure about 3Sale.Net? Your suspicions are correct about www.3sale.net as we answer is ‘3Sale Net’ legit or is ‘3SaleNet’ a scam and untrustworthy? There are many scam signs on their site like why is there no store for their address, where is their founders name and why do they not have any social media set up? If you gave them your payment info then contact your payment adviser immediately. You may report any scam site to our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame, and for online shopping scams, to our List of Scam Websites 1100+ Shopping Scams 2019 / 2020.

Those with scam reports about ‘3Sale Net’ are welcome to report them as well in our comments or in our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE. You can upload images to compare what was delivered to what was being advertised. Lets begin now our ‘3 Sale Net’ Review and see our comments for real customer reviews, if there is any right now.



do not log into www.3sale.net.





3Sale.Net Exposed as a Fraud – Here’s Why.

3Sale.Net was registered on the 2019/12/02 and have already racked up huge interest for their sites goods. This can occur when a site is particularly convincing about their prices, which when they are fraudulent as an enterprise, are of course just lies. Stop sharing their content please. So they have failed to leave their founders name or an address when they registered their domain.


  1. Why is this? There is an address in WHOIS for them but do not be convinced by that. I have witnessed too many sites to count that is currently using that address as it is supplied to them by their hosting provider for a fee of about $20 a year. This is Privacy Protection, which is fine if you were not a scam site taking the most personal sensitive information from people under false pretenses for fraudulent purposes.
  2. On their website we see that they have four emails for their customer support. They are wholesale@3sale.net, sales@3sale.net, info@3sale.net and buyback@3sale.net but where is their phone number? Why is there no way to ring these guys as you would expect from a real business?
  3. One of the tips we advise people is to Google all such information to see what turns up. When a site is a scam, then Googling such info, may reveal data online about them such as if they are trustworthy or not. Since they are new we are not going to do this at this moment as I can guess there will be too little to make it worth it right now in terms of customer reviews.
  4. Also, one year online as a business is not very long at all. We normally see real e-stores set up for many years longer as one or two years is considered your start-up period. This may indicate a hit-and-run site but not always as we have to always consider there are work from home entrepreneurs running e-store, that do not have to declare such personal info.
  5. That does not mean they do not have to prove who they are and their affiliation with their suppliers. Too many times, as common practice, fake sites will simply steal the images of others and then try to pass them off as their own products, or as an affiliate, who is allowed to make commissions on them.
  6. We see no evidence of such affiliations on their site. What we do see is prices that can not be real. Google price compare any of their products and you will see they are being far too generous so as to put themselves in debt.
  7. On top of this they are offering free shipping and so we have to ask how are they making any profits? Where prices are far too-good-to-be-true then you should look out for reviews. If there are none then ask sites like us for advice and of course we always get back to people as soon as possible, sometimes if I am online, it is straight away.
  8. Their address is something else that is not checking out at all. They say their business address is 359 Pinehill Rd Dublin, Georgia(GA), 31021, but if you Google that address, we see nothing for their business. Google maps does not know their business at all.
  9. Ops, my apologies, they do have a phone number of (478) 275-0541. I see a site called rehold.com using that number for their students, so something very fishy indeed is going on here. They have clearly stolen the data of others to supply their site a sense of legitimacy.
  10. This is why Googling such data is paramount to yours and others online safety.






Final Thoughts.

3Sale.Net is a scam. We have successfully debunked all the crucial parts of their site. We advise you never do business with any e-store that hides their real information as that is asking for trouble. If prices seem too good to be true then just look out for reviews, or wait until some surface. Please take a moment to share your own experiences about them in our comments or anywhere else on our site. Thank You.






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8 thoughts on “3Sale.Net Reviews – Is ‘3Sale Net’ Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store?

  1. Linda Epifano

    I also was scammed on December 13, 2019. Purchased a gift for granddaughter and never rec’d a confirmation or toy. Tried to contact them. Email was marked as non existent. PayPal was absolutely no help. Just gave me the UPS tracking info which stated an ounce sized package was delivered somewhere but not to my address. They didn’t want to help at all and hung up on me just like another person commented that they did the same to them. PayPal was rude and useless.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Report PayPal then to the bbb.org and to trustpilot Linda and I am sure they will be nicer when they get back to you. Sorry to read about your experience with both sites also Linda.

  2. Robert

    I bought a KitchenAid mixer from 3Sale before Christmas (2019), and it never arrived. But 3Sale DID provide a UPS shipping number, and UPS shows that the package was delivered. At first, I thought perhaps the mixer was stolen off of my front porch, but I live in a small gated community, so that seemed highly unlikely. I tried to contact 3Sale to see if the package had been misdirected, but all my emails bounced. Then I tried their website, and found that it’s gone. That’s when I started to realize I’d been scammed.

    I lodged a complaint with PayPal, but they initially decided the case against me, based on the tracking number showing delivery to my address. But thanks to Lorena’s comment above, I checked my UPS tracking number on the UPS site, and sure enough, it shows a 0.5 pound shipment…. for a 25-pound mixer! I called PayPal to point this out, but the representative STILL refused to reopen the case. I asked for a supervisor, but got disconnected. So I called PayPal again, waited again for a callback, and this time got them to reopen the dispute. They’re trying now to contact 3Sale, but all of my emails to 3Sale have bounced, so I’m pretty sure PayPal won’t be able to get in touch with them either, in which case PayPal will decide the case in my favor.

    Thanks, ScamWitness!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Robert,

      I can’t believe the first one hung up on you. I’d most definitely report that person for that because PayPal’s refund department is actually giving PayPal a very bad name.

      Even in conversation anywhere I go people are leaning towards not using that payment provider anymore. Almost everyone I know knows someone that had a bad experience with them.

      Thanks Robert and let us know how this turns out if you have the time and you are most welcome as well 🙂 . Glad to assist.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

  3. Cynthia L Wayne

    I have had no luck until now in finding out who this business is. I have not received any merchandise and unable to contact them. I sent an email in response to the receipt I received. “3sale.net” and it doesn’t exist. I am furious and will be doing a chargeback to my card. Thank you for giving me some info on this scammer.

  4. Lorena Hecker

    Yes – TOTAL SCAM!!! Originally Paypal denied my claim, however I called and was able to get them to reopen the claim. seller showed delivery receipt to my town for a 1# pkg. My order should have been closer to 20# and when I pointed it out to Paypal they reopened. Also called UPS for detailed delivery receipt which was additional proof seller did not send me product. Fortunately for me – Paypal issued a full refund.

  5. Aimee Blanchard

    Absolutely a scam and PayPal is refusing to investigate when a claim is made. The business failed to deliver goods purchased and in fact manipulated the ability to file a claim through UPS for non-delivery. While the tracking number provided is ‘valid’ it does not link to the actual purchaser by name nor the address listed for the recipient. Do NOT do business on this website and you may as well skip filing the claim with PayPal and file a claim with your bank or credit card company.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thanks Aimee and sorry you had this horrible experience but thank you indeed for your advice. It is appreciated as are all comments that people like you take the time to leave. ~ Philip, Scam Witness.


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