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By | May 15, 2019

Find Out What Is 31Styles.com Here – Safe or an Online Threat?

Thank you for visiting us here as we begin to find out more on What Is 31Styles.com. There are a few things that do not seem right with ’31Styles’ and we will list them below for your consideration. We need to know some business transparency. There is an address on their site of 3815 peppertree In Apt 4206 but that appears to be an apartment.

Those with customer reviews are welcome to have your say below in the comments. This is a forum dedicated to bringing more clarity on the nature of the site in question. Where many reviews state they have be defrauded then they will go along way to help protecting others. Where such reviews recommend them then we have found a trustworthy site.






31Styles.com Review.

We can see that their site was not registered in 2018 despite their site saying that they were. They have only just started online in 2019/03/27. That was only for a year and one year domain reg for a business is simply not long enough to invest in. Typically, legit businesses would have registered far longer, and so new businesses with registration times of only 1 or 2 years can bring suspicion onto themselves.

  • However, that is hardly enough to say they are not trustworthy. But, they do appear to be lying about how old they actually are. We only need to go to WHOIS to see their real registration date and. We can say that is our first legit scam sign. Fake sites will pretend, at times, to be older than what they are. This is only to extract more trust and a sense of legitimacy from their visitors.
  • Perhaps that is only a mistake? Lets see if we can find out signs that paints a clearer picture. Their address does indeed appear to be an apartment. I do not know of any legit business that works from such a location. This may however indicate a work from home entrepreneur. Fair enough. I just wish such people would clarify this on their site and I feel that it would not be held against them.
  • In this event they do not have to give their home address. Their phone number, per their site, is +44020 3696 7839. Email is service@31styles.com. I just noticed their is a site called 31style.com. Notice the missing ‘s‘. This review is NOT about that site.
  • When we have some information like address, phone number, email etc, then it is always a good idea to Google those pieces of information. Many times, if sites are not legit, you will or should find some scam reports about them. This is not so in this case and that is a good sign. But then again they are very new and so time will tell as customer reviews begin to surface.
  • Coming back to their address, I also just noticed, it is incomplete. The address seems to be from the USA. However, WHOIS shows us they are based in China. Conflicting address, multiple addresses, is a classic sign that your order maybe coming from outside your region. Those with additional information from packaging are welcome to leave that info in the comments.
  • When we first land on their site then there is a pop-up. This pop-up offers up to 85% Off! That is far too much of a discount and really screams scam. I came across a selling site that has been online since 1999. After all of those years in business online they were only able to offer a 15% discount. So, how can 31Styles.com be able to offer up to 85% Off?! You see the problem here…





Final Thoughts.

No scam reports on them at the moment and I hope there never are. One or two reports does not make them a scam of which I could not locate. No founder name, business address seems to be an apartment and conflicts with the region offered in WHOIS, which by the way, did not contain a complete address from China.

The wording on their site is a little off as well in places. They appear to be lying about their sites age etc.

For the reasons stated we are not recommending them. Your reviews will shed more light on whether they are trustworthy or not. That is it for now on What Is 31Styles.com and I hope this article has helped you out.




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